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Two hybrids that I could live with (21 HQ Photos)


  • reaperACTUAL

    #10 good luck trying to pass the emissions test in Cali! haha

  • injekter

    what a waist of time and energy……….i would spend the money on the Reef girls….

  • Guest

    # 13 might be Eufrat.

  • my head hurts

    #14 ….fail….

  • @FastFreddy7

    Never be sorry for adding chicks Rick!

  • Chris Sawatzki

    #15 All that and still kept the cassette player.

  • the_mike

    #19 So what are you some sort of rocket scientist….meh, close enough.

  • Ace

    Would be way more awesome with a Delorean and a retro motorcycle/sidecar.

  • cristobol

    #3 "Introducing the 'Crotch Rocket' 2K12, just in time for Festivus."

  • kmotamed

    #5… 3rd one from the left gets my vote

  • homerss11

    #5 OK ladies, hands against the wall. Now spread 'em for a full body search!!

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