Your timing is impeccable (48 Photos)

  • Rich


    • Mr. T

      Chive, your timing/date for your release of the new KCCO shirt was impeccable

  • andrew

    Someone photoshop #25 please?


    #48 and then…Football!!!

    • chiverX

      Go deep!

    • RaiderRed

      The volleyball appears to be in the basketball net too.

  • Poopsmith

    I wish there was a context for some of these…

    • Bagabonz

      What would the winner of the context get?

    • Tom?

      Hey, don't thumbs down poopsmith. His wish makes a valid point. #4 has been driving me nuts for weeks (did he make it?).

  • rob


    Who Won?

    • Toxic

      No one, it's shopped

    • Handjob Murphy

      The 117 was pulling ahead until they got to the tunnel.

    • The Nosnorb

      Anybody know what kind of car that is?

      • Tom?

        And does it come in black?

      • tomy

        its called the Lamborghini Ankonian. It's only a concept unfortunately…

  • fucked

    #14 Brazzers


      coool lollllsssssssss

      • fucked

        consider fucking off

  • Hammer_Pants


    That's gonna hurt.


      ya men right

    • FunKiller

      Ya kind of feel bad for the horse.

      • D.C.

        i think this sport is animal abuse, I think they probably kill "euthanize" more horses in this sport than racing. very suprised peta doesnt riot at every event

  • rob

    The aftermath pics must be horrible

    • Enuff

      Ok, Chive. I appreciate what you do. I really do. But you've posted this one about eleventy billion times….this week.

      • sandy astroglide

        eleventy billion and one.

  • CanadianPiper

    #28 well done

    • _The_Stig_

      spammer 😦

  • Loon

    Well damn that escalated quickly #39

    • TomatoTipper

      Don't get your hopes up folks, I think it's just the shell being ejected.

  • M.O.T.

    #39 surely that can't be a bullet about to hit her. That would be an amazing camera and an incredible photo. If that is just perfectly timed it should win awards.

    • rob

      It is the shell casing, otherwise in a split second her head will be gone.

    • jim

      It's the bullet casing ejecting

    • DT

      That's the shell casing from her bullet

    • truth

      That guy has a serious uni-brow going on.

      • Curious

        I was thinking the same thing, and a serious 5 o'clock shadow (mustache and beard).

    • Antroli

      Stop calling me Shirley

    • Tim

      That's a her? how can you be sure?

    • Slim Jim

      the actual projectile isn't that big.

    • Walker

      A bullet who be a flash
      Of light in the picture you wouldn't see it.

  • This

    #4 two guys losing their nuts in 3..2..

  • Gadda Cheese

    #39 bullet makes a U-turn

    • guest

      Ejected shell casing, not a bullet.

    • Fryy

      In soviet russia, bullets fire you!

  • Me.

    #1 If there ever was a "fuck", it wasn't present on this particular day.

  • tv_paul

    #8"Now imaging this is a penis, not fun get stuck in the eye is it" utters the jilted reporter.

    • tralfaz

      "yeah, yeah, how you like it, not fun is it?"

      • tv_paul

        Should be "getting" sorry for the Tarzan speak.

  • Henry the Chafed

    #11 "Get it? I'm waving and it's a wave :D….sleep with me?"

    • whodat

      the force is strong with this one

      • tv_paul

        The names Jackson…Moses Jackson.

  • WheelieChair

    RIP Dave On Wheels!!

  • Speaks

    #24 Longest arms ever?

    • Simon

      All the better for a reach-around.

  • stevedampman

    #29 is the best one

  • P90

    And by impeccable you mean…..COMPLETELY PECCABLE!!!

    • _The_Stig_


    • _The_Stig_

      silly spammer – theCHIVE is for people

    • _The_Stig_

      silly spam bot

    • _The_Stig_

      I hope you get banned like the red-headed step child you are

    • _The_Stig_

      silly spammer

    • _The_Stig_

      if you're a spam bot and you know it clap your hands

      ….this is when you're supposed to clap your hands. Well robot hands anyway

  • rugerhoyt

    #16 is my favorite
    #28 is probably the most creative pic i have ever seen at the leaning tower

  • nejd

    #15 "Fuck."

    • repoman86

      I'm lost…are those birds?

    • repoman86

      I'm lost… are those birds?

    • repoman86

      Sorry for the repost.

      • rob

        Not sure what they are, either way I would get the fuck out of there!

        • The_Ger


          • Donkey Punch

            They are birds called Red Billed Queleas. There are billions of them and they only live in Sub-Sahara Africa.

  • Joe

    #19 Anonymous is eager to learn.

  • nabA

    That little ginger tried to kill a whole family with water. It is true.. Gingers have no souls.

  • ImpressMe

    #36 Join me in the dance of my people….

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