I like girls because squishy (48 Photos)

  • tcaddy

    #41 very cute need moar plzz!!!

  • bill

    1-48 i love you all
    Breast reduction surgery should be made a felony offence!!!

  • Ryan

    #25 I approve

  • The Emperor


    Georgia Salpa, Ireland's finest. Yum.

  • Obloc

    #13 and #32 bro!!

  • NorCal420

    AMEN TO FRIDAY (and squishy biggies)

  • adam

    I love Squishy!

  • Aldofro

    # 15 Christina is saying right : MOAR!

    • Aldofro


  • CanadianPiper

    #20 You ma'm are gorgeous

  • Hampsterstand

    Holy hell is #24 the same girl as #23?!

    Full package deal super girl. If its true everyone can stop bitching about her not showing her face.

  • Mike

    This is my favorite post category, a "best of the best" if you will, and #9 is one of the best pictures I've seen on this site, good picture quality, gorgeous and curvy girl, enticing without like she's trying to hard, just natural and relaxed.

    • Ugo

      Absolutely ! Yes, and those babes are like bonus to those who work at drive through!

    • UncleRoast

      Well put!

  • Steve

    #35 WAR EAGLE!!!

  • Game Blouses


  • Yuup

    All the way off

    • Yuup

      Suck me dry

      The one you love to suck all the way off

  • chew

    all i can think about are #11 looking up at me…

  • civage

    FLBP to end the week. Too many Asians.

  • Trey

    #23 beautiful every time

  • bigcityreem

    #15 The perfect reason for watching Mad Men.

  • I Eats Bacon

    #2 #7 and of course the amazing #42, who is a goddess among mere mortals. YUM and YUM.

  • Pdog

    #23 Effortlessly perfect, Supergirl. I am completely in love with you.

  • Mad Dog

    #33 and #45 More More More PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Veto99

    This nice pic's just made my day . Their amazzzzzzing !!!!!! Lol thanx chive

  • N8tiveT3ch

    #47 That's it just a little more…wait that is it?! Must….think….HARDER…then it will happen.
    #41 Who says no one is perfect? Just look at that.

  • Cincy Guy

    #13. Look at all the squishy!!!!!!!

    #6. Love that kind of squishy!!!!!!

  • Lucky Lucy

    #42!! Alec, please, include more of us girls like this one!! Yesterday a great curvy one in the DAR and today this! I love the Chive…

    What makes me even more happy is all the positive feedback!! It just goes to show, most everyday men enjoy shape not bones!!

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