These people are to normal as an atom bomb is to subtle (60 Photos)

  • Levi


  • CodyPlacher

    #53 me and some of my friends and our old lady's did the same at our proms a couple times, by far better than the queer in the zoot suit

  • bernidene

    #9 Vernon Koekemoer

  • Frost

    This was really in there in the middle of all that weirdness? I really don't get what's so strange about a camo tux and dress for prom…. extreme, yes. Nerd in his underwear working on his computer weird? Hell no.

  • creance

    Mother of God…

  • chrobot

    #50 is from german TV show

  • Wisti

    #41 is awesome but all the others need to get better friends who don't post these pictures to the internet

  • NP1972

    Just be thankful that thing is on a leash

  • Gradaddy

    chive… you're about to visit austin, tx. this is normal over there!

  • Donkey Punch

    Fuck the rest of this gallery, I just want to see where #40 is going.

  • Fupa Fapped

    #27…awesome Chiver KCCO

  • Gross Toasties

    #17 a theme park for assholes

  • Tits Sally

    #22 #23 Brokedick Vampire Coalition

  • svp

    only in Russia…

  • MohawkJon

    My bassist in his free-time.

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