Hot Right Now: April from UNCW just accepted a full ride to Chive U (25 Photos)

I believe the caption below is self-explanatory (34 Photos)

  • Big Buck

    #15 Can't see the front, but I cannot stop looking at this photo. Please, keep them coming!!! Let's see the whole package.

  • Bryan Vickers

    #19 go to hooters tard. you've won.

  • Mike re

    We still haven't found #15? Got damnit

  • Guest

    #32 is Samantha Saint (porn Star)

  • tyfo

    #32 Preeetttty sure is Pornstar Nicole Aniston

    • sweets


  • Tec

    #19 Her name is Sara. She works at Hooters.

  • Greg

    Its Pesky pole…obviously not from Boston

  • Kevin

    #16 Needs to be found now.

  • Dbo

    #32 find her and moar now!!

  • Niall



  • Rubber Toe

    #29 caused my ship to be wrecked…

  • maoam

    #31 is probably a guy :/

  • das

    who is #18 ? find her!

  • Andy_C6

    #32 COTW

  • anotherchiver

    #34 great end again

    • Mac

      Daphne Groenveld

      • anotherchiver


  • Pete
  • big b

    #15 Dat Ass woah!!! hey ladies… just a note… we all need you to have um just like dis

  • Rick

    #10 is just gorgeous.


    #1 ha i feel bad for the girl to the right no one wants to find her.

    • Truth Hurts

      "Don't worry, dollface. Wait until they are drunk."

  • Mikk P.

    #17 #25 Hellz yeah!!!! They must be found! At all costs…

  • Ryan

    How about #27…

  • Mark

    #21 is Francesca frigo

  • MUpde

    #23 Holy moly!!! FIND THEM ALL!!!
    I've never had a 4-some…

  • Andrew Woodwoth

    #28, I think, is Gaynette Edwards, a model from Bermuda. First two pictures on this site are her:

  • Slyhog

    From a RI Chiver, pleeease find #9

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