Meanwhile, in the world I wish I lived in… (40 Photos)


    #40, Anyone need a pole?

    • Jokes_Explained

      This is funny because it's sexual innuendo. In this case HOOK_the_LEGEND's reference to a pole actually refers to his penis.

      • Verbal_Kint

        I like you. When did you get here? I hope you stay… Seriously; This shit's funny.

        • WileEOne

          …can't stop laughing… leave it to you to bitch slap someone for stupid comments… : -)

    • 11 inches

      This nigga wanna get dat dick in dat ass…

      • Jester

        *Dis nigga

        Get it right…

    • Needa Back/Round

      Where can I get this in HQ?…um, for a friend…

    • Hrdwood

      If you attempt these kinds of slopes and curves without using the right kind of pole, you're gonna have a bad time…

      • Hrdwood

        …and by pole, I mean penis, in case you're a FUCKTARD like the first guy to reply above who needs to feel superior in talking down to everyone…

    • Chiver

      pretty sure i got one after looking at this pic

    • Mike Hunt

      FUCKING GROSSSSSSS…..they're drinking Corona

  • IrishInNJ

    #1 Wow a repeat (and a terrible one at that) to start us off…

    • Jay

      Agreed, please stop posting this disturbing shit.

    • juicyjay

      you know, who fucking cares – it was still solid.. Only so many pictures that you can post in a week, bound to repeat, plus those would be the best line poles ever – what a utopia it would be

      • Jay

        I'm pretty sure that regular fucking line poles would be better.

        • prune

          Nope these are definitely better lol. How can you not laugh every time you see this.

      • IrishInNJ

        If your utopia involves electricity pylons made from giant, frozen, synchronized swimmers…remind me never to do heroin with you.

  • Mr. T

    #16 flbppxX3

    • Daniel Tosh


      • duude

        Taylor Vixen, Brett Rossi & Emily Addison

  • rob


    Was WOW, then saw the beached whales in the background, happy face went sad


      How is no one paying attention to that!?

      • _wayfarer


    • @moosemeyer

      One hot chick that does what she wants and a bunch of fat people, typical Beach

    • Dr_StrangePants

      what about the creepy old guy right to her shoulder?….then again who can blame him?

  • baddbuzz

    #16 Oh . . I would love to be stranded on that beach

  • BigtotheD

    #5 #16 #40 is where I want to live

    • Herby Sagues

      Funny. #40 is where I live. But they aren't here anymore.

  • BigtotheD

    #5 is a must find

  • Marshall

    #31 If only.

    • Chooch

      That damn door.

    • Lucas_Schmidt

      The girl dancing is Carol Belli.

      • Muadieb

        Sorry Lucas, but you have the wrong Carol. If you look, Belli doesn't have a tattoo on her hips. Carol Narizinho does however. Still hot either way.

    • matty

      Got stuck on this for a while! Is it still Thursday?

    • Alex

      That's the vid it's from, has some pretty awesome moments

      • anotherchiver


      • cameron

        is this the crack whore bad lip-sync version?

    • dirtysteve

      Those undies are really getting jammed up there…

    • Chris

      I've broken three monitors trying to jump through into this video.

  • Stick

    #5 It could happen if everyone could just stop losing their shit about 'decency'.
    There are countries around the world that still value breasts sexually, so no National Geographic boobs here, yet are totally fine with having topless beaches. No one makes a big deal out of it.
    They tried it here in the US, its legal for a woman to be topless anywhere a man can be in New York, but no one will have it.

    • rob

      The problem is there are to many self-righteous liberal/tree huggers with boobs down to their legs that would be offended by this

      • @LosSaysSwag

        … I think you have it backwards.

    • screamer2703

      In Romania there are no topless beaches. Everybody is free to wear what they want on the beach. Also…it is really normal to see a lot of topless chicks on the beaches 😀

    • Chooch

      and you're posting this on a website that represents boobies as fun things for staring at, playing with, and motorboating? Its because we see breasts like this that they shouldn't be out everywhere. I bet in the countries where they "don't make a big deal out of it", the guys find FLBP posts to be boring.

      • Stick

        I just told you that .
        There are countries that still value breasts sexually, like we do here on the Chive, but have no problem with nudes beaches and such.

    • Cole

      Too long to read. sorry

    • Mike Hunt

      I loved living in Germany as a kid, women would sunbathe nude in the parks.

  • Where's Dildo

    Stop deleting my posts, chive

  • Concerned Citizen

    Alec sucks off farm animals.

  • hello

    #31 someone know what thats from?

    • SeanFzL

      I was wondering the same thing! Its pretty hot!

    • fucked

      It's from "Taken"

      • tv_paul

        Mannequin 3: Love in an Elevator.

        • _The_Stig_

          Pretty sure it's from Hannah Montana: The Movie

        • fucked

          I always mix them up :/

    • Ashley

      Gangnam style 😀

    • Charlie77

      You tube gangam style Brazilian version

    • Tim

      open new window with, click images, drag this image to that window. Google will find

      • hello

        thank u my good sir.

      • Dr_StrangePants

        This is without any doubt…the best possible variation EVER, and will ever be

        • tv_paul

          More like gang bang style.

    • SIC58
    • Fact

      Man legs

  • Redtrek


    The world you wish you lived in. So a communist nation?

    Thought this was a(n) 'merican site. 😛

    • JESSE

      Its not so much that is a communist sentiment as an ideological fantasy. Of course the two are inextricably linked. As long as humanity remains a species that takes part in natural selection, our intrinsic driving forces will include power and thus money that buys it. Though it may not be perfect, I don't delude myself into believing that some system of a "planned" or "design" civilization will ever actually improve upon the equal opportunities afforded under capitalism. Fuck the POTUS

      • HankHill

        You were doing good up until your last sentence. And then I promptly lost all respect for you and your argument. Way to vocalize what could be a valid point in such a way that you look like a moron. Bravo!

        • Mike Hunt

          Yeah my thoughts exactly. It's like jerking off to anal porn and seeing a bunch of Santorum leak out of her ass.

        • JESSE

          Try owning your own business, then tell me how you feel about my comment. Given his way the POTUS will install a socialist state, a hairs breadth away from the communist ideal set out under Marx. Government control whether completely centralized or through excessive regulation or "fair" tax initiatives makes little difference to individuals risking their livelihoods for the possibility (and I can't emphasize that point enough: a Possibility, not a guarantee) of increasing their financial cache and improving their circumstances. Most Regressives, like the POTUS, don't understand this risk/reward concept. For entrepreneurs under your Commander in Chief it becomes: fucked if you win, fucked if you lose. Our welfare laden nation is doomed and being pushed over the cliff by a sycophantic idiot.

          • pooty

            I agree with you 100%. I'm having a hard time understand how anyone can see it any other way.

            • EireMC

              be the change you want to see in the world. It won't happen over night but at least you're trying. The human race's strongest feature is the ability to complain.a cliched phrase to finish. Ask not what your President/country can
              do for you but what can you do for yourself… Irish guy here and we're pretty f#cked but time moves on. KC&CARRY ON 😉

    • Chooch

      Can't happen anyway. Its human nature to want more.

    • @TJexcite

      It will only be possible once the replicator is invented. When you can have a warehouse full of cars and you need is unlimited energy without the work and wealth, getting the wealth does not matter.

    • Matt

      Somebody's sore that Romney lost..

    • Jens

      Not wealth, per se, but people in his fictional society certainly enjoy rank and privilege, not everyone on board gets private quarters larger than the ship's bridge and a "ready room" to boot.

    • sfb101

      Redtrek, more like redneck. It' clear you have no Idea of what your talking about and communism in general.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      There's a distinct difference between 'Materialism' and 'Capitalism', numbnuts.

      Anyone can live this life any time they like.

      We don't *need* the nicest car we can afford, or the nicest TV, phone, computer etc etc etc. So stop worrying about securing as high an income as possible and start living the life you want to live instead.

      • pooty

        What if I WANT to worry about securing as high an income as possible?

        • Bruce Vilanche

          then you're probably a sociopath?

    • Bruce Vilanche

      capitalism might work if fair trade was taken into consideration. capitalism has gotten us to where we are today, massive companies fighting for monopolies and then the ability to rape the consumers that made them what they are.

      • videologic

        Capitalism has gotten us quite far since it was invented, just cos its had a few relatively bad years, doesn't mean its all bad…

  • Steve

    #11 would love for life to be this simple

    • rob

      and end up in jail?

    • ).........

      I believe that is Emily Osment btw.

    • Jeff

      That girl is like 14.

      • ).........

        She is 20 years old……..

        • Jeff

          Not in that picture.

  • tv_paul

    #11 Wow, this looks like it would be a great party and afterwards a nice stretch in prison.

  • brian


    Hold the door please

    • Notknowing

      Can't stop watching this…

    • pooty

      Horrible form. She's got more of a "roll" going instead of a "thrust"

      • davo

        you're a homo

  • justme

    #5 Awe, come on don’t be shy.

    • ).........

      Dont be creepy

  • Smithers25

    #11 does jail time come as a side with the pizza?

    • It's all good

      She's 20

      • Wesley Ricketts

        We always had a saying about girls like this…."If she says shes 20 and looks 16….she's 12."

    • testudo321

      No it comes as a side of suprisebutsex…..

  • Eddie

    #2 when a Lannister and Targaryen fuck

    • listen lady


    • Notknowing

      Yeah, the last thing I need is for my cat to sneeze and burn my house down.

  • fucked

    #10 false, that is impossible.

    • rugerhoyt

      There is a baby putting on screen protectors, your argument is invalid

  • N2MotoX

    #16 #49 Yes…..Wish I lived there in their world!


      cool beach

    • Mike D

      its porn


    #8 Fuck I hate Alec

    • jace

      if only we could make it to this point. one day maybe!

  • ChiveAddict

    #31 where did you find this? Hi-Larious

    • Tim

      A pretty easy way to find any of their pics, open 2 tabs side by side, one with thechive post and one with google, click images on the google tab then drag the image you are looking for from the chive side to google image search. Doing that yielded

      for this gif.

  • tv_paul

    #23 "Hon, when I asked you to pork me I didn't mean it literally"

    • PJPJ

      Let's play "Hide the Sausage"!

  • @8bitBIG

    #11 Calm down. Its Emily Osment. She posted this on Instagram. Wow, that makes me sound like a total hipster.

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