• _DoC_

    That was a lot of hugging going on.

  • Josh Turner

    haha.. the guy who caugh it to the guy who scored: "da fuq bro?"

  • Noob

    Lol way to steal the spotlight…nice play t

  • Hypno

    Hey, thanks for making that awesome catch bro. I'll take it from here and then dance like I made it all happen. Yours truly, Douchebag.

    • emu90

      would've been a great play by the second player if he didn't prance about like a fuckin' idiot

  • twd22285

    That guy got screwed!! That's like busting your ass all day at work and the one time you take a breather the boss walks in and the lazy doucher you work with happened to be doing something…fucken bullshit

    • Cheers

      That sir, was a perfect analogy.

  • vic

    Oradell, whatsss uppp

  • http://twitter.com/DJintheMHC @DJintheMHC

    As Jack Black once sang, "That's fuckin' teamwooooork."


    Those are some gigantic high school kids, makes my high school team look like they play in umpa loompa land

  • izismile

    looks like the dudes knee was down before the other bro took the ball

    • BTK

      Highschool and colledge rules are different than NFL rules.

      • BTK

        *college i don't know why I always want to put a d in there.

  • Open minded

    I like how the receiver just stood there and didn't go in for the celebration…he looked confused and pissed.

  • Eric

    7 points on the scoreboard is better than a 1st down..nice catch bro

  • mike

    Too bad they don't have the video of a Bergen Catholic WR getting lit up by a Don Bosco Prep player.

    Just reminding any Bergen Fans who see this about Bosco's win(s).

    • Jason

      So you won a few football games, Bosco will always be in Bergen Catholic's shadow.

      • mashed potatoes

        DEUS VULT

  • Madden

    Where's the pass protection?

    • hmmmmm

      Looks like they've been watching the Eagles OLine…

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    Hold ma diiiiiick!!

    But seriously, the defender could have just stepped backwards and he would've dropped it…

  • Dave

    Section 3, Article 2b of the NCAA rule book states that, "[t]he runner shall not grasp a teammate; and no other player of his team shall grasp, push, lift or charge into him to assist him in forward progress." … It's possible this is legal because the player actually pushes the opponent and not his teammate, otherwise this play is a 5 yd penalty

    • boobs

      this is highschool… not NCAA

      • Dave

        What's your point?

        • Craigery

          NCAA rules don't apply to high school football. That's the point.

    • Ryan

      This high school football.

    • PA2AK


  • savagecabbage

    god american football sucks

    • Dave

      Why is that? Not enough diving around pretending you are injured?

      • Craigery

        Too much scoring; not enough ties.

  • Craigery

    The receiver was going to be tackled short of the goal line. His teammate ensured that is became a touchdown instead. And the receiver (I assume) will still get credit for the reception.

    • Madden

      the person that scores will get credit

      • Craigery

        Yes, that's what I said. They player who scored the touchdown will get credit for scoring the touchdown. The player who made the reception will get credit for the reception. And it shouldn't matter because it's a team sport and they're on the same team.

  • FoolOfATook

    The other defender could have went for the ball too, but chose to run around the other side to help tackle. He should have gone for the strip.

  • JayMackB

    I like the part where they played football. Football is much better than synchronized swimming

  • Craigery

    And by "synchronized swimming" you of course mean "soccer".

    • Umbra Fractus

      There sure is a lot of diving going on, yes.

  • ezwelchman

    Just so were all clear….his name was GayJay right??

  • Canucks_Rule

    didn't this exact same catch just happen in the nfl a few weeks ago? a vikings receiver?

    bc chivers/chivettes – http://twitter.com/KCCOVancity

  • Bamajess

    So glad they mentioned Prothro, thats exactly what I thought of! Roll Tide!

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