Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (20 HQ Photos)

  • Remy

    Oh redheads ❤ #9

    • Paula_


      Dayummmmm!!!!! Well done Bob!

      – the one you love to hate

    • ian

      I hear that!

    • Matthew

      this girl is gorgeous and beautiful and natural

      • the credible hulk

        and painted


    #11,#19,#20 Alrighty then…

    • AjB

      #6 I will do anything to be with you, I have money and I have location please contact me.

  • Acidvolta

    #5 Love this shot, gets me every time.

  • Harry Dunn

    #11 And then God created wind

    • @SoCalChiver

      and all was right in the world

  • Maddyfaye

    #6 I want one!

    • Kato

      An arm sleeve tattoo?

      • Madeline Mercer

        Her please!! 🙂

    • busterbrown

      Shes is so beautiful. wow

    • BigtotheD

      Anyone know who she is?

      • Donkey Punch

        Diana Melison.

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    #20 Make me feel good, calm.

    • Morgan

      That just looks uncomfortable !

  • A.J.

    Not sure if it's the smile or the legs, but damn.

    • benadocious

      Sir, i cannot upvote you more than once.

      • zach

        I gave home one more for ya

        • Zach

          *him. Stupid predictive text

  • orion

    i think #6 but i see the last one so #20 🙂

  • Hrdwood

    #11 Can I push you on that?

  • Kodos

    HQ, thank you!!

  • jerky

    #3 Is my faaaaaavorite

  • craigmarchphotography

    I've got to start submitting some pics here…

    • Nick Parsons

      Yes, we could use more than just 20 pics for this post!

      • craigmarchphotography

        submitted 20 of my own today…will see if any get posted

  • poiuty

    Cute as hell. Good job Chive

    • toms

      100% agreed. moar please

    • M.D.

      She is adorable. I could stare at this all day.. or the rest of my life.

  • gameoverjc

    Ok so #15, #17, and #19 are definitely off limits due to my allergies.

    But I am going to start an expedition team to find #3 if anyone wants to come with.

  • oqsig99

    #20 I'd mind her gap

  • _The_Stig_

    I never find girls when I'm wandering around in the middle of nowhere. All I ever find is loneliness……and poison ivy. So much poison ivy.

    • Captain Slow

      I thought those racing suits would be poison ivy proof

    • Bcbigbuds

      Ha ha ha ha…….oh wait that wasn't funny

  • passwordistaco

    #6 Love those teeth

    • Wrench

      Well I'll be damned! She does have teeth!

  • TheYesMan25

    I would go on TONS of walks if there would be gorgeous women just chillin in the middle of no where like this

  • Paul

    My favorite gallery every week. Thanks chive and chivettes!

  • Olly Murs

    #1 Every woman looks a that in those hats. Everyone. In no way attractive. Loki like they're looking for windows to lick.

    • benadocious

      Loki had nothing to do with this picture.

    • Jawbone

      I'm surprised you stopped licking windows long enough type type that out. It's like you hate syntax and grammar.

    • oooorah

      loki is my cat oooorah usmc birthday motha

  • Bishop

    #9 Moar Moar Moar! Who for the love of all that is good on the planet, is that woman!?

  • waltgator

    #13 hot

  • Sandy

    I know #1, she is gorgeous and I know we all need moar!

  • Dusty

    Is #17 that toothless girl from "Breaking Amish"?

  • Kato

    #9 …and apparently I know nothing.

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