Not that one…that one: Choose your Weapon (40 Photos)

  • Bam

    #21 kaley cuoco

  • whyme1973

    #3 #38 Drool

  • Merlin season 4 dvd

    Thanks for this wonderful article. One more thing to mention is that nearly all digital cameras come equipped with any zoom lens that permits more or less of that scene to get included by simply ‘zooming’ in and out. These changes in focus length tend to be reflected from the viewfinder and on substantial display screen right at the back of the camera.

    • Shepard Wong


  • Kodos


  • goforth


    Forty five .45s in the same pic…nice!

  • average Joe

    #32 I've never seen a twisted barrel like that, is it just to cut down on weight?
    #38 who? so hot…

  • John

    #38 Say hello to Erica Campbell, You're welcome!

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