Bond girls then and now (37 Photos)

Post via Buzzfeed

Post via Buzzfeed

  • Cash

    I would tell all the ladies at the bottom to take a good, long look at all the ladies at the top. Cause that's where they are all headin'…

  • tim

    #32-obviously amazing
    #11-Jane is ageless, I would have certainly bedded her back in the day and still would
    #23-would have torn the jaws off of it back in the day
    #26-nice then, nice now

  • Rafael

    Was I the only one thinking how the all the old bond girls probably had a full bush back then, and that the current bond girls probably don't?

  • @scolaighe

    Those who have let themselves age naturally have fared best overall to these aging eyes. A tip for the younger ones to keep in mind. Grace Jones is a succubus, of course, and doesn't count.

  • Ed_word`

    She is clearly the best Bond girl ever. Absolutely stunning

  • cman

    am i the only one that noticed that #5 is called,pussy galore?

  • guest

    So, either they stay somewhat attractive, or they look like extras from Twilight movies… interesting

  • MuffCabbage

    Can't tell which, but one of these girls is also Midge from That 70's Show.

  • TheHeezil

    Moral of the story: Marry 10 years younger.

  • northerner

    Aging SUCKS. It is a merciless thief to all of us. Some, as pictured here, have managed it better than others. It still SUCKS.

  • Eye bleach please

    Well, that escalated slowly.

  • drea72

    .its like you give a guy a boner, oh but wait, take it away.

  • tazered.ra

    Apologies but just what was the point of this post?

    If Chivers don't see that the earlier the film, the older they are now; the later the film…well work it out for yourselves….

    For me this is pointless—and definitely not worthy of this site.

    Cue the automatic thumbs-down

  • Mike

    Time is a bitch.

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