• The dude abides

    Good lord, she's so damn cute, and heer reactions are hilarious 😀

  • k.c.

    "i think i need glasses." LOL

  • GREeddy

    Im gonna get some of those nitrous oxide!


    Julie's wisdom teeth, just became the new "ALIENS" Meme.

  • Revlis1

    That's rad. Brought back memories of picking up my own wife after wisdom tooth removal… Just hilarious.

  • Jesssssss

    I got you a milkshake….I didn't get you a milkshake.

  • Blake

    After my procedure, when I woke, I started messing with the people, acting all dramatic. "What'd you do to me!?" They all tried to calm me down…truth is I was pretty much lucid…guess that big ol' bag of mushrooms prepared me for something 😉

  • Jeren

    Is it wrong to be replacing that gauze with tampons????!?!???!!!

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  • tommyt

    Propofol for sure!

  • RichoVonBlack

    Chive, find her and give her a free shirt,she made my day.

  • Ryan

    i think i might love julie…

  • Biff

    Is that really how you spell "PHASE"??? Honestly!

  • Tony Marshall

    I agree with the previous comment. She was indeed hilarious. Well, I have to commend her for she had the courage to go to the dental clinic. I could not do that. I am afraid of the dentists.

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