Daily Morning Awesomeness (40 Photos)

  • scoopit

    #31 ying and yolk

    • saucypants

      I'm totally gonna be that guy right now. The term is yin and yang, not ying and yang. It's a common mistake that bothers me more than any sane person would allow. So you meant yin and yolk. It's still a funny comment and I gladly give +1.

      • Dylan

        Thank you!

        (now I don't have to be that guy)

  • EMT Phenom

    Where is that skany STD ridden used up troll of a wench Paula?

    • freakazoid

      Hey, watch who you call "used up".

  • IamAwesome

    Dog farts are the worst

    • Stinky Dog

      agreed. I make myself gag sometimes.

  • IceColdBuddha


    Like A Boss

    • asdasd


    • fagmallion

      He wants to make sure she has diarrhea so he doesn't have to fuck her. Homo.

  • Bink

    #23 NEED.

  • Brian


  • matt



  • BamaChivette

    #19 is awesome!

    • Good Times

      used to do that shit all the time in Elementary

    • Kato

      I can't even do a gainer. Fml.

    • Myke

      Looks like Shaycarl and princesstard from youtube

  • Jean K. Jean

    #22 If I saw a woman wearing these I would propose on the spot. Cuz I'm creepy like that.

  • ZBuddha


    …. the kids nowadays are like: "Twitter Me Twitter Me"… retweet retweet….

    love Drunk Uncle.

    • Jean K. Jean

      Can I vote with a groupon? IMMIGRANTS

    • George Zip

      Is this WiFi organic?

  • B Dub

    #1 F this. I'm outa here.
    #34 Just awesome!

  • BBam

    have a good Monday chivers.

  • Otto

    Ummmm? Excuse me, but I was here first

  • sledneck600


    • G_Had

      Sad thing is he probably can't even do himself…

    • George Zip

      Last panel should have the T Rex biting the other one's head off.

  • Lisa

    #32…to those who have chosen that life…thank you…not just today, but every day. Thank you.

    • military chiver.

      hey, thanks for your taxes.

      • KeepinCalm

        a simple "you're welcome" would suffice.

    • TvTed

      Centry Link field in Seattle?

      • AJ O


  • levi

    Still waiting to hear from the chive about my kcco shirt. It says i ordered it, the money came out of my account but i have yet to get a email confirmation.

    • fucked


  • IamAwesome

    Kind of a lame DMA. FLBP better make up for it

    • 6655321

      Yeah, people giving you shit for free need to do a better job.

      • IamAwesome

        So we are in agreement?

  • Tee

    this site lost its appeal

    • joe shabadoo

      what? you don't like browsing pictures of people wearing/using the site's merchandise!?!?

    • VoiceOfReason

      Then why are you on it lol?

  • http://twitter.com/TheRealWHub @TheRealWHub

    #11 I don't know about these, the country is too polarized as it is….


    • Richard

      If they displayed the red states and blue states they could double as 3-D glasses.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Is no one else worried about Michigan sticking into their eye?

    • wearwithhorsemask

      the comments, I'm proud of all of you 😀

  • Ryan


  • fucked

    Looks like guy from #7 took a picture in #18

  • kmotamed

    #13… hahah i luv "Drunk Uncle"!

  • Clevelandrocks

    #27 GO BROWNS

    • Buck

      Yeah. Go Browns, but we haven't had much to cheer about in the last 25 years. We're just in the middle of our quarter century rebuilding phase. :/

      • adam

        Leave it up to us Clevelanders to still tailgate even on a bye week.

    • erik

      FUCK YES! Real fans here in Cleveland.

  • TreeMeister21

    #29 meanwhile in Germany

  • D-Rock

    #34 Freaking creepy.

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