As powerful as Veteran's Day (113 Photos)

Here’s a song if you want (hit play)…it’s just a chill background song

  • Richard

    Thank you to all that are and have served, it is important to remember those that are giving and even more important to remember those that gave it all for us!

  • Bon_nie

    The news is spread far and wide
    Another comrade has sadly died
    A sunset vigil upon the sand
    As a soldier leaves this foreign land

    We stand alone, and yet as one
    In the fading light of a setting sun
    We’ve all gathered to say goodbye
    To our fallen comrade who’s set to fly

    The eulogy’s read about their life
    Sometimes with words from pals or wife
    We all know when the CO’s done
    What kind of soldier they’d become

    The padre then calls us all to pray
    The bugler has Last Post to play
    The cannon roars and belches flame
    We will recall, with pride, their name

    A minute’s silence stood in place
    As tears roll down the hardest face
    Deafening silence fills the air
    With each of us in personal prayer

    Reveille sounds and the parade is done
    The hero remembered, forgotten by none
    They leave to start the journey back
    In a coffin draped in the Union Jack

    We will remember them!

    • eric

      thank you.

  • Kelli

    " Freedom is never free." Thank you could never be enough

  • a vet

    as a vet, thank you for this.

    • Rick

      no, thank you

  • Justin

    Support your troops RIP to the many ones that lost their lives.. it means more then they would ever know

  • OhioChiver

    To the men and women of our (my) Armed Forces past and present. Thank you. Your sacrifices shall be remembered by myself and my family.
    Carry on.

  • Justin

    i am an MM2 in the navy this means a lot to me thank you chive

  • RUhigh

    RIP brothers. (Viet Nam vet…1968-70)

    • zezdy

      Welcome home, Sir…

  • Ross


    The Navy Diver is not a fighting man, he is a salvage expert.
    If it is lost underwater, he finds it.
    If it's sunk, he brings it up.
    If it's in the way, he moves it.

    If he's lucky, he will die young, 200 feet beneath the waves, for that is the closest he'll ever get to being a hero.

    Hell, I don't know why anybody would want to be a Navy Diver. Now you report to this line, Cookie!

  • bam

    #77 I'm so sorry…

    • Oscar

      I was there for that ceremony, her mourning got to me…. Semper Fi

    • Sebastian

      That was one of our Corpsman, Doc Estrada. Miss you man

    • mike

      the photo alone caused a tear to fall !!

  • Nick

    Deployed Marine here, just wanted to speak for all of us and say how much we appreciate the support you all give us every day. Without the support, it would be that much more difficult to make it home. Semper Fi!

  • Bruce


    • Guest

      Asshole troll. Find another planet; you're not welcome here.

      • Steven

        Guest, did you by any chance serve?

    • Sick350Z

      I did. Have some respect.

    • Filbur

      dont get what's wrong with boobs… those are some epic boobs

  • Kato

    Both of my grandfathers fought in the Pacific theatre and I have an uncle who served in the Gulf war. It's nice to know they didn't serve for nothing.

    On a side note: I just wish my fellow Canadian comrades and our British counterpart get posted every now and then. It'd be good for morale.

    Lest we forget…

    • Scott

      Thanks, I'm in the Canadian Navy.

      #36 Is a Canadian Sub, but yes more would be appreciated.

  • B Dub

    If only all homecomings could be this beautiful. #79, #113
    Thank you for your service….

    • Steven

      #113 should be a poster for "No moar WOAR"

  • scwhite99

    I want to thank all of our brave Men and Women who put themselves in harm's way who serve and protect us so that we can enjoy our freedom and live without fear.

    Thank you for your service.


    Dear Chive,
    Your Veterans Day installment: you did it right.

  • Drnt79

    To my Cousin, the Marine, my best friend, the Army Vet and my Grandfather, the WW2 and Korean Navy Vet, my deepest respects for the work you do, have done and great admiration for those you've known and served with who've paid the ultimate sacrifice for the Country and our Freedoms we hold dear, my deep thanks.

    To all of Our first responders, thank you as well, your daily commitment does not go unnoticed.

  • lost in time

    #33 don't teach them how to die. there's too many of us now. great post

  • Alex

    Thank you to all veterans

  • Dave67

    Thank you Chivers for the support.

  • Timbo

    Great post. Thank you to all our vets.

    #28 is interesting… none of them seem to have the standard-issue M14 or M16/AR-15 for Vietnam. In fact they look like FALs. Special Forces? I'm curious

    • Just Plain Jason


      • HobbesLeviathan

        Speaking of which…November 11th is Remembrance Day for the Commonwealth nations.

    • Stray

      SLRs…probably Aussies

  • Guest

    Never enough thanks or support to the men and women in uniform who serve this country, nor is one day enough to show them our respect and gratitude. God bless you all.

    • Steven

      Fuck god's blessing. What has he done for us?

  • its_BACON

    To those of you who have ,are and will serve this country. Thank you!

    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

    "No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair" Patton

    Damn those onions!

  • Neps1982

    <div class="idc-message" id="idc-comment-msg-div-487217378"><a class="idc-close" title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(487217378)"><span>Close Message</span> Comment posted. <p class="idc-nomargin"><a class="idc-share-facebook" target="_new" href="; style="text-decoration: none;"><span class="idc-share-inner"><span>Share on Facebook</span></span> or <a href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(487217378)">Close Message This brings tears to my eyes..
    My admiration is great for these people. Those who fight as well as those who are left behind..

  • A G

    Sure is dusty in here.
    Thank you all for your service.

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