• Bud

    Here too

  • gclark

    Im gonna say it, and many of you arent gonna like it.

    I enjoyed Episode 1-3, aside from a few annoying characters. They dont stand up to episode 4/5, but hey…. they were pretty close to episode 6.

  • Only4Billion

    I'm actually pretty excited about someone else continuing the franchise. lets not deny it, the last 3 star wars sucked balls. If George said he was making the next 3 movies there would be mass suicides around the globe.

  • Dan

    I don't know how the new movies are going to be, but seriously stop whining about episodes 1-3. 1-3 was the exact same thing for young kids like I was as 4-6 was to kids back then. Is it just that the special effects they got to use this time around were so much better or what, the storylines are truly basically the same, what is everyone's problem? Jar Jar was not the greatest character but he was the Chewbacca of mine and millions of other peoples childhoods. Besides, Star Wars was never really about elaborate drama, it's always been about incredible action and sci-fi sequences, but because the action was so much cooler this time around everyone old enough to remember seeing 4-6 first condemns 1-3. The Halloween after Episode I came out I went as Obi-Wan, just like I'm sure many people before me went as Luke or Han. Hayden Chrisstensen may not be a great actor, but neither was or is Mark Hamill (there's a reason he almost exclusively does voice over work now). Now can we all stop being so cynical about the new movies to come and stop fighting about the differences between 1-3 and 4-6, we all love the greatest and most successful franchise in history, so show it and stop bitching about Jar Jar.

    • diehardcard

      Chewbacca was a 7 foot tall roaring, growling badass capable of ripping peoples arms out of their sockets while repairing a broken hyperdrive unit. And he had a fucking crossbow.

      JarJar was a walking racial stereotype that said "doody" and electrocuted his tongue due to stupidity.

      Fuck off and die.

      • Dan

        HEY ASSHOLE, Jar Jar was pretty tall too.

        Yea, what the fuck's up now bitch

  • 1 Percenter

    Star Wars is great. Why would you not see it? "Ehhhh…I dunno man…the first 3 movies were the best, the new ones only take away from it".

    Right, and you said that after you first had sex right? Ehhh…this won't match up to the first time so…nah.

  • Trig

    Disney tell stories, thats what I felt was missing for the last films. Any one can pay for the best cgi.

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