In the face of death, love is what will live on (14 Photos)


  • Dan

    Damn stick in my eye

  • KyleGamgee

    Geez, cancer. You're such a dick.

  • abaffuto

    Damn. KCCO

  • Gemjack


  • Belrick

    I'm glad they found love and cherished for the years they had together.
    RIP and i second the call, fuk cancer.

  • Digdug

    I am so terribly sorry for your loss…

    indeed… Fuck Cancer!


  • Canucks_Rule

    #14 – RIP.

  • Matt

    Fuck cancer in the ass with a big rubber dick…RIP William…KKCO

  • Neps1982

    This is true love..
    So sorry for your loss..

  • barry

    well that made me cry, glad he got to marry the girl of his dreams before cancer took him too soon,

  • Edge

    Her inner beauty is STUNNING because it reflects her love. They were both blessed to have each other.

    May God continue to bless and comfort you, Emma.


    ….TEARS ON FACE (check)…….FIND ONIONS (___)

  • Peter

    This story touched my heart. I lost a good friend to lymphoblastic lymphoma just about two years ago. But just like this fella William, they both fought the good fight and got every drop out of life while they were here. WE MUST FIGHT TO CURE THIS DISEASE

  • Nargon

    this definitely makes you feel better, coz you´re alive. why?

  • Ray Chapen

    Thank you Chive for bringing this to us. It just gives us more reason to be good people and live happy!

    KCCO & Fuck CANCER

  • Ash

    What a love story. She stuck by him no matter what. I am sorry for her loss. Thoughts go to the family and friends. So sad..

  • Brian H

    I am truly saddened for Emma and my heart goes out to her. For I too, know EXACTLY what she has and is going through. Life without your true love is very hard to cope with somedays. You wished you can hold them just once more or to gaze into their beautiful eyes or just to even hear them speak.

    • Brian H

      I met my wife in 2000 and she told me she had Multiple Sclerosis. She was such a great lady I didn't care and dated her for two years. In all the years we were together she NEVER let the MS define who she was or let it stop her in doing anything. In 2002 we got married and had a very wonderful life till 2006 when the MS starting rearing it's ugly head and started taking away some her abilities to function. By 2008 she could no longer walk and was confined to a scooter yet I still wanted to keep loving and caring for her. By 2010, she lost her ability of fine motor skills, meaning she could no longer brush her own hair or her own teeth but I still wanted to keep loving and caring for her. In April of 2012, she lost her ability to feed herself so I now was having to spoon feed her but I still wanted to keep loving and caring for her. At the end of May, she lost her ability to swallow and then she lost her battle with MS and passed away on June 3rd @ 7:30 pm. I was there holding her hand staring into her eyes and caressing her face while she smiled at me and she took her last breath and slowly closed her eyes never to open them again. I felt her hand go limp, then cold as her soul left her body.

    • Brain H

      Once in great while, true love is found. For those that still have their spouse, NEVER forget to tell them you love them for no other reason than just because. Make sure the last words spoken to your loved one before you go to work or to sleep is "I love you" for you never know if those will be the last time you get to say it. One thing I would like to suggest to all, record your spouse's voice telling you they love you so you can always hear their voice again. This is one regret I have is that I didn't do before my wife died.

  • Hank Scorpio

    Damn that's rough. RIP.

  • tjo55555

    So sad…..KCCO!!!!

  • adowaconan

    powerful love never ends! KCCO!

  • amy

    and now im crying…

  • Irish-Man

    Sad, but the title says it all. Love still won out for the entire time they had together. Cancer sucks.

  • kgb

    Fuck cancer!

  • Grant

    I'm gonna go tell everyone how much I love them… FUCK cancer…

  • Bar B.

    ok i started crying now…… sad

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