• http://www.facebook.com/julius.budlow Julius P. Budlow


    • http://www.facebook.com/kcnolan Kevin Nolan

      That's the most creative slip n slide antics I've ever seen!

    • fed

      i like how they have removed all the booze when editing

      • Roo

        It's a bunch of Mormons…. it's what they're doing instead of drinking booze.

  • temujin1234
  • gclark

    So the slide and pool are the guys toys, and the fat guys are the girls toys?

    • ShadowChiver

      One of the rare scenarios when being bigger has its perks.

  • Alex

    anyone know what tune that is being played….love it….?

    • Steve

      Scott & Brendo…. few singles on iTunes

  • Alex

    In both videos actually what are the tunes?

  • Andyyyyyyyy

    I wish it was summer again.

  • andiboi

    Tune is the same as in another supertramp vid

  • KCCO _ 916 CA

    Chive: Post two after DAR videos. 1) Potentially awesome and will save lives 2) This. I wonder which will hit the homepage before DMA…

  • Pyklet

    Who makes these? I feel the need to see more

    • greatdiggler

      no, we all just need to do more….

  • val

    people of planet earth, let this be a lesson to you, never EVER grow up!!

  • Nick

    Find the redhead at 2:21!!

  • Go Bucks

    fun fun fun fun

  • cosmos

    i feel like i wasted my summer after watching this….

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