I don’t even know what’s right anymore (34 Photos)

  • temujin1234

    #1 lol<img src="http://rd.revolvermaps.com/h/m/a/0/fff600/128/0/3nhw3w9wekq.png&quot; alt="." border="0" width="1">

  • Sheep.Terd

    #15 looks almost exactly like Predator

    • http://twitter.com/ErinSheepterd @ErinSheepterd

      To accept candy from a woman like this is to accept death by roofies

  • liljb61

    Is he wrestling himself?

    • chris043

      I think so, the crazy thing is it looks like he is losing.

  • D_Mouse


    Is "Export Quality" Koala higher or lower quality than Koala intended for domestic consumption. I only want the best Koala my money can buy.

  • Jillian 34DD

    #13 has a point.

  • AnyoneForCoffee


    Buy one for £2.99.

    Buy two for £4.

    What am I missing?

    • brandon

      Innocent kids juices

      • Simon

        "Innocent" is a brand of smoothies in the UK. I don't know about anywhere else.

  • CanucksRule

    #13 – lenny bruce, an original king of comedy.

    #20 – best worded flyer EVER.

  • Chris Brown

    #15 still would…

    • Miller0700

      Good luck toy ya…

  • emmylou

    #2 fuckin' yes!!! BORIS!!! I'm no Tory, but Boris FTW. Mayor of London. awesome hair. rides a bike.
    #9 I don't get why this is funny?

  • John

    If I could do that I would never get out if bed

  • crazydog

    #11 to be perfectly fair, nasa turned a lander into a lawndart the first time they tried to land a mark rover because they misunderstood which units were used in calculations…

  • kmotamed

    #19, #20 and #21… what an amazingly awkward 3 photos in a row! haha

  • Melkhiordarkblade

    #33 I had to stop and laugh for 2 whole minutes, and the pepsi I was drinking is now all over the side of my armchair.

    Totally worth it.

  • Andy

    #17 SOON……..

  • skoalbucs

    #6 I laughed out loud

  • Damien Loki

    #21 FEAR NOT. Canned Koala is just a plush toy stuffed in a can.
    #32…Still would

    • Damien Loki


      I MEAN #31


      Fuck that's embarrassing….

  • Brett Hall

    #15….I want to do just so I can hold on to all those handles!

  • Avy

    #20 Well this is at my school….

  • PHARIS88

    #15 That's the kind of girl that brags about rollin' since '92!!! haha

  • AJ O

    For the love of God…. #8

  • amensky

    Next step for Apple? Building The Enterprise and creating prototypes in zero gravity for future space explorers.

  • Miller0700

    #17 Anybody else realize that this was shopped?

  • A G

    #15 Plug it in, I want to see how it works!

  • http://twitter.com/SoCalChiver @SoCalChiver

    #34 still incredibly hot

  • socalmarti

    #28 Reminds me of the freaky "sex dolls" from that movie The Cell.

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