Please nobody tell these girls how their clothes are supposed to work (37 Photos)

  • Brent f

    #9 my god

  • bdog


  • Dreymann

    #7 I have an extra ticket to Da Bears vs Texans Sunday night…just saying.

  • Weaver

    turn you're knob to BOB t-shirt.
    best pic.

  • edmontonchIvette

    well chIve and beautIful chIvettes thank you for makIng my hate my short booles body once agaIn, not sure why my phones makIng me captIlIze all my I's :/

  • TENN Man

    #14 this cowboy loves some cowgirl, MOAR!!

  • Erik

    #7. Go Bears. Marry MEEE

  • jeff

    #3 Megan has a very nice body ❤

    • Dave

      I thought I recognized Megan, too! Those things are spectacular, I had no idea!

      • jeff

        She has a heck of a body keeps them hidden well all we need now is a gif of her and Meghan pillow fight LMAO

    • Slyhog

      Im jealous you know Megan, very

  • Matrixx_19

    #35 please and thank you…….MOAR!

  • jaw

    dear chive, we are all grownups, please stop treating us like children. I hate seeing "This comment has been deleted by the administrator." I know you are trying to keep negativity out of here, but I find it a bit belittling. We can handle it, we are big boys and girls. I am not a fan up censorship in any form. Please stop treating us like children.

  • Yak Surfer

    Ladies, thank you for brightening a very tough day.

  • Johnny

    #26 & #36 MOAR!…………….now!……………Thank you

  • MrN00DLE

    #26 #29 Extremely Gorgeous

  • Lou

    I think "not good at clothes" is a talent that needs to be rewarded. So I think there should be a prize for the girl with the least clothes who is not good at it.

  • Steve

    #37. Absolutely perfect

  • griff815

    #7 DA BOOBS!! I mean Bears…

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    I really love these posts. Right up there with squishiness (though that wins by a hair).

  • ZinnNasty

    #12 and #26 Holy Crap!!!

  • ZinnNasty

    #12 I NEED Moar!!!

  • Junior

    Totally adore #37!

  • John

    Megan we missed you. Anyone know her twitter handle?

  • cristobol

    #37 Yes!

  • DevilsReject71

    I think keeping the secret on how clothes work would be a good thing by these examples.

  • Shat_Thrice


    Jesus, Meg… *loses consciousness*

  • @kolby182

    This was full on #ChiveNation domination.

    • MegIntheMitten


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