Do you remember these racing video games? (59 Photos)

  • Lanak

    what about Ridge racer , destruction derby, rally cross

  • mrphelps

    RC Pro-Am (NES)

  • Jeff

    Donkey Kong racing on N64!

  • ralph the avatar

    Couple of real old ones…

    Enduro by Activision for the Atari 2600 1983
    The Great American Cross Country Road Race by Activision for the Atari 800/Commodore 64/Apple II
    Lemans by Commodore for the Commodore 64 1982
    Rally-X & New Rally-X By Bally/Midway 1980/1981 In the arcade

  • jer

    Road Rash 64 was one of my favorites!

  • meanz71

    No Night Driver. Complete fail.

  • Derek Lutz

    #6 OMG, Rock & Roll Racing, the best racing game of all time.

  • asdfasdf

    I can't believe you didn't include F-Zero

  • Hippie Hipster Not

    Extreme – G (N64) is needed, GPL (Grand Prix Legends) & Nascar 2003 too..(both are PC)

  • Brandon

    Demolition derby.. Ps1

  • Travis Minnick

    NASCAR 98 with paintballs

  • Nyrixx

    re/volt 😀

  • Josh

    Better add Road Rash yo!!

  • Jenks

    How is RC Pro AM from the NES not on that list!

    I'll take Rock N Roll Racing #6 as one of my old favourites!

  • Sheriff

    Lotus turbo challenge on the Amiga…. Pow

  • archdukedanger

    #6 is/was my favorite of all….ALL…time.

  • BFG

    Interstate '76?

    thumbs up to other suggestions: Road Rash, Destruction Derby (PC) and Spy Hunter.

  • kris

    Test Drive!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caser

    No super sprint?

  • dragon rider

    F-Zero might be the greatest racer of all time! My car is named The Blue Falcon!

  • Matt

    jet moto and beetle adventure racing

  • Optimus

    rc pro am!!

  • Kdub79

    Spy hunter ftw!

  • Diamonds

    Crash Team Racing

  • Phil

    Street Rod II bitches

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