I believe the caption below is self-explanatory (34 Photos)

  • Tikitiki42


    • yup

      i give you thumbs up for posing it as a question. shows humility.

      • fed up

        i give you a thumbs down for giving that douche canoe a thumbs up

  • boulderevolution

    #20 MOAR!

  • firefighter 21

    Please MOAR gotta have her

  • CarlosAVFC91


    • DoubleNickelJP

      Self-deport yourself

  • D_Mouse

    Cute and fresh breath!

    • ABCdario

      yuo're wellcome

    • gundamz2001

      Chrissie Chau, a Hong Kong actress

    • D_Mouse

      Why do I feel disappointed when I pick out one of the "pros"?

      But thank you for letting me know who she is. If I ever get to Hong Kong, I'll have to try to look her up.

  • whyme1973

    #6 #15 #26 Find them and dedicate several hump day posts to their amazing asses.

    • MrMe

      #6 Stephanie Pietz

  • reggie1610

    #15: If you are going to flaunt it you had better be prepared to use it.

    • tyler

      that would be mine. Wonder which douche took the time to add this to ur site.

      • Jack Burton

        Probably your mom, fuckface!

        • tyler

          good one. Keep on wackin it. Jackoff 😉

  • firefighter 21

    Please MOAR #7 gotta have

    • Frits

      If I knew she would be there If my house burned down to help….my house would burn everyday!!!

    • Brando

      FTW!!!! well there all pretty awesome!!!

  • @lackofabetter

    #13 Stunner!

    • Greg

      Ever seen that Tim Burton movie "Corpse Bride"? This is how I imagine she looked like before she was a corpse. Sexy as hell.

  • Rod Carew

    Because you can't, you won't and you don't stop

    • Yup.

      Ad Rock, come and rock the sure shot.

  • imdowngetme

    I want all of these ladies my room….now!!…pretty please..

    • imdowngetme


  • Lozz


  • tv_paul

    #9 She's making me have a strange feeling in my Penske Pole.

    • twoexes

      Penske? You mean Pesky right? Not even Red Sox "fans" know their team history. Lose that awful hat and then we'll ask for MOAR.

      • tv_paul

        You're right it's Johnny Pesky, not Penske. I'm actually a Yankee's fan but this girls picture must have made my brain shut down for a minute. I apologize for the error.

        • Duh

          Y'all are bitching about the name of the player in a joke. What about the name of the girl, numb-nuts?

          • twoexes

            I'm a Yankee fan too. And while this girl is smoking hot, the hat is a no go. Old habits die hard. Vegetarian/Vegan(especially)/Red Sox fan = next please. No matter how hot.

            • tv_paul

              The head that wears a Yankee caps says you're right, the head that doesn't never wears a hat says you're wrong.

              • twoexes

                tv_paul…I can appreciate that reasoning.

                • Kevrhutch

                  We should put our Sox Yankee prides to the side and look at the job in hand,, we must find her!!

                  • matt

                    you should also both cheer for less douchey teams

                  • tv_paul

                    I like how you put it "the job in hand"

      • Johny hammer sticks

        she's wearing a hat?

    • lemmiwinks

      found her, she was in my spank bank.

      • jeff

        Proves you Yankee fans are truely idiots!

    • Hunter

      Red Sox fan here, this girl is straight perfection. Lets not forget the throwback Patriots shirt. I'd wife this girl so hard

  • DEL

    #10 EAT MORE OF THAT , u need it…

    • Stevie C

      Alexa Chung. British tv presenter.

  • https://www.facebook.com/john.homer.92 John Homer

    Is #10 not Alexa Chung?

    • Joe_Mate

      Yeah i reckon

      • Gbax

        You are correct

  • reggie1610

    #6: You make my pipe leak!

    • ps86

      too much

  • Kevin

    Holy perky boob jobs Batman

  • SOhioChiver

    #19 …I Love Hooters

    • Ryan

      Her name is Sara and she works at Hooters.. I'm good at this. 😉

    • JSJ

      Nametag says Sara

    • Anthony

      She used to work at the Seattle Hooters on Lake Union before it closed down.

    • Joseph Blowseph

      that's Sara!!

  • Thud

    #6 Stephanie Pietz #28 Ester Jiron #33 Petra Karlsson #18 Shan Shan Maity

    • HatBomb

      You sir, do good work.

    • Sean

      #33 Swedish model, also 15 yrs old. Yikes!

      • Truth Hurts

        Legal if you both emigrate to, uh, Africa.

      • Rubberbandman

        Those aren't the legs of a 15 yr old, damn!

  • Phil

    #10 I get it, you are sexy…. Is that an east coast frank pepes pizza?

    • Bad Wolf

      Pepe's doesn't use wax paper like that.

    • sweets

      NO, not sexy, probably bulemic…..look at her arms and collarbone area, she's just gonna throw that all up in a little while

  • alexnyc04

    melanie iglesias no? #31

    • bobbyd

      nope not melanie

    • Hero status

      Swing and a miss

    • CanucksRule

      dude, she's japanese.

  • Yoselahonda

    #19 Her name is Sara and she works at Hooters. Duh!

    • Nick

      Seems simple enough

  • bobbyd

    #5 is Brittney Palmer

    • Taco_Depot

      there always tends to be an influx of "find hers" of girls we've already identified. if not given an entire gallery for!

      • Neat Taco

        I suppose this game would be easier if we looked at their faces, though not nearly as fun.

    • chad

      Plus if you go to EGOTASTIC. you will find that exact photos shoot that pic came from


    #9 #15 PLEASE MOAR

  • Carl

    #12 Kansas State fan… not TCU. Kellyinvegas on Twitter

    • Junwoi

      carl is correct

    • pete

      Correct. Graduated from K-State a few years back. Someone at TCU has some wishful thinking putting that tag on the picture.

    • andrew2172

      KSU is better anyways. I know. I go there

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