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For the first time ever, the KCCO is available right now!

kcco For the first time ever, the KCCO is available right now!

Welcome to a special evening here at theCHIVE. For the first time ever, The KCCO is available at theCHIVERY.

As if it isn’t obvious, these are not going to last long, even for a Midnight launch. The KCCO is authenticated with the Gold Foil neck label, QR codes, and it’s still probably bulletproof.

The KCCO is available RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: All sizes now SOLD OUT.

  • SaskChiver

    Add another to the collection. That makes it 6! Plus an iPad dock and a decal. All 2 mins before launch time. KCCO

  • Canucks_Rule

    20 mins after launch and there's still plenty of stock left. i'm scared… the mayans were right!!

    bc chivers/chivettes –

  • David P

    Excellent. Oldest computer in the world and I love to love the chivery and the ease.

    Like bigtommy83 said…..

    This will go nicely with my collection.

    Thanks CHIVE


  • Kelsey

    Got my fourth and fifth shirts tonight!



  • Iceberg

    got mine, added to the collect a Green and Black KCCO, KCCO tshirt, Hoodie, white TheChive, and BFM 3D. They all were easy to snag cause I am fast like lighting bam!

  • yahtzee09

    Finally, first Chive shirts ordered. Grabbed one for me and one for the wife 10 minutes after launch. "Drunk Magic" at midnight, baby!

    Here's the issue…Do I wait until Chrsitmas to wear it?

    • yahtzee09


      Sorry for the spelling mistake, Jesus.

  • fucked

    You're so pissed if you are reading this Friday morning

  • Taylor J Avants

    Got 2 KCCO shirts, one for me and one for the most awesome girl. Hope she enjoys it.

  • @TheRealWHub

    Nice! Got my first shirt.

  • Happy

    Finally 2 official Green KCCO shirts. I love the midnight launches

  • B!!!

    I actually have a chance at scoring a KCCO T and my bank account is empty . Haha KCCO , next time I'll budget . But probably not.

  • chiefer

    I got mine. First one! KCCO!

  • Bruce Vilanche

    get one quick.. how else will you be able to display to everyone who sees you that thechive is your website of choice?

  • Slyhog13

    Pants on the ground, pants on the ground!!!

  • @swiftenhaal

    That was actually easy. Nothing makes sense anymore.

  • tanner

    Got it put in my cart then go to check out and bam sold out

  • ColinM

    Holy crap, looks like I had grabbed one right on time…

  • BryFox

    This makes #7 in my collection!! One for every day of the week!! Yeahhhhhh, congrats to all who were able to snag one!

  • justme

    I'm so excited. I was able to score one. More midnight sales. KCCO everyone and good luck. 🙂

  • namal

    damn it. Missed. What does a chiver from Sri lanka have to do to get some love

  • SATXChiver

    Got my new KCCO shirt, but missed the Hoodie when it was available. I'd love to see the Hoodie come back unannounced under a hidden link. Just a thought 🙂

    • justme

      That is a brilliant idea.

  • Andrew Royce Spencer

    Woohoo. Got mine, gonna go nice with the military and Canadian military on the way. Sure I'm going broke. 6 week wait for international shipping but KCCO!!

  • Fishnuts

    so, to the guy that thinks first…… I got it last!!! Cheers!!

    KCCO… oh that is what i got!

  • HMM

    who cares losers

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