Being rejected by women can be a powerful motivator (8 Photos)

  • Tiber_Septim

    congrats, losing weight and keeping it off is never easy but don't stop and it can be very rewarding

    • Mike Hunt

      yes pussy is the ultimate reward

    • _DoC_

      Getting laid a lot burns calories…keep fucking my friend…keeeeep fucking…

    • Yerp

      So did he get laid?

    • DDD

      Being healthy is its own reward….. But getting more Pussy is never a bad thing…

  • Brett

    Good for u, cuz u were on ur way to FLBP..

    • Mr. Somewhat Awesome


    • Jokes_Explained

      This is funny because the guy shown above had boobs before he lost weight, much like how women in the FLBP posts have except his were the opposite of sexy.

      • Marios Koliopoulos

        Thank you, captain!

      • DDD

        WHy do people keep explaining why things are funny???

        • Yerp

          Because its funny.

      • tbjacobs

        I was so pissed about how obvious your response was, until I looked at your username. Touche.

  • lat297

    Someone's doing it right… 😀

  • RandomTask09

    My problem is being skinny all my life (except for the recent fat only in my stomach). Gotta work on two problems. But, thanks for keeping me motivated Chive and Berry.

    • TM22

      Protein + good sleep + dedication (weights) = an outcome you can be happy about, my friend.

      • TimmyJim


      • smallchinaman

        I tried that but the weights were heavy so I quit.

        • BeenThereMan

          lower the weight! That's a shitty excuse! Check your fucking ego at the door! Grab some 10 or 15 lbs weights and work your way up! Don't go trying to max out and impress people! Good luck man! You can do it if you want to. Do some research. Educate yourself and give it your all!

          • mick0311

            I see you have mastered herping, I would work on derping next. You are on the path to success!!

      • Tao

        You got that right. But the weights have little to do with the overall outcome. 80% nutrition, 20% exercise! I've been a personal trainer and nutritionist for 4 years now however I'm a FFA member myself (former fat ass, for those who don't know the reference). Great job turning your life around!

    • Sam

      Same problem here, people don't realize we have the same issues. At 47 I am now in the best shape of my life, I am slowly gaining weight (SLOWLY!) but my work continues. Hit the gym, work hard, don't give up and best of luck!

    • Deep Dish

      Same here. 28, 6'5, 185 lbs. Still skinny everywhere except for a very slight belly. No matter what I do, I can't get back to a completely flat stomach. Sometimes you just can't fight genetics no matter how hard you try.

      • Guest

        I don't believe that. You need to work harder at lowering your body fat percentage before that belly will go

        • Deep Dish

          I made a real effort this year. Biked around 100 miles a week. I eat eggs and toast for breakfast almost every day, a sandwich or something like that for lunch, and I almost never eat out.

          In college when I was trying to bulk up, I was consuming over 4000 calories a day and lifting with my roommate who's a personal trainer. My body just laughed and burned through all of it.

          And last I had it checked, my body fat percentage was around 9%.

          You can only fight your genetics to a certain point. It's different for everyone.

          • Guest

            That's very admirable that you worked so hard. Rather than just saying you eat eggs and toast or whatever, you really need to concentrate fully on the macro and micronutrients. Also to have full abdominal muscles visible, depending on genetics you will need a body fat percentage of between 5 and 12% for a male. I don't doubt you work hard, but you have to work smart and hard to achieve goals.

      • G-Mac

        That's probably food related, and possibly stress related too. You can work your ass off in the gym but if your diet isn't right, you'll never get full results. Start reading the labels on food and educate yourself on what you're eating, that should help a lot

  • NEchivette

    Holy gawd…HELLO!!!!!

    • John

      Well hello NEchivette…. Holy gawd to you gorgeous! Im from south dakota, where at in NE are you?

      • UhHuh

        It's not gonna happen man….

  • ).........

    Daaaang. Yummy

  • temujin1234

    Good effort.<img src="; alt="." border="0" width="1">

  • MattLockHolmes

    A real life Schmidt, AWESOME!!

    • Frank M

      Thumbs up for New Girl reference! 😉

      • Chris

        I see your thumbs up to a New Girl reference. And I raise you one thumb up…

        • Dude

          Only thing that's missing is hair chut-uh-ney and GOOD driving mocassins… JAR!!

        • Fossilman

          I see both your thumb ups and lower you 6 thumbs down

  • Csubi

    Hope you inspire many others!

  • Kahless

    Losing weight is great and all, but i knew at least 15 kids fatter then this guy back in school and my best friend is/was one of them. Went from pushing 400 to about 200. Its great the guy lost some weight but i don't really think a full post and all the holy shits are on par for this.

    • ABCdario

      I think you didnt get the point here: The view of a future with no sex can make a man move a mountain. Best motivation ever.

    • Bel

      Lol stay mad.

    • 617Chiver

      So the point of the chive is to inspire…and this kid is inspirational to you and all your troll friends sitting behind their computer screens to trade your gaming mouse for a dumbbell and a treadmill.

    • ...

      Someone is still an angry fatty!

    • Antroli

      Fat girls can comment too.

    • Yuppp


    • Arnval

      This guy busted his ass in the pursuit of tail. It's not easy shedding that much weight and keeping it off. Give credit where it's due. Damn hipster pessimist

    • Puffagone

      I've lost 100lbs over a year and went from about the same as this guy to a lean mean Ironman machine and find these types of stories inspiring still. Too many people think that they can not do it, seeing that with a lot of hard work and a little motivation you can make a healthy change to your life gives people on their own journeys the push they need sometimes. These are not stories of people on fad diets temporarily loosing weight as a gimmick, people making real changes in their lives can make a difference in others lives. I think you too the wrong message from this post.

      • David

        What's the secret to doing this? What's a good start point?

    • Allie

      Poo poo on you. This guy did awesome, he deserves it, stop whining posty. At least 15?! That's f'n scary…

  • givethedjabj

    Women shouldn't be so shallow. I'm a BIG guy, healthy, very happy and have a lovely wife. If women don't like you for who you are, they're not worth knowing

    • dumes

      Most people are at least a little shallow in one wary or another. Especially high school and college. But there are more reasons to lose weight than getting a girl, its called being healthy and living a long life with that person once you do get them.

    • schwinn

      very true, women rejected this guy cause he was a little over weight. trust me they are not worth it. he needs to find someone that will love him regardless of weight. everyone hates on men, but women are just as shallow these days….

      • ImpressMe

        "Losing weight is great and all, but " Why throw in the 'but"? Why can't you just say something nice about someone who accomplished something thats not easy to do and is proud of it?

        Great job losing the weight… have got to feel better physically and mentally…… and my niece says you're 'a hottie' lol

        • MattyDeuce

          you quoted the wrong guy…

    • alski

      You are confused. People can't help who they are sexual attracted to. Preference doesn't make anyone shallow it makes them human. You can either try to boost your odds of more people finding you attractive or you or you can not.

      Studies show that either way you will likely end up with a partner who is as equally attractive as you are.

    • truth

      Everyone is judgmental…even women that like big men. Chive said the guy was doing this because of rejection, which may have played a part. However, it also feels pretty damn good to shed that spare midget he was carrying around his waistline. His knees, ankles and heart all thank him. When his body was wearing down prematurely due to obesity, he probably didn't need a whole lot more motivation. I applaud the guy for his hard struggle to reclaim life and wish him the stamina to keep the weight off.

    • TheSimonizer

      Were you big when you got married? because all married "big guy" I know weren't big when they met and married their wife.

    • Dan

      Most people can tell the difference between big framed and healthy, and packing extra pounds. The first is attractive, the second is not. But as someone else pointed out, different people are attracted to different body types.

    • Dan

      But we don't want to know them, just skeet all over them.

    • hot chivette

      Men are the biggest culprits of this! I know ntplenty of woman who would love and date an overweight guy despite it. men on the othrt hand are judgemental pricks who not only ignore the heavy girl in the group but make fun of her. men are way more heartless than women!

      • ...


      • Yeahhh

        I bet you are a "fat chivette"

      • r00s7a

        Bullshit. Men are just more upfront and honest about it. Women try to cover it up, just like everything else. i.e. Makeup, hair coloring, fake breasts, etc.

    • Timmay

      If you are that big, You wont be healthy. Not possible.

      Wait until you are having heart surgeries in your late 40's.

      Enjoy it while you can, There will come a time, where you will regret being so comfortable by how BIG of man you are.

    • jOb

      Once you've been on that side of the fence and bounce back like this you suddenly notice that cold and shallow people will want to befriend you.

    • Sigh

      Really? … You're going to post a 'Women are shallow' comment on theChive? Interesting.

    • Fucked yo sister

      Women didn't reject this guy because he was fat. I'm fatter than this guy is and have never had a problem.

      Difference between me and the rest of you bitter little misogynists? I have a personality and actually LIKE women. The best body in the world isn't going to make you happy. Grow some brains and be a fucking human being.

      • Mikel

        Five 2's don't make a 10. He lost the weight because he wanted what he considered a better quality of girls. When you're bragging about your quantity and great personality on the internet, it's a strong indicator of the lack of either.

    • Neil

      But at the same time If they are not attracted to you whos fault is that. I know i am pretty healthy lad and in decent shape and I would not like to be with someone that is heavily overweight and unhealthy


    good work

  • BigManJones

    Good on ya. You are better than 1/4 of all Americans!

    • Roderick

      Unfortunately, it's more like 1/3 or even up to 1/2. Americans are hefty…

      • Mikel

        Still better than Canada

        • Greg

          I don't think that's true, actually.

          Though I'm a fatty.

  • ag00

    You look like Brody Jenner

  • miscbro

    Do you even lift?

    • ...

      There's weights at the gym?? That there is a treadmill man

    • Yeahhh


    • bert


  • He's a Rapist

    I have no doubt that girl "denied" you because of your personality and not how many push-ups you can for mommy. But you'll sort them out soon enough Siro Rapey McRapeyton.

    • Jen

      you must be angry and fat, im guessing.

    • John

      And you're a pedo. Wanna fight about it?

    • truth

      Can't say anything about him, but you are the only one to bring up 'mommy' in the topic. Oh look, you even brought up rape…in context of your mommy issues?!? You are projecting your latent Oedipus urges onto this guy in a ridiculing nature.

      Sucks when people make assumptions about your motives, doesn't it? Leave the guy alone.

  • G1880

    good work pal, stay off the cakes.

  • max

    WHAT ABOUT PATTY? did he give up?

    • some-dude

      I think so because those updates stopped coming pretty quickly.

  • Claudia Loya

    wow!! great job!!!! #motivator

  • Guest

    Last pic #9 shows he gained it all back. 🙂

    • Guest

      kidding of course, job well done!

  • Maanse

    The drive is strong in this one!

  • Guest

    Not only a great way to meet chicks, but think of the benefits to your long term health! You can't see it but your arteries and pancreas thank you.

  • Dcassani

    Fuck a high five…… get a HIGH CHIVE!

  • Wisti

    hehe your face IS smaller and really attractive now ^_^ you're a cutie :]

  • Schmidt

    So you turned gay?

    • Dr. Ugh.

      So you just showed how stupid you are?

    • Simon

      He' not looking for a date, so chill.

    • Craigery

      So you turned into an asshole?

      • UhHuh

        I think he's probably always been an asshole.

    • phil


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