The evolution of ‘Need For Speed’ (18 Photos)

  • Carlos


    • Zim


      • asd

        hoy shit this site is for nerds

        • MylesofStyles

          Then nerd up or GTFO.

  • Duffalo

    First!!! Yay

    • Boobs

      Not. Tard.

    • imdowngetme

      fail!!! yay

    • what

      you're not first! you're last haha

  • notawittyname

    it looks like i stopped playing around #6, but judging by these graphics i should start again.

    • Andrew

      I just picked up the newest one last night. The graphics are amazing

    • Benzo

      Game is so fun I hadn't played since the last most wanted and the new one is fantastic.

  • MARK

    NFS 3 Hot pursuit for life

    • honyik

      High five man 🙂

    • Daniel Tosh

      Forza Mototsport 3 all the way

    • TChrisB

      We've got an old Win 98 machine with a Thrustmaster wheel and pedals in the basement. Exists for nothing but NFS 3 HP. (Well, that and MYST.)

  • Tiber_Septim

    they are great. the graphics just keeps on getting better and better

    • Jay

      Nice observation. PS3 graphics are also better than they were on Atari. Who would have guessed?

  • Dibbes

    NFS 4 High Stakes FTW!

    • The_Dood

      Seriously, how did they skip High Stakes. High Stakes was easily my favorite racing game for years! I still occasionally blow the dust off and take it for a spin.

  • smoores

    The only real racing sim out there is iRacing

    • texjosh

      Bananas are yellow (equally as relevant).

    • lentinant

      Well, who's talking about racing sim? NFS always was arcade racing game (except Shift).

  • gclark

    Unless my car takes damage as I hit every goddamn thing on the road, Im not interested. Ill take twisted metal or carmeggedon (old school PC game :D, never won the race but destroyed every car and won)

    • kryvian

      oooh carmageddon, such fun memories.

    • rv1992

      The new need for speed if you accidently hit a light post your car blows up and you get reset.

    • luis0716

      If you like damaging your car, try Grid. I live that game.
      And the new NFS is the shit!

  • Andy Valentine

    NFS Underground 2 was the balls. I lost a few weekends on that puppy.

    • kryvian

      agreed, but, a few weekends? 48 hours straight start to finish o/ fun times

      • Andy Valentine

        Yeah, a few, as I also like to go outside.

    • Ben

      Second That!

  • This.

    #15 Badass graphics

  • mrjohnblund

    #5 Porsche Unleashed – best Need For Speed ever.

    • testudo321

      Indeed, sir, indeed !

    • shoggoths

      so true!

    • Patrick Wagner

      Agreed! And I've played almost all. I miss the test driver challenges.

    • F3n1x187

      Simply the best!

    • Jimbo

      It really was the best. It has become too arcady nowadays.

  • Dave on Wheels

    Wish I had "Wheels" like that 🙂

    • Wheels on Dave

      I have spares.

  • blouez

    NFS: Most Wanted (2005) FTW! The new one sucks, it's like Burnout Paradise with cops

    • tralfaz

      #9 I believe, great game.

      • MrHat

        Agreed. The original Most Wanted and Carbon were my two favorites. Carbon though only because you get so many more old muscle cars and can unlock and race with a fire truck.

    • Joel

      Fave game as a kid. Still bust it out once in a while and play it!

  • BigManJones

    Know what would have been nice? A date under the pictures. I know, it's a hard thing to ask, Bob, with how infatuated you are with celebrity heights and other dumb shit. I like guessing games, but even just a year would have sufficed, given all the spin-offs and sequels that there were/are.

    • David Weston Smith

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Some sort of context would've been nice.

    • Busternut

      And the relevant consoles. The graphic changes for the same consoles as the technology got better would be great to see. Say 2 or 3 NFS' from Xbox 360 to see the differences.

    • Wheels on Dave

      This is from a Reddit post a couple days ago. That post didnt have dates either. Except the one showing it was posted a couple days ago.

  • honyik

    NFS 3 – One of the best games ever made….

  • Nevenem

    #8 NFS Underground 2… ah memories, cruising around town…

  • gameoverjc

    Should end with a picture of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker imo.

  • Mikerhinos

    My fav will ever be the vanilla, original one : Need For Speed on the 3DO system.
    It's almost 20 years old now, but it still looks pretty good !
    Tracks were awesome too, in fact i loved all in this game, and all the next ones were totally different 😦

    • Hara

      Yeah! 3DO! Five cars! Three tracks! Dorky-ass narrator! I remember that shit.

  • The Bandit

    I always liked to drive around in NFS2 as the T-Rex…

  • Doodoo Brown

    Looking at this is similar to looking at a haunted time capsule and a beautiful adventure.

  • oh yeah

    yeah up to #9 i believe it was great until electronic arts started F'ing everything up like they always do

  • maboze1x

    #1 I remember this…I always tried to jump over the road fence. 🙂 Memories…. 😉

  • Wheels on Dave

    i love the chive….aka the reddit of yesterday

    • Reality

      At least you get to be the dickhead of today.

      • Wheels on Dave

        You need to learn how to handle yourself Reality.

    • Hara

      Well you could just fuck off and stay on reddit, you know.

      • Wheels on Dave

        are you saying I should…..go Back to the Future?

    • Canucks_Rule

      u're an ass, but not wrong. lol.

    • Virnum

      At least they gave the Redditor who actually put this together credit. Oh, wait…

    • Jrh

      Don't know why you're getting downvoted. A picture here or there is annoying but this is just a complete rip off.

  • thenomadadventures

    man – I remember the first need for speed – wow I feel old all of a sudden after looking at those graphics…and i'd already been gaming for years at that point….

  • JarikCBol

    so i can compare them side by side: #1 and #18 oh, how the times have changed.

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