• neelsvanpk

    -"Oh a milkshake for me?"

    -"You already drank it.."

    -"It was really good."

    -"Thats good cause I didn't really get you one."

  • asdasd

    I am so glad my brother did not have the forethought to bring a camera with him when he took me to get my wisdom teeth taken out! I feel like I would have done equally ridiculous things, though he won't tell me what I did when I was under. Jerk.

  • MonkeyMadness

    My favorite part:
    I got a shake.
    For me? *very grateful look*
    Yes, you drank it already.
    Oh. It was really good.

    I lol'd!

  • Handski


  • bcanddc

    Super cute girl! Perhaps now she will do some shots to share with all us Chivers!

  • Tim

    Can we get a follow up video of Julie and a few pics. Julie is really hot. MOAR

  • John Williams

    It was probably Versed, or what doctors call "Milk of Amnesia." Affects short-term memory – notice the conversation loop? The same thoughts and questions keep occurring to her repeatedly, without memory of the previous answers. Better living through chemistry. 😉

    • Hotsauce101

      Agreed. Having had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy recently and being given that stuff, this was very (from what I've been told at least) familiar.

      Wonderful, wonderful stuff. All I remember was feellliinnnnn gooooooood. Really didn't totally wear off until the next day.

  • 3crazydogs

    She not high on gas, that is the madaz or versed ,the happy juice, giiven through the IV. I deal with this 3 to 8 times a day 5 days a week.


    Reminds me of the time my smokn hot wife had her wisdom teeth pulled.. So funny watching them trying to process what happened!

  • Nevenem

    her face at 4:16 is something for internet

  • Pete


  • VivaLaV48

    This is by far, one of THE funniest videos I've ever seen. Julie needs an award of some sort! Her face at the 4:55 mark, KILLED me. KCCO, Julie!

  • VivaLaV48

    Hey Chive, I'm thinking Julie t-shirts are in order.

  • Biff

    That's not how you spell "FAZE"! (Phase).
    That's not very professional of this dentist. He could be sued for shooting this.

    • Thoridin58

      More than likely it was Cameron shooting this. Probably started the recording and set the phone/camera off to the side.

      • Kylie

        It was Cameron. He also posted this online, but with Julie's permission… her whole family has a great sense of humor about themselves. 🙂

    • Thoridin58

      Looking at the video again you can see that the camera is moving so he is probably holding it.

      • AnyoneForCoffee


        Jeez, we have some detective school drop-outs here!

  • Kanko

    What the hell are you guys using as anesthesia??? I never got this wasted pulling teeth… well, not jet anyways heheheeeeee…… insert description below!

  • Lance Uppercut

    I kept watching because I thought it was gonna segue into softcore porn, but it never did. Bad form.

  • ALEC


    • Kylie

      Speaking as someone who's known her for years, I can promise you it's not.

  • Kato

    This is why you should get your memories tattooed to your body before getting your wisdom tooth pulled out.

  • CanucksRule

    haha, jamba juice.

  • 99mike

    Cameron…I think I need glasses.

  • whambam

    Wow. This couldn't be more fake.

    • Kylie

      It really isn't. I know she's hilarious, but that's her natural personality. (Plus whatever they gave her to knock her out)

  • Ron Miller

    The word is "faze."

  • cannonball967

    What's the big deal? Most women I know are this clueless when perfectly sober.

  • Kylie

    Way to go, Julie! 🙂 Now everyone gets to enjoy how adorable you are.

  • Scott

    Fake. She's a Dental Hygienist. Take note she's wearing her scrubs.

    • Layla

      Even dental hygienists need dental work! And often get it done where they work because its free! Duh!

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