For the first time ever, the KCCO is available right now!

kcco For the first time ever, the KCCO is available right now!

Welcome to a special evening here at theCHIVE. For the first time ever, The KCCO is available at theCHIVERY.

As if it isn’t obvious, these are not going to last long, even for a Midnight launch. The KCCO is authenticated with the Gold Foil neck label, QR codes, and it’s still probably bulletproof.

The KCCO is available RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: All sizes now SOLD OUT.

  • Errol

    Got on just before 12 and attempted to order an XL. No luck. Ordered 2 smalls. My daughters are goIng to have the best ChrIstmas stockIng stuffers around!

  • longshot421

    Stuck in the airport since 2pm while flight after flight got cancelled. Lay down to crash and suddenly remembered…..and snagged a KCCO! Sweet. And apparently I'll get on a flight in the next 40 minutes. Chive on!

  • Idk

    I love the chive, but their increase on obvious money grabs from the obtrusive ads and shameless plugs and product placements in the galleries to severely under producing shirts and over pricing them to artificially increase demand and overpricing them because of said demand. It all is becoming a bit much. I love the good this site does and the community here, but I just wish they would sell out a little less sometimes. Just because you can make more money, doesn't mean you need more money.

    • JoshH

      i get where your coming from, but if you get an American Apparel shirt that is the same and plain it will cost you more than a chive shirt.

      • Idk

        That's exactly why I don't shop at American apperal or hollister or other places that make so much money solely on mark up and "exclusivity". But, as a whole the chive is a better company and the communitie here is better and more generious than anywhere around so I guess it balances out. I just hope that eventually enough ad space and cash grabbing is enough and they don't ruin the magic they've built here.

    • Stephen Davidson

      Valid point, but it's business…. and their doing it right. They sell out at their current price. I'm sure if they sold them for 30-35$ they would still fly off the shelves and they'd make even more profit. Supply and demand.Btw…….KCCO! HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!

      • Idk

        A lot of the chives demand is based on the fact that they make extremely limited quantities to jack up demand. I get why they are doing it, but that along with the other ways they're trying to cash in on this community sometimes is a bit much. Kcco and have a good weekend.

  • Gregory Lotze

    Woohoo! Got my fat bastard size on the way!


    what the hell been trying for months. Damn it!

  • navydudebro

    I haven't been able to score any shirts since the first military kccos came out. Finally got one! And one for my chivette. Midnight launches for the win!!!

  • oo0o00ooo0o


  • Embadman

    Woke up to an email saying I purchased two chive shirts…I love drunk me!! KCCO

    • ChivetteKellie

      You and me both, but I got 3.

  • Thomas

    Wouldn't matter if they had any left. They don't make them for big guys

  • Julio Guapo

    Seriously chive, would it kill you to stock more BM and BFM shirts? It floors me why you're surprised that people will buy bootleg Chive shirts bc you NEVER have any. When you do have them in stock, they sell out in <5 minutes. Step your game up, Chive

    – disgruntled Chiver

  • Jessica

    I finally got my first Chive shirt! And one for my husband, too. More midnight launches!!

  • Kane

    Got one and a 'No Regrets' shirt for good measure:)

  • arcstarq

    If they made nearly enough of these to meet demand, nobody would want them.

  • Mead

    Yes sir! The collection is looking better and better by the week. Just need a grey and orange bfm and ill have them all!

  • Brent

    These where much easier to get then the other shirts.

  • levi

    I bought one but have not received my confirmation email. Money was taken from my account. Hope i get my shirt

  • God

    Haha, like a bunch of niglets fighting over watermelon

  • SheriffPablo


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