The Melbourne Cup is really just a drinking game on a massive scale (36 Photos)

  • Bogan

    any hole's a goal.

  • Love Canada

    Looks like Australia.
    Bunch of drunk fucks, trash everywhere, and ugly women.
    Nice work

    • Dannyboy Downunder

      I think you got that mixed up with the US

  • James

    And this is one of the reasons I hate going to it. Stupid drunken idiots.

  • ahheadlock

    I love the Melbourne Cup. It's nice to know that at the same place Prince Charles is drinking tea politely smiling at awkward conversation, some guy wearing a suit is pissing into a beer bottle being cheered on by hundreds of drunks in stupid hats.

  • Dave
  • Janie

    Quite possibly one of the greatest posts ever. Pretty much everyone is dressed up while getting blitzed off their ass in fields of trash 😛

  • Canucks_Rule

    #3 – want go there.

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 ->

  • ktmsandwitch

    jeeez i thought kiwis were bad

  • Aussie Girl87

    Never have I ever been so proud to be Aussie *wipes tear*
    I love that its just a simultaneous nation wide piss up at 3pm every 1st Tuesday in November!
    There is a reason they call it the race that stops a nation…yeah so we can all blow off work early and get pissed on a week day!

  • @Zordabo

    gronks, that is all

  • Wilks

    Until you have been down under and given it a crack yourself, stop ya bloody whinging!!
    These pics are tame compared to some of the crap you see you Yanks and Canadians doing in the weekly " You got trashed" posts.

    Lighten the F up and appreciate it for what it is, a day the whole nation gets together to have a few and have a punt….and go to work the next day with a hangover..


  • sean

    'merica welcome to 'stralia

  • jels

    welcome to melbourne cup you foreigners!!

  • Duchess Gummibuns


  • Anonymous

    lol #17 greatest

  • Shan


  • Ross Latham

    You guys do know that Melbourne actually has a Public Holiday to get boozed and watch some horses run around a track, right?

    Damn straight, most of these people are not only wasted, but we get a paid day off work to do it too…

    Next Year We'll break out the Suits and Chive Shirts…

  • Twiztidct

    The Melbourne cup and most major sporting events is a day strangers become mates and frowned upon moments will make you "The Man" for the day. Then if you happen to catch and have a punt on any of the horse races in between all the drinking and various amount of sexually related conquests. You have one of the greatest days on Australia's sporting calendar.

    Plus you have only 36 photos from a day – where the beer, wine and spirits were flowing before gates opened at 8.30am. There were plenty of hot chicks maybe not enough in this photo gallery. However looking at the amount of grass in some of these photos, they have been taken after the Melbourne Cup was actually run at 3pm. So no wonder the attractive chicks are down, many would have left or been 2 deep in the stalls, wishing "Why did I drink so much, so quickly?" or there will be the ones in the gardens (variously obviously location) skirts up getting plowed by their boyfriend or someone elses boyfriend…

  • steve

    Awesome day! There also happened to be a $100,000,000 Lotto draw that day too

  • A Kiwi living in Auz

    I can tell you my friends, that I was indeed there! It was an amazing piss fest. These photos really do not do the day justice. The amount of talent is unbelievable. Highly recommend going if you ever get the chance.

  • I did not win Fashions on Field « belindarae

    […] We left as the big race was kicking off. Boring yes but we got the first cab off the rank and made it home in no time. We saw a girl getting restrained at the entrance with her dress up to her armpits and her her black g-string flashing everywhere. She was kicking and throwing punches at the police – it wasn’t looking good. The next day we saw this on the news:… […]

  • Stuman

    And from 106,000 people who attended, only 20 were arrested for drunk and disorderly, and the whole place was cleaned up and sparkly new for the races that happened two days later.

  • AdyM

    Why are they all wearing fancy hats?? I thought those were fashionably extinct?

  • Peppernanny

    Yay bogans

  • WheelieChair
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