• Mike

    Fast kid is fast.

    • CoolGuy

      I'd hit it

      • Mike

        Dude…………………just no…….

      • AveryJoe

        Dear Jerry,

        I didn't think you would have computer privileges in prison. This makes me a sad panda 😦

    • hi mom

      i want to see her get lit up

    • Madden 2005 Hitstick

      Is she Marshawna Lynch or Adriana Peterson? Based on her running style I'd say both…

      • Skermitt

        Cool video, bad soundtrack.

      • Anon

        Based on her running style she is a McCoy or Forte. Outrun and dodge your opponents. Lynch and AP run through people.

    • Nevenem

      they should put skirt on her, it would be so funny watching her running with those fast legs…

    • Mattman

      She keeps this up and we won't be able to use "You run like a little girl!" as an insult anymore.

    • irate43

      Pretty sure the jets could use her talents at any position.

    • Bhet

      Fat mikeeee

  • JMyles

    what. a. BADASS!!!!!

    • Mike

      Holy hell…look at those little legs go!

  • turd ferguson

    Yeah, but look at her competition! I could break tackles against those little kids too! I'm not impressed.

    • h8people

      The kids are still bigger than her and they are all the same age. If you are older than 8 years old of course you could break tackles against those kids. I know its the internet, but Jesus could you be more of a moronic troll.

      • CoolGuy

        You're the moron for responding to a troll…
        His comment is obviously just to get a reaction out of someone stupid enough to fall for it.

        • Kay

          I'm not trolling for one and I agree. It's like… meh. Okay. We'll see with full attributes down the line what holds up with real competition.

        • jim thorton

          I think he posted that as a joke.

          • Doug

            do you think mr. "Turd Ferguson" posted as a joke? weird….

    • troy

      I cannot wait to see her destroy the girls of the lingerie league in 12 years.

    • Dan

      I Agree with you though, seriously at 8 years old in junior football anyone can be a star, kids don't know the fundamentals of tackling, etc. If she continues this in high school then I might be impressed

      • Doug

        i believe this is pop warner. those kids definitely look to know what they're doing. they start 'em young these days, 3-4 years old.

    • Bwayne

      I am a 23 year old guy, I wonder how many tackles I could break against these little kids

    • Delta Bravo

      Hey don't you have a website somewhere that you should be moderating? Or shouldn't you be hauling your kids around to activities? Your wife will kick your ass if she finds out that you're checking out beautiful Chivettes instead of working.

    • Alabaster Shagnasty

      I get your humor dude.

  • Adam

    This is bizzare

  • dallas_oc

    If you listen closely you hear her father say, "CA-CHING$$$!!!!"

    • Felcus

      Yeah, she'll kill it in the LFL :/

    • JTW

      No money to be made at this level, and by the time she is old enough for a money level the boys will pass her by.

      Not those boys, but boys chasing the money none the less.

  • Bahamo

    Icebox, is that you?

    • sleepy379

      Icebox was a linebacker.

      • Bahamo

        "65 Tackles" — Watch the end of the video. It looks like she plays outside linebacker too.

        • sleepy379

          True. Guess I should have watched the whole video.

    • jumping jehosaphat

      F n A Cotton. F n A.

    • Herro

      It's Flash Gordon's daughter, no wonder

  • Smithers25

    Sick video but too bad she probably wont be playing after pee-wee….it'd be too controversial to have a chick breakin tackles on a varsity level

    • AllT

      There was a kid exactly like her when I was growin up. Kid was quick as hell and short, almost impossible to catch…until everyone else went through puberty–grew, and got some speed and power. In highschool that short quick kid got clobbered by a big linebacker and broke a few bones, didn't play again after that.

      • Nate Dizzle

        Hate to say it but you're right. I was that short quick kid until freshman year of high school. Everyone else grew and I didn't. I got my ass whooped on a punt return and never played again:( Luckily I did start to grow as a junior and focused on getting pussy!

        • coop

          You know who gets chicks? Guys who call themselves "dizzle" and reminisce about getting their asses whooped and getting pussy. That's who.

        • 617Chiver

          Nate Dawg, did you get all the chicks, bro?

    • Jessikah

      I played pee wees and varsity ball AND women's pro and semi pro football… She's talented! The sky is the limit!

    • Tackledis=>

      It would be too controversial bc she'd get the shit rocked out of her and then her parents will be complaining that they are hitting to hard. Then next thing you know she'll be starting a lingerie league playing patty cake with other half naked chicks.

  • TimmyJim

    Right. She "destroys" boys that haven't hit puberty yet. Stopping now would be in her best interest before testosterone kicks in.

    • Dan

      My thoughts exactly. They are on equal playing fields because sex hormones haven't kicked in. Once they hit puberty, the boys will be able to destroy her. Let her have fun in pee wee sports but don't fill her head with any ideas about competing at higher levels. When a 300+ pound lineman hits her, it will kill her.

    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

      Yeah, and Cyborg Santos would get beat by just any similarly aged man in a fight because of testosterone.

      Give it a rest. Hormones alone don't determine athleticism.

      • Edd

        You realize Cyborg got popped for taking steroids (aka hormones)

        • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

          I picked the first female MMA fighter that came to mind. I'm sure there are more dangerous K1 boxers overseas anyway.

        • Sean

          Ronda Rousey…she would break most dudes' arms in half with her wicked arm bar…her technique > sheer strength.

          That is all…

      • TimmyJim

        Your comment is so stupid I don't even know where to begin. I won't even try arguing with you. Obviously you have too much "Swag" to understand.

        • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

          Listen, I understand you just won another World Championship, but get off your high horse.


          The point is, if this girl actually dedicated her time to maintaining football shape, it doesn't matter if her peers hit puberty. TheChive posts "fit girls" every week, and I'm sure if many of those chicks had the football background this girl will have if she chooses to pursue this for an extended period of time, they could surely compete. Fortunately for both our arguments, there is no experimental pool to draw from as girls playing football outside of being a place kicker is very rare at higher levels (unless you watch Starship Troopers). Consequently, we can all just settle this as a difference of opinion. Hopefully you don't have too much "swag" to understand that.

          Side note: I love this twitter handle. It makes it easy to make fools of witless douchebags who try to make snide remarks about it.

          • TimmyJim

            Okay, you did it. II'm going to be hypocritical and argue with you. I think it's the gif of you fixing your fucking hat every second.
            Witless? Please, you have misinterpreted everything I have said. This isn't an issue of being fit or even demasculinization. I have no issue with that, I am glad she is following her dreams. But in reality, what good will come of this? At some point, the inevitable will happen. If she is playing because she wants to prove that women are equivalent to men (which I doubt is her intention), she will soon find out the reality. I am no woman basher, I have Binders full of women. But there is no way she'll make it past high school, and that is giving her the benefit of the doubt that she doesn't get seriously injured prior to that. I will state it clearly for you this time: If she continues playing under the impression that she can play with boys in the sport of football, she will get severely hurt.
            So you are saying, she could shrug off a direct hit from a 200 lbs. senior if she had enough experience?

            • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

              What "good" will come of this? What "good" comes of any child playing a sport?

              Who is to say she's looking for a career, success, or fame from this? "There is no way she'll make it past high school." Once again, that is your opinion. And while you're entitled to share it, that doesn't mean others have to accept it as a fact and it CERTAINLY doesn't mean this little girl has to adhere to it. You may think she'll gain nothing out of the experience or she has no future, but that has no bearing on her choice to continue playing. And yes, if this girl was built like Amanda Lucas or any other comparable fit, heavyweight type athlete (which once again isn't unheard of) I'm more than confident she could take a hit. I don't know what you picture in your mind, but take one look at Chyna, MMA heavyweights, or any Olympic weightlifter. Females are capable of bulking up. It's all a matter of whether she's willing to endure what's necessary. Many high school players in general can't just shrug off a hit from a 200 lb defensive player, not every school is D1 and full of top recruits.

              • TimmyJim

                Man you are all over the place. And it sounds like you've never played a sport before. First, sports instil character and motivation on a fundamental level. While not everyone seeks to be at the top, the majority of athletes hope to achieve further success in their sport. The fact that there is very little future for a female in football, will make it extremely difficult for her. On top of that, what kind of personality will she develoop when she feels "robbed" of her aspirations? If what you say is true, that she might not want to go anywhere with her inherent talent, then she should just quit now, as she surely will not meet the motivational standards that the sport requires.
                Second, You are talking about Female-only divisions in a sport. WE are talking about men against women. As such, it is not hard to come by a male with a sculpted stature that weighs over 200 lbs. in high school. In fact, the majority of my teammates were around 200-it's slightly above average. And some your examples of female athletes, specifically Chyna, have taken inhuman amounts of steroids in order to achieve an incredible physique. In fact, Chyna has an extremely enlarged clitoris due to the sheer amounts of testosterone that she injected into her body. All of these female athletes compete against other female athletes – there is no issue here. But back to the topic of discussion, females have lesser bone density, higher genetic predispositions to fat deposition, and less muscle. They should not compete against males. (While it may seem that I denigrate females for their physique, that is not what I intend. These are hard concrete facts. There are major drawbacks for men because of these higher levels of hormones. Men, on average, live 7 years less than females. Men burn hotter than females, but only for a while.)

                • Mattman

                  Can't win, why try?
                  Give it a rest. Don't speak for a person's best interests when you don't know that person at all.

                  • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

                    Thank you and well said.

                • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

                  Sorry, kiddo, I didn't realize you couldn't recognize a rhetorical question when presented to you. I've played soccer all my life and play other sports recreationally. I'm quite aware of the benefits of organized sports, and your acknowledgment of what valuable contributions to life it provides only serves to undermine your argument.

                  "First, sports instill character and motivation on a fundamental level."

                  ^Just devalued every point you are trying to argue. What good will continuing to play do for her? There's your answer. Furthermore, once again, you make these considerable assumptions that no matter what she does she'll never be capable of competing with men, which only illustrates your short-sightedness. This girl could pioneer women's football in the future, or simply gain valuable character building experience from her endeavors. What it all comes down to is telling someone that they'll never be able to do something so they might as well quit before they try is the wrong mindset to convey, especially when it comes to an 8 year old child.

                  In this stupid debate of "what ifs," that is the only point that matters.

                  • TimmyJim

                    1 Person supports you and you win?
                    You put words in my mouth and do not read everything I say in context; you've been a straw man this entire conversation, and act like you said something educated. As I can see, this was a massive waste of time. You cannot fix stupid.

                    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

                      In order to "be a straw man" I'd have to not attack your initial argument, which I have time and time again and have embellished on that. The mere fact that you're struggling to recognize that has made this a massive waste of [your] time. You cannot fix stupid and that's why you're still here clamoring that anyone is "winning" (something I've never claimed).

                • footballa

                  shed play in a womens league obviously not mens league for different reasons i wouldnt want to grab her chest because that could hurt her alot and gives a disadvantage which footballers always look for to use against you. ive had experience in football and a weak spot is a target to get injured.

            • Ellie

              It doesn't mean she can't play rugby, or football for that matter. There are plenty of guys who don't really grow much until college and they take hits from huge lineman all the time, And are just fine. What makes you think there's a difference? There isn't one. . .

      • PhilliesPhan

        Bottom line is, girls excel at minor football all over the place. I used to have a girl playing on my team and she was fast. There used to be girls in elementary school that could sprint faster than all the guys. By junior high that was all over. Men are better athletes. That's why they run faster, swim faster, hit harder and compete in the only professional sports that matter. If girls could, they would. The reason your sample size is so small is because the only girls that come close to competing are pumped full of the male hormone. It's evolutionary. Women's bodies are simply designed differently. This girl is awaesome but keeping her in football through junior high and high school would be dangerous for her.

        • PhilliesPhan

          When I say male hormone, I don't mean that women don't have any testosterone. I just mean that it is more predominant in men.

    • ConcernedCitizen

      Send her to rugby now where she'll be able to play when she's older.

  • brian

    Mac, you need to get out more often. Seriously.

  • kfraz43

    Clearly that little girl is fast as hell, but do they teach tackling in her league? I mean, it's like watching the Pac-12.

  • Heiswoman watch

    I'm impressed! I'd like to see her keep it up when the boys mature and catch up if she can still dish it/take it. Otherwise, looking at the future of the LFL!

    • sixdeadelves

      it looked like a bunch of midgets playing football, kinda cute

  • ItsRightHereRay

    horrible "music" but damn that kid can move

    • @lackofabetter

      The "music" is fucking fantastic! You must have been born in the 90's

  • Zack

    She's like Tecmo Bowl Bo, but faster.

    • kenny

      No one will ever be like Tecmo Bowl Bo

  • DDD

    Shes got some jets for sure, and low center of gravity….

    Speed kills…

    • ZachBob

      Speed doesn't kill, it's suddenly becoming stationary that kills.

  • jim thorton

    dang! The refs can barely keep up with her. She is like a mini Marshawn Lynch, but a girl and white.

  • jon

    mind-blown! i guess the only thing she has to look forward to later in life is the lingerie football league

    • Jessikah

      Not quite… There are atleast 3 different wens full contact football leagues in the us and Canada… Go ahead… Google it!

    • Ryan

      "mind-blown! i guess the only thing she has to look forward to later in life is the lingerie football league," he said, briefly forgetting he was referring to a 10 year old.

  • Zack

    Extra thumbs up for the Beasties in the last half of the video.

  • honeybooboo

    i like watching her fix her helmet as she avoids all these hits the most

  • AR31

    She's like a little Forrest Gump!

  • Dozer

    The real life Icebox?

  • Kcruz09

    Sure could use her for my fantasy football team

    • Adam L.

      Lol, that gave me the best laugh of the day because I thought the exact same thing! She would probably net me more point than CJ2K.

  • The Dude

    Meh just shows how we've turned boys into pussies, doesn't show that she's anything special.

  • Master_Rahl

    She's a machine, for sure, but things will change very quickly as the boys get bigger, stronger and faster. That said, it was an impressive highlight reel. She's got speed to go the distance, can dish the hits and take 'em. Daddy's gotta be proud!

  • ozydakid

    Quit watching halfway threw I'm not feeling the x2 playback speed. Let the true colors show at reg playback.

    • Bond

      Yeah, I noticed it was sped up too. Nobody is clueing in.

      • Liono

        Did either of you pay attention to the people in the background? They are all moving at normal speeds. It's not sped up.

        • Nope

          So she can run 40 yards in 4 seconds? Yeah…I'm gonna vote doubtful on that.

    • Tim

      Slow it down half speed, I'll bet she's still getting in the end zone.

    • http://www.facebook.com/makofoto Mako Koiwai

      Huh … but her pursuers were also going double speed! 🙂

  • Capt.Crunch

    Outta her way…her kitchen needs her!

    • http://twitter.com/machingbird81 tmach81

      If by "Kitchen" you mean "End Zone" Yeah she knows right where it is

      • Nick

        no, he mean's kitchen hahahahah

    • stopbeingcliche

      this is hilarious. But you already knew that.

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