Work happens (32 Photos)

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve changed up the “I Hate My Job” category to be a bit more work friendly. Feel free to submit any photos of you loving your job, hating your job, work shenanigans, pranks or all around work related hilarity.

As a bonus, we’ve partnered with Need for Speed: Most Wanted this week because their game kicks ass and in return they gave us a baller ass VIP kit with a Nexus 7 Tablet, Porsche Watch, Custom Converses and a copy of the game. Chivers, if you want a chance to win this sweet prize just send in a picture for next week’s ‘Work Happens’ to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com. The more ridiculous the photo the better chance you’ll win.

nfs 13 4 Work happens (32 Photos)

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