On the Internet, everyone knows you’re a horse (45 Photos)

  • Mark

    Why the long face?
    You silly ninny!

  • Nicnac


    • Nicnac

      If it wasn't a big deal, they wouldn't have corrected it. Just saying.

      • IrishInNJ

        I'm with you man.

  • tyler


  • BandA

    Perfect placement in the series of Mrs.Parker. Just far enough in that you are surprised by it. My wife and I laughed so hard we couldn't breathe!

    • what

      I thought this was about house masks and then a real horse #22 I guess for comparison

    • the credible hulk

      should have included Tori Spelling as well.

  • Tom Brady

    #23 made my life

    • Tom Brady

      … supposed to be #22

  • greg

    #22 haha, where it all started

    • Kodos

      wonder what they did with her face mole… probably drawing a check somewhere

    • Farmer John

      Great rack and still do-able, I say.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jeremy.mathes1 Jeremy Mathes

        have to pull that mask off her to see what she looks like

    • Hotsauce101

      I wish they'd make these Horse Masks a little more realistic though. This one just looks so pathetically fake.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jeremy.mathes1 Jeremy Mathes

      hope she breaks her leg

    • Trigger

      I hear she really likes apples and carrots.

  • Derp

    I like to pretend all these pictures are of the same horse man and his buddies.

  • mike


    • Kodos

      yep, on purpose… argument invalidated

    • Surf's Up

      We ALL forgot John Kerry.

      • OzarksChiver


  • ChiTownChiver

    #22 my eyes

    • http://twitter.com/BoboFett3 @BoboFett3


  • Hrdwood

    #5 So many confusing emotions right now…

    • ColoForDAYS

      Dominant horse has a great rack.

    • KayMan

      still would

    • http://www.camaro5.com/forums/showthread.php?t=133607 _The_Stig_

      Let's just say Rule #34 has been getting a work out these past few weeks.

    • p_rock

      Neigh means neigh!

  • Hrdwood

    #10 The breeding of that thing must have been a nightmare and a bitch…

    • Kodos

      doesn't matter…

    • Leeks

      But a mare and a bitch are both female…

      • BTK

        Ever hear of scissoring?

  • cristian

    #22 lost my shit

    • Justsayoyvey

      would that be horse shit?

  • Wittry

    Sure, the masks are funny, but I just can't understand why they all have the mouth open. . .

    • thatguy

      because it's hillarious, that's why

    • OhioChiver

      And those "surprise buttsex" eyes. Freaks me out man. :S

    • ZachBob

      Because that's where you see from. The masks are awesome and all, but a pain in the ass to see out of.

  • kpandorastar

    10 and 41 might be the best things I have ever seen.

    • BTK

      You mean #10 and #41?

  • MXM

    I like the upcoming interest for anime on theChive, so where is #39 from?

    • gdgh

      Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

      • David

        Great. Does it have a name in English?

        • jane doe

          I Have Few Friends

  • rlevitz

    #22 just killed me

    • OG Long Nut

      yeah i just burst out laughing

  • prostreet68

    #5 weirdest boner ever

    • OzarksChiver

      Yes, an OatBone…

    • derp

      does it have a horse head?

  • freddy boy

    #22 Hey, I thought these were supposed to be masks.

  • bones

    #5 you're doing it right

    • secretariat

      Ummmmmm….I'll be right back.

  • http://www.camaro5.com/forums/showthread.php?t=133607 _The_Stig_

    #22 – Do you think you guys could post a pic of when she was a pony?

    • smart titties

      You mean philly.

    • Hrdwood

      pony + philly = phony… scary how accurate that is…

  • drunkoreinstein

    How on earth did you people not see the Sarah Jessica Parker photo coming? Have you not been on the internet in ages?

  • Name

    #4 What Drake Law School class doesn't have in ranking, we make up for in horse masks

  • DunnTastic

    #22 makes it very difficult to masturbate to these photos…

    • MonkeyMadness

      Make all the jokes you want, I'd still hit it.

  • Derp

    #3 you mean

  • Lboogie13

    #5 I have the weirdest boner right now

    • polka kielbaska


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