• jessika

    people are pretty awesome


    My hero

  • she got skills

    That is straight fucking talent!! Good for you. I bet she gets really creative during sex.

    • http://twitter.com/AwkwardBeans @AwkwardBeans

      why say that, dickhead?

      • Reason

        Why is he a dick? Because she has no arms.. She doesn't dig sex? Everyone digs sex.

      • she got skills

        Nothing i said was derogatory. Watch her other videos you narrow minded troll, she improvises on everything she does. She even shows how she gets dressed! I think it would be crazy to have a girl undress me with just her feet and some other stuff. Stay away from the comments you tool.

  • B Dub

    Just…..wow. Amazing young lady.

  • kvalberg

    She's gotta be the best at parties. Have someone set up a joke with the girl and play a trick. Long story short, the punchline is "OH MY GAWD! WHERE'D MY ARMS GO!"

  • Pumba16b

    dont care how creative she is nor feel bad about the handicap she has the roads are dangerous enough without a driver with no arms. sure she is better than some with paying extra attention and inability to use the phone while driving.

    • my head hurts

      right, but im sorry she should not be on the road there is now way in hell that she could reach fast enough, or how about she hits a bump in the road and loses here footing.

    • Ash

      If I got creamed by someone then found out they were driving with their feet, I'd be extra über pissed.

  • Bob

    Never heard of Jessica Cox? The only armless pilot: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7387967n

  • Jeremy

    I wanna see the video of how she got that steering wheel cover on!

  • Idk

    She likes to cook too. Saw her on tosh.o

  • emmylou

    she's incredible, I love the Tisha Unarmed channel on youtube lol.

  • Yooper

    one cool chick!

  • Guest

    I don't understand how she could be given a driving license. You can't steer a car and use the accelerator and break without arms in a safe and timely way.

    • Juice

      I guarantee she can drive a lot better than some idiots on the road.

      • Guest

        I'm sure she can, but they still had to pass a test. She could not safely do many things in a car.

    • Michele

      I'm sure her car is modified to prevent any issues there could be with the accelerator, steering, and brake. There's a lot of handicap cars out there for people without arms or without legs.

  • CanucksRule

    grabbing the pop was nifty.

  • Juice

    I'm sure she passed the same test as everyone else. Who are you to judge her ability to drive safely? She was born without arms and has been using her feet to manipulate objects her entire life. A lot of handicapped people drive without legs either. Are you saying handicapped people shouldn't be allowed to drive period?

  • emu90

    i want to see her eat the burger!

  • John Doe

    How does she wipe her ass after using the washroom?

  • Zach

    Bad fucking ass

  • Jmc73

    I'd really be impressed if McDonalds actually got her order right. "They f@$k you in the drive-thru!"

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