Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #19 I love his WTF reaction

    • gclark

      I still dont understand how people love soccer so much…. Shit like this is sooooo stupid and players should get banned for life.

      • Ron Mexico

        There sure are a lot of assholes playing the game, particularly professionally. Comes with the adulation and wealth that this under educated guys get. But the game itself is the most accessible and thrilling sport on the planet.

        • http://twitter.com/Couteret @Couteret

          I agree with it being the most accessible, but it is far from thrilling to watch. Playing is fun, but watching it makes watching paint dry seem exciting.

          • anthony

            that's what i think about baseball

      • English Chive

        Couldn't the same be said of pretty much any sport and its individuals? Should people be less interested in the NFL because Michael Vick enjoys a dog fight, or boxing because Tyson is a cannibal, just to give two examples? Sport is filled with idiots playing at a professional level. Next time just say 'Soccer is gay' rather than try to find some god-awful excuse to back up your view

        • Bud

          Soccer is a great back and forth battle. So is chess, doesn't mean I want to watch it on TV. The flopping in that sport is ridiculous. It's also the easiest thing in the world to regulate. Vladi Divac brought flopping to the NBA and starting this year, you get fined for it. Soccer is a great game for kids to play. So is hungry hungry hippos.

        • Senor Rock

          Vick and Tyson got punished for what they did. Do soccer player get punished for this?

      • lat297

        Football. What you guys call Football is Rugby with Armour.

        Come on, bite, I dares ya πŸ˜‰

        • Nicnac

          Handegg™ We should call it handegg.

          • Urethra Franklin

            I love that you trademarked it

          • McSmizzle

            Look at other sports.. the names are not just a depiction of the ball used to play it.

        • Tim

          I remember Dhani Jones trying to play rugby, the outtakes were the best. He just got out of the scrum and could barely stand gasping for air. The guy next to him said "ok, now we sit down and wait for the offense to come on" Dhani looked like he heard angels singing in his ears, then the guy said "I'm just kidding mate, stand over here" and dhani looked like someone took a giant crap in his breakfast just as some guy with thighs the size of tree trunks runs over him like a train. lol. American Football is like Rugby for girls. You give them pads, let them sit down every few plays, and even give them a break in between plays.

          • McSmizzle

            You've probably never played any sort of competitive football have you? Compare the athletes in the two sports, they are completely different. Therefore they are completely different sports. Throw Ray Lewis in a rugby game and tell me someone wouldn't die…

            I'm not talking poorly of rugby at all and I know those guys are tough as nails. Just saying they are different sports.

      • Dan

        #19 is the bad side. Conversely #31 is part of the good.

        Still the best sport in the world despite one or two douchebag players.

      • TpJmmy

        Ok, let's get some perspective. This is the most impudent dive I have ever seen! And I have seen A LOT of soccer. Yes, flopping does happen occasionally , but everybody hates players who do that, ESPECIALLY soccer fans.
        And of course you don't understand why people love soccer so much because you didn't grow up on it. That's really the whole mystery. And it goes both ways. Someone,who grew up watching soccer would not understand how people could enjoy watching a three hour long sporting event in which probably more than 80% are commercials and action replays. (btw. I'm not saying that I don't like it myself, but that's just how it is.)
        Different countries have different prerefences for sports. Get over it.

        • smallchinaman

          Well said.

        • Misfit7734

          My brothers and i grew up watching and playing soccer. We all LOVE football and while they love soccer I hate it.

          • TpJmmy

            It doesn't count when you're from America πŸ˜‰ Let me specify. I meant when you grow up with soccer and there is no American football around. Meaning almost any country in the world BUT America. Then you'd probably prefer soccer over Am. football anytime. There are exceptions of the rule of course. And lets face it, I have no scientific date to back up my theory, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. πŸ™‚

            Why would you play soccer with your brothers when you actually hated it? Or did that come over time? I'm just curious.

    • http://thechivefun.com/ www.thechivefun.com


    • Sick of this shit

      Fuck you you fucking poser

      • Jawbone

        Like this site is any different. It's all reposts, like everything else on the Internet. All stolen from each other.

    • scubaduba

      I went to a soccer game once and something almost happened but in the end nothing happened it was 0-0. How can any sporting event end 0-0?

      • Sick350Z

        #19 hahahaha what a pussy! Soccer sux

        • MissVega84

          how does a grown man do this and not feel like a giant pussy?? Omg I would have kicked that bitch for real just on principle


      someone please ban this tool? please…….

    • socalmarti

      whatch out if you open this shit in one of your inboxes it could be viral!!!!!!!!!

      • socalmarti

        I'm talking about the chivefun.com, that's why it's a reply.

    • Random

      In situations like that, I think the guy in blue should be able to kick the shit out of the other one with impunity. – It might make them think twice about faking it next time. – And maybe penalise the other player to at least the extent the other would've if the lie had been believed.

  • pingpong

    #2 eyes went straight to the girl with bewbs. and #31 is hypnotic

    • Jak

      #2 is Jessica Simpson

      • Jed

        She's going out with Seal now?

    • jokerz4fun

      I did the samething! Free the bewbs!!!



  • RealZoo

    #31 WOW!!!

    • Ehh

      Danish dynamite!

      • MXM

        wasn't this during soccer world cup 2010?

    • guest

      go Denmark

    • Bdrizzle

      Boobs always make my day better. πŸ™‚

  • notawittyname

    #16 if i ever meet a genie, she's gonna be all three of my wishes. that is all

    • Zoey

      sorry; Genie rules:
      – "I can't kill anybody"
      – "I can't bring anybody back from the dead"
      – "I can't make anybody fall in love"

      – "and iksnay on the wishing for more wishes"

      • McBeastie666

        who said anything about love? I think he's just going to wish for her chained up in his basement.

        • MylesofStyles

          *sub terrain dwelling

      • ...

        Im Not sure Aladdin is the definitive guide for genies

    • Mike D


      • davo

        Agreed. She always looks like an underage teen. I'm attracted to women not children.

  • HOORAY!!


    • Rest of the world

      Faith in US voters – restored

      • all horrible

        Seriously! Dodged a bullet! Now we just have the same festering wound for the next 4 years.

      • Mark

        I'm so relieved that Romney didn't get voted in. Obama should be allowed to be president for longer than 4 years so he has time to get the USA back into shape. Pulling troops out of the middle east and universal health care is a good start. Time to get education on track so that people can really understand with depth as to why a growing disparity between the rich and the poor is a horrible, evil thing.

        • Jared

          Really, after 4 years of Failure, it would be your sugestion to give him and even longer time to get it right, If thats your fuckinf logic, lets just put Mike Tyson in, eventually he would get it right too.

          • Mark

            Cleaning up the mess that George W left behind is gonna take a hell of a lot longer than 4 years.

            • Obama Sucks

              You fell for the lies. Trillion dollar stimulus really worked. You fucking MORON.

              • sucks to suck

                absolutely loving all the sore losers. id say more but i don't have to……cause obama won

                • jeez

                  lots of republicans on here i see …….with all the thumbs down on anything prObama.

            • Jimmy C

              At some point you have to stop blaming Bush. It's just not valid anymore. And for the record I never voted for Bush and thought his time in office was horrible. I voted for Barry the first time around and neither of the top two this time around.

              • Mark

                We were talking about how long it takes to clean up a mess and who is the bigger failure. Bush started a war under false pretences; that is a war crime. A war that has lasted a decade which you never actually won. All these fools complaining that their money is going to poor lazy people? No, your hard earned money is funding the trillions spent on a failed war.
                Or how about a gfc that came about toward the end of bush's reign? You think a war and a gfc takes just 4 years to recover from? What Obama started off with was the definition of a cluster fuck! This is gonna take many years to fix, but calling Obama a failure because it hasn't all been fixed in 4 years is either naive or scapegoating. Sad either way.

                • Jimmy C

                  Yes that is what I was replying too. At some point there has to be a sign of an upswing, no? I'm not expecting to be completely turned around right now, but people say after two years the new president has to take some blame. Some say three. I would say the latter myself, but even at that, it's been almost a full four and there is no sign. And trust me I do not agree with any of these wars anymore.

                  The gfc again has not showed any signs of turning around. Zero improvement. Any other person would have lost their job by now. Barry isn't the saint you believe he is either, he started an uncongressional war in Libya. How were our freedoms at stake there?

                  It's not naive or scapegoating, it's just looking at the numbers. I don't think that Romney would have done any better in the next four years either. That's the problem with a two party system. They are just two sides of the same coin.

          • chive is my drug

            Only 4 years of failure? Why ya gota blame every thing on the black man.

            • UhHuh

              Dude, you never have anything good to say. Shut up.

        • Jawbone

          Yep. Good thing he closed Guantanamo.

        • ......

          Obama himself, 4 years ago, said, "if I can not fix the economic issues in 3 years, this will be a 1 term presidency." Apparently he underestimated how dumb voters are. In what other industry/job can you completely fail for 4 years and keep your position???

          • Nicnac

            Banking… CEO of any major corporation (they also get huge businesses even if their companies lose money every year)… your point?

            • milo6469

              Share holders and boards of directors control bonuses. You really think a handful of overpaid CEO's is the problem? Also, guarantee each and every one of them has political connections…the real criminals.

        • Obama Sucks

          You are fucking MORON

        • RORKSTEAD


        • thedude325

          Mark. Stop. That sounds like Nazi shit. This is exactly the kind of mindset that breeds tyrants.

      • fed up

        Yes restored because now the United States will fall even further behind other countries. Our status as a world superpower is in question. I hope you are all happy in four years when this joke of a president hasn't done anything to get us out of the situation we are in. Well at least he's a good public speaker

        • GreatDanish

          Trust me, you would only be more of a joke if Mitt became president. How can you not see that he is a puppet for the rich? I do not know why i bother, people who vote for Romney are out of reach… Sadly

          Congratulations to all americans for voting with your brains and not believing in ridiculous propaganda.

          • fed up

            Look I think everyone should have an opinion. But just because people vote for Romney doen'st meant they are rich. Some people woud actually like the economy to turn around within their lifetime so maybe if they work hard they may one day become wealthy. I don't assume because you voted for Obama that you are in the lower class and just want a free ride do I? No, because that would be wrong. Take a long look at your response before you judge someone.

          • thedude325

            People who voted for Romney can judge character and discern when they are being lied to.

    • You Know Me

      Promise enough grain to a chicken and it will vote for Colonel Sanders

      • you don't know me

        chickens can't vote, silly rich guy

        • Obama Sucks

          Morons can.

          • smallchinaman

            hahahahaha! It's funny because it is true.

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    • ttyl hef

      Chive = politics free zone – go away.

    • Nixem

      democrips or rebloodlicans ,either way all you tards still voted in one of the two gangs………

      • smallchinaman

        Not sure why you are getting thumbed down. When was the last time we had a decent president? I say 12 years ago, could possibly be all the way back to Reagan. Whatever your opinion, you have to admit the most current lawmakers have sucked on both sides.

    • Sad day

      America is stupider than I thought. Universal health care is going to put small businesses out of business.

      • UNITEDstates

        stupider? well played, you're retardeder than i thought!

        i own a small business, working in the construction industry, the whole building market has been on the up in the last two years under the obama administration. people are building more, and in turn job positions and opportunities have grown.

        • Obama Sucks

          Record number of people on Food Stamps, Record number of people on Welfare.
          8 % Unemployment
          Yeah its really turning around

          • zzzz

            luckily, by a small margin, there are wiser people in this country than you. also, i would be willing to bet that the chive owners/employees (that you all worship) voted for obama.

            • Obama Sucks

              You watch ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN & MSNBC and think you're wise. You fucking Moron
              Go back to sleep

              • zzzz

                your comments indicate an extremely low level of common sense and mental maturity. i feel sorry for you and hope that you do not have children. i wish you the best of luck in what is sure to be a terrible and destructive presence on our planet.

                • smallchinaman

                  I hope he doesn't have children either, the way our politicians are going their future is going to be fucked.

          • UNITEDstates

            look it up, private sector job losses were growing steady as bush was on his way out of the office, then gradually turned around as obamas administration took off, same with unemployment rates. they were skyrocketing towards the end of bush, and continued to do so in obamas administration for nearly a year before it turned around. no one, demo or repub could have swung that trend as the private sector was already shitting themselves.
            no president since FDR has been re-elected with unemployment rates over 7.2%, yet obama did it. i'd say that has to mean something. Also, if you look, a majority of young-middle aged, college educated women voted for obama. to me this says 1) some people do value an education which will bring value to the work force and economy, and 2) romney and his republican strategists (even they have admitted) went too conservative. (not to mention romney went from semi-conservative governor, to right-wing nut job and back and forth) but separation of church and state was not going to be an option under romney.

          • UNITEDstates

            end result is, it's over, deal with it. instead of whining about it, continue about your business and be a part of helping the country get back on track instead of complaining that the guy you voted for didn't win.

            • smallchinaman

              Agreed. And if you are really distraught with the results, get more involved so that we can get decent candidates next time.

          • GreatDanish

            Still I am amazed, how can you not know that there is a global financial crisis? The Bush taxcuts and wars are not helping. Obama has not got a magic wand and it is not getting easier with Congress constantly opposing him, even when it is for the best of your country. Can you not see that they are opposing not matter the cost?

    • Kodos


    • Sven

      Stop being fucking idiots and leave politics out of the Chive! FFS….

    • HOORAY!!!

      fuck all you fucking republicans on here. this is a democratic site. ask Taylor or all the other people the chivers have helped out. rep's don't give handouts.

      • MissVega84

        Hey I don't give a shit for politics. Now video games on the other hand…thats something I can talk about all day long πŸ˜‰

        KCCO Clan on MW3 ! W00t

        • Dan

          I don't know much about games but would love to be your apprentice. Not that you would ever read this and offer your time. kcco

          • MissVega84

            Vincent-Vega84 on the PS3, come roll dummies with us πŸ™‚

            • Yeahhh

              You all suck LOL.

      • Boom

        You're a fucking idiot… compare donations to charity between Romney and Obama. Pull your head out of your ass.

  • Hayduke

    Anarchism is founded on the observation that since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others. –Edward Abbey

    • Chooch

      I've noticed that most 'anarchists" don't have the basic skills to survive if they actually got their wish.

      • matt

        im just always confused what anarchists think were living. are there actually things stopping people from doing what they want? theres no invisible forcefield out there. as a people we have free will and our free will decided that it would be best to institute law and order to our society. anarchism leads to law and order. its what we want.

  • Sport Royal

    #10 sweet Lord we must have moar!!!!

    • Dave

      More like who?

    • gclark

      I dont know if I could handle more, I have to go to work and get stuff done and moar of this would not help in either of those situations.

    • Jak

      Isn't it Adrianna Lima?

      • abakala

        It's Catalina Otalvaro.

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  • bones

    #27 awesome

  • mill burray


    • 6655321

      For what?

      • Naughty

        He thought he was first to post on this thread – he failed HARDCORE!

    • http://thechivefun.com/ www.thechivefun.com

      [Exclusive 15 PHOTOS] ❀ http://bit.ly/RHxE8U

  • 3MC

    FUCK. YES. COLORADO. Le-ga-liiiiized it. Ye-ah. Ye-ah.

    • https://www.facebook.com/will.henry.33 Will Henry

      So legit

    • Rich

      So did Washington!

    • Deal with it

      Still against Federal law, you morons.

      • Deal with it

        that's not going to be a problem

    • Fuck Obama


      • McBeastie666

        "Ha, ha" – Nelson

  • Draiden

    #8 Holy shit it's almost ski season.

    • a-nom

      Thank god…hopefully we actually get a season in the NE this year.

      • _Moose_

        We're getting our first snow here in NYC!?!?

    • skibum

      I've already gotten 2 days under my belt up here in Vermont.

  • Vic

    #33 impressive!

    • Iso

      I agree. I also liked how #32 led to #33

      • PianoFingers

        #31 #32 #33 is my winner's combo

    • URnotSancho


    • Dave

      Find her Chive!

    • mike

      paula meronek for sure. from the real world

  • Crusty

    #18 Now they're breaking puppies.

    • Parkview

      I think you are talking about #24

  • cadaver

    #10, just "WOW"

    • justChive

      IS this photo real or shopped?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mtbiker124 Nick Parsons

    Too buzzed to view DMA, but I did see #31 and #33… winning.

  • temujin1234
    • sithney

      "shark-bombed" is maybe the manliest thing i've ever typed.

    • SATXChiver


  • myself

    #16 Mini Harry doesn't seem impressed.

    • Tiber_Septim

      stars giving back is priceless

    • eggnog

      She always impresses my Mini Harry

    • Tim

      She had too much clothes on for his tastes.

  • sledneck600

    Get off the trail and have some fun.

    • notawittyname

      trail, no trail. there's no wrong way to skidoo, its always awesome either way.

    • matt

      to be fair that trail looks pretty fun

  • Koe

    What I wish the entire country could do instead of making political parties like sports teams we support and rubbing it in the opponents face. Learn to accept each other and coexist.

    • *Joe

      P.S. Thank Chive for giving us all somewhere to go on the internet where politics aren't being thrown in our faces. Great love there.

      • Anonymous

        I can't thumbs anything on my phone so here is my thumbs up.

    • http://thechivefun.com/ www.thechivefun.com

      [Exclusive 15 PHOTOS] ❀ http://bit.ly/RHxE8U

  • Dan

    guess the magic under didn't work

    • Jawbone

      Guess autocorrect did.

      • Dan

        fuck you

  • nbree

    #24 Aaron Paul with an adorable puppy? I think my ovaries just exploded.

    • Dub_B_U

      Yeaahhh puppies bitch!!!! lol

    • gameoverjc

      Normally I don't do this, but I hate when people photoshop things and attempt to pass it off as legit:

    • not too sure

      i want to believe the puppies are drug mules, but I just can't help but think they are better meth heads than that

    • RockabillyRev


  • gclark

    #15 I think he sees the light

    #34 Trying to score ahhh points? Im sorry, but there are ugly people in this world, genetics can suck, but you gotta live with em sometimes.

  • maboze1x

    #29 And they say they don't do nuclear test. πŸ™‚

    • Dr_StrangePants

      That's a Full day's worth of hamburgers at an American burger joint

      • weldsoft

        Four months if it's a Mcdonalds!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      This object is big.

      And *this* object is very near.

  • Sherlock

    #30 wow should've said spoiler alert thanks!

  • http://s1336.photobucket.com/albums/o642/janeyqueen/ teslawasrobbed

    #25 I hate that that happens to me too, every time. Can the Japanese please make some decent RPGs?

    • Jawbone

      Try to avoid suck starting it. That may help. I swear, anything shaped like a dick you HAVE to cram in your mouth or ass. It's a habit that's going to cath up to you.

    • Gustav

      Japanese ?

      • Dr_StrangePants

        Its a Gamer Joke
        …what she meant was having a J-RPG blowing right back in yo face.

        • MissVega84

          Noob Tuber! RPG's are for Jelly Copters and UAVs
          Use it for anything else and its just because you're a bad shot with guns

          • Donkey Punch

            I have no idea what that means;I'm still giving you a thumbs up for being hot.

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