Genius or Stupid? (29 Photos)

  • amir

    #2 #20 #25 good ideas

  • mirou

    #2 #20 #25 good ideas

  • @coralmonster

    #22 a machine that levitates your butter?! I'm sold!

    • @coralmonster

      #18 fail.

  • Macro

    #14 I'll take two.

  • Sean

    #12 Ok, I am tired of seeing this. Cute and all, but give me a steak knife, a spoon, and your ice-cream is f'ing toast.

    • KyleGamgee

      While it would not prevent outright theft, it does stop someone from being able to sneak a bite here and there – which a more likely problem.

    • Silverstone

      Um…..actually, I believe it would still be ice cream. And as a consenting adult (?) what you do with toast in the privacy of your own house is just too much information.

  • nvi

    #11 has final destination written all over it

  • 1911

    For $120 I'll just buy warmer boots

  • guest

    Whoever buys #12 is going to think they are so smart until their roommate just cuts a hole in the lid.

  • alex

    I have #14 and it's extremely useful..

  • _The_Stig_

    #12 – That's actually something useful for us folks who have house-mates. But like others have said – it's needs to be fully covered.


    As an Iowa girl I am going to call #2 out…it does not look warm and if it was made for extreme weather with the hood and goggles built in they would not have it so short and open on the bottom = Stupid.

    #10- totally bad ass

    • shoestring

      So true, Cali designed winter wear

  • Dar

    #14 have got it as a gift. You have to be desperate to cut wood.

  • Just A. Jason

    #13 I have this cruiser and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

  • rattatattat

    What the hell is #16 supposed to be?

  • blah

    Anyone wanna tell me wtf #26 is?

    • Mr.T

      Its a home de-compression device . I have one and its actually really effective when it comes to neck pain.

  • fancy

    Way to steal the entire front page of

  • not canadian

    #1 What time is it? 8 the clock. shit i'm late for work.

  • notgetting

    what am i not getting here?

    • thom

      The button has a little clasp on it to hold the headphone wire. Probably not very practical.

      • Petrrpan

        It's a simple bu awesome idea-you can attach your headphonecable to buttons of your jacket so it won't be everywhere. If you move in crowded spaces like tubes the cables often hang on to something so the (in ear) headphones get ripped out of your ear. This situation can be made better by attaching the cable close to your body. Which can be achieved by lying it under your shirt or->attaching it to buttons. Not the ultimate solution (which would be bluetooth but crates other problems like power) but a very interesting because simple idea!

    • Silverstone

      I don't have any idea. When you find out- lemme know too!

  • Forrest Gump

    #16 Awesome, although it doesn't mention any emergencies to use it for….
    A lot of these product "innovations" could have been something coming out of Japan. A recent post on had some similar perhaps-not-so-useful-stuff..

  • John

    Man a link to purchase this stuff should be with the pics!

    • fancy

      almost every single product on here is a featured product on which actually has links to what they are/where to buy it

  • CanadianPiper

    #9 & #17 Genius

  • Idk

    #15 and #17 are both illegal in the us.

    • Rolo Tomassi

      Hello? Douchey unnecessary things like these are what made the US great! Dunno bout the meat tenderizer, but if you actually were dumb enough to try to punch someone with one of these stupid phone cases the first thing you'd break would prolly be your thumb.

  • Halls

    #4 super unnecessary if you cant get a iphone cable in light or no you probably have parkinsons

  • Tyler

    Where can I find Pepsi Twist is the real question

  • weirdscribble

    #12 my pocket knife would beg to differ.

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