Do you remember these racing video games? (59 Photos)

  • Sharky


    • EasternCanuck

      I threw so many quarters into that game when it was an arcade game… so fun.

      • RadHazard

        This was always right next to my other favorite arcade racer, HYYYYDROOOO THUNDER!

    • fnr


    • Evan

      So funny. First thing that came to my mind!! Let's go away!!

  • johnnystyle25

    #1 was one of the only ones I could do well at when I played it at the arcade. It ate a lot of my quarters.

    • Jason

      What was the name of this game?!

      • No F-ZERO?!?

        Ivan Stewart's Ironman!!!

      • Ratatata

        Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road. You can get it for an emulator like WinUAE

    • DudeMan

      I had it on Nintendo. Just sold it last year

    • Andy Valentine

      Ever notice Huevos Grande on the map? Means "Large Eggs". Weird

      • It's true...

        Euphemism for big balls

    • Roger

      It was so hard to try and keep the truck driving in a straight line and not skidding into every wall

    • Andy Valentine
  • Mike


    • fed

      xmas tradition at my house since 2000 (when we used to live all at home we played almost everyday)

  • Dude


    • Eric


      • Nigel

        FUCK and YES

  • SuperiorTo8

    Best childhood memories of video game cars… Carmageddon

    • Suit

      I was just thinking that, son!!

    • MathNerd

      The makers of the original are remaking the game. Carmageddon Reincarnation

    • Not me

      Carmaggedon just came it on the iphone

  • Mike

    crazy taxi! i know its not really a racing game, but its still awesome!!!

  • alex

    #41 loved that game! being a little kid back then I always enjoyed the start of the race! haha

    • Revver

      Remember the trophy girl when you won?

      • Mac

        i used so many chuck e cheese tokens on this game.

  • TDH

    ExciteBike on the original Game Boy was AWESOME

    • fed

      speaking of game boy, anyone played this?

    • Pit_Boss

      I spent hours creating my own tracks with friends and competing with each other.

      I am surprised that I didnt see RC Pro-Am from the original NES on here.

  • John

    Not racing so much but Twisted Metal for PS2 was my sole focus for life in my nid 20s

    • Rick

      I was thinking about using that but not really "racing", I did use it in the halloween post last week

    • Pit_Boss

      Agreed. Not racing, but an awesome game. I thought #2 seemed to be the best and buy anymore after 3 and black. Love me some Axel and ramming the crap out of people.

  • matt

    Road Rash and Road Rash II for sega genesis!

    • Mark

      I was just about to type that. I remember it took forever to get the Diablo.

    • Adam

      Road Rash for the N64 should get an honourable mention.

    • Tino

      I agree… a GREAT game

    • Daith_Lee

      Heck yeah!

    • mopmonkey

      Best game ever! Played it for hours and hours with my son.

    • Robert Thomasson

      I forget which Road Rash it was, but the opening scene had Soundgarden's "Rusty Cage" playing. That was the ultimate in racing games for me!!

    • Jim Power

      I'd play that with my mother (she was around 60 at the time)
      She'd be screaming at me to kill the cop with my chain / bat.
      ahhh…the memories

  • Tink Winkman

    You missed RC Pro-Am! 8-bit Nintendo!

  • Me

    Super sprint! I run that shit!

  • cgee

    I was getting pissed the further I scrolled and didnt see crusin usa, then… #41

    • Kyle

      Yeah, I think I had my first sexual thought about the flag girls…

      • lat297

        "Cruisiiiin', yeaahaahhahahaaaah, cruisin' USA."
        I can still hear every riff in my head, and seeing Clinton in the jacuzzi with the bikini girls at the end on top of the White House the first time I finished it on 1 credit? unforgettable.

    • just a game

      also, were you really getting pissed? like "I… am… so… angry… right… now…"

  • Johnny O

    "Prepare to qualify…"

    • tralfaz

      boop.. boop.. boop.. beeeeeep!!

    • Derk3103

      Al Unser Jr''s Turbo Racing?

      • Johnny O

        "Pole Position"

    • brian

      Still love to cut that turn over the shoulder on the qualifying lap.

    • N2MotoX

      You gotta mumble when you say it though! I could barely understand that lady!


      its note ven the atari 2600 version wtf is this namco pole position crap

  • Captain Falcon


    • Adam

      #44 and #60 weren't enough for ya?


      • Rick

        thanks Adam, it was the last f-ing photo

        • Pit_Boss

          I was surprised I didnt see Jet Moto for Playstation on here.

  • Ace

    Original F-Zero FTW

    • D.C

      Hell yes, and the original monster truck madness!

  • Thinker

    Ok, what is #29???

    • Ixolite

      Rig of Rods I believe

    • George

      Speed 2

    • crusher44x

      As stated above it is Rigs of Rods.

      • arch

        i thought it was a playable game of that episode of Top Gear UK where Richard raced around in buses…

        • crusher44x

          I'm 99.9% sure that's Rigs of Rods… There are quite a few bus choices available.

          • Cody

            Definetly ROR

    • Jp10

      Public transit operator simulator

  • Tim

    Dead heat scramble for the original gameboy? Test drive off-road for PS1?

  • jason

    What, no Carmaggedon?

  • Ricky Bobby

    Forza Motorsports 2 tournaments were so demanding. It was the coolest thing to qualify and then just wait for that one guy in the PT Cruiser to start wrecking everyone in the finals.

    Its the soul of gaming

  • AstroMikeDexter

    Awesome list, great memories.

    I suggest Micro Machines and Death Rally. Anyone remember those??

    Also 'Driver' for Playstation.. loved that game.

    • Rick

      death rally was awesome, a bit like twisted metal so I left it out but great game

    • Mike K

      Was also gonna say Micro Machines, really good fun games, especially against a friend.

      Mashed is similar to Micro Machines and a damn good time waster

      Stuntman is pretty addictive too

  • Boobs


    Best game ever.

    • leafsfan2005

      Damn. I wanted to write this. Instead, I'll buy you a beer.
      Excite Bike – Best Game Ever.

    • Dapper_Dave

      I downloaded this on my Wii not to long ago. Both my kids (14 and 13) love this game and couldn't stop playing it, with an Xbox and PS3 in the next room.

      Just proves this game is timeless.

    • joe

      the white narrow jumps with green and red stripes?! launch time!!!! epic

    • Boobs

      The intro music is my ringtone.

    • Donkey Punch

      I remember you could customize tracks and shit. Making jumps like 6 miles high…dirt pits for a mile…

  • RudolphCrouzer


    • bob


  • Mike453

    Night Driver for Atari. I know, I'm old.

    • Bryan

      Enduro was always a favorite of mine!

    • Snygg

      Yeah thats one I thought of!
      Tis ok we are both old

  • Whale

    Not sure if it counts as racing, but Twisted Metal? My fave in college.

    • Roadkill

      Twisted Metal Black. Countless hours demolishing friends.

    • gandolf

      The ice cream truck..

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