When plastic surgery goes wrong (23 Photos)

  • Bhodi

    I just puked.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      I sent this to all the girls in my office and all I hear is, "oh no! no! wtf?? why????"

    • Kevrhutch

      I was joking wanted to say MOAR on at leases one of the photo's, I can't even do that

    • bob

      im going to have horrible nightmares tonite.

    • NitroKa

      fuggin nasty

  • TheBAMFinater

    I just ate lunch. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUU

    • Anonymous

      I had to stop eating while I looked or I was gonna lose my lunch, probably should have just stopped looking instead…

  • elliott

    When photo shop goes wrong

    • Tomasik

      Only #14 and possibly #23 are shopped but they both have had work done.

  • FuckUSD

    Kill them all with fire!

    • johnny

      how come Paula wasn't on the list?

  • bigcityreem

    #2 I've seen this a lot and I always thought it was photoshopped. In fact, I hope most of these are photoshopped.

  • Hey.Now.HEY.NOW.

    I had to leave my desk so I could go cry in the bathroom.

    • Donkey D 007

      Vote Howard Stern for President

  • RooFeeOOO

    What is the point of lips like these?? #1 There is no one outside of the Jersey Shore that would find this shit attractive. Angelina Jolie's are as big as one should have.

    • alex

      He had plastic surgery and it turned out to be industrial silicone and had to have a lot of his face removed, what you see here is the 'rescue' attempt.

      It's the result of a worse situation.

    • Hamburgler

      I always wondered where they got the idea for Jigsaw from saw from.

    • socalmarti

      People go in and request Angelina's lips, the problem is that lips like that only look good on her. They look fake and dispoportionate, and like facial hemmorhoids on everyone else!

    • Snide

      This is Pete Burns dude. Its a guy.

  • Way

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    • Whisper Yang


    • EE2268


  • DoubleNickelJP

    #3 I can see it's soul…

    • Paladin

      You can see it's soul? Or are those the souls it has stolen?

    • M.O.T.

      What soul?

    • WTF???

      Looks like Chucky.

    • Guest


  • drink beer

    #1 Kim is that you?

    • Ripley

      No, this is Pete.

  • Erick

    Welome to the weird part of TheChive…(Creepy ghost voice laughing)

    Thanks for the nightmares that will be coming chive!

  • CowboyChiver

    Halloween is over Mac… Gross.

  • Just Sayin'

    #12 Michael????!!

    • Yep


      • Jules

        Latoya Dumbass

  • tv_paul

    #2#6#13 Reminds me I haven't seen Gremlins 2 : the new Batch in a long time.

  • spike

    Welp, no sleep tonight.

  • Hrdwood

    #10 I loved his performance in The Dark Knight…

    • jake


  • http://www.facebook.com/demonicangel82 Dondi Starkey

    Shocking thing… the guy with the green face and split tongue is the least worst…

    • The_Hellequin

      Hahahahaha, at least it was intentional!!

  • tv_paul

    #21 Thunder…Thunder….Thundercats!

    • EvilDungbeetle


    • Clowd

      I was thinking the same thing… Live Action Thundercats movie..

    • ImpressMe

      Jocelyn Wildenstein (spelling ?) Met her once in NYC and she looks like shes been genetically spliced with a lion. Bizarre.

  • morebeer

    #1 This delicious vixen's name is Pete
    "you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby…"

    • BamBam


      • morebeer


  • Hank Hill

    Is #3 The Bride of Chucky?

  • BWaecker

    I… I hate it here….

  • LostBroncoFan

    You missed Jerry Jones, the owner of the cowboys and Kenny Rogers, country music singer

    • Hank Hill

      Yeah, Kenny looks awful now. So does Dolly Parton.

      • Yup

        Nobody fucks with The Gambler.

  • Turd F.

    #7 Julian from Trailer Park Boys, what have you done?!?!

  • CallMeMaybe

    No time to deal with them all. Kill ME with fire!!!

  • thenomadadventures

    #1 #2 #6 – why oh why do women keep doing this? why do they want to look like a baboon's ass?

    • derp

      the fucked up part is #1 isn't a woman.

    • oh yeah

      Look up "Pete Burns / Dead or Alive".
      # 1 is him.

    • Steven

      Because women suffer from 2 chronic disorders, chronic stupidity, and chronic disparity.

      Stupid + Desperate = Frankenstein.

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