The Melbourne Cup is really just a drinking game on a massive scale (36 Photos)

  • temujin1234
  • Guest

    Chavs and Bogans.

  • The Emperor


    I didn't know they made Ozzie birds that skinny anymore. And for a Convict she's a bit of a looker too.

  • skspls

    In Australia, alcoholism is not only tolerated, it is encouraged.

  • seldomseen

    aussies are cool, like the british only without a stick up their arse

  • Ouboet

    Why aren't these photos upside down?

  • BostonGeorge

    I attended this 2 years ago and it is the party of all parties. All of you should give it a go.

  • Melbournian

    These shots were taken at the end of the day. Obviously all there skinny/attractive girls had already been intoxicated/dragged off by this point. Hence leaving only the scraps.

    Chive on, down under.

  • Eric Nunes

    Has anyone ever told the Aussie's about garbage cans?

  • Tim

    At least they dress well to Party. Looks like fun

  • jackson

    It looks like the Prom. Everyone's dressed nicely and drunk as f***.

  • myles

    starts again today with oaks day for the ladies better known in melbourne as blokes day also dont forget cox plate day derby day & caulfeild cup day & a four day w,end just for a horse race

  • CanadianPiper

    You stay classy Aussyland

  • OzzieLover

    What do you expect, they are ozzies. First word they learn in school is Beer 🙂

  • Eder

    The girls might've been ugly… but when you're drunk…. we've all been there.

  • DavidB

    Sooo proud to be Strayan right now. :S

    • bluebottle

      Yeah, these comments are harsh 😦

      • Greg

        Bloody oath…damn Yanks need to come down and party with us before they judge us…

  • Mozgeek

    Have they ever heard of a trash can they just lay in filth

  • magman007

    The US races are the same way. I know, shocking isnt it? You think of the kentucky derby as being this ritzy event with big hats and classy people that sip their mint julep with their pinkies in the air, well thats not the case, its a grandiose gathering of the highest class drunkest sluts.

  • Coral

    I think next year they need to invest in a garbage can or two.

  • Charlie

    Believe it or not, this is just mid point of the party, the rest is where it gets really interesting

  • Proud Aussie Chiver

    aussie, aussie, aussie..!! oi,oi,oi !!
    The whole country had a day like this !!
    We live for this day, all you folk need to come along next year & get amongst it.

  • Hippie Hipster Not

    Doesn't the Aussie flag look like what it's like to get hit on the head in cartoons?…just sayin'.

    • Proud Aussie Chiver

      that's the american flag….stars. just sayin'

      • KCCO from Oz

        lol yeah there's way more stars on the 'Merican flag….

  • rikglow

    And it all happens again today at the same racecourse for Oaks Day except no public holiday.

  • John Howard

    fuck yeah! straya cunt!

  • Aurora Moser

    Garbage. . . everywhere. . .

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