Ladies shedding the lbs. everywhere (31 Photos)

  • Spring

    Nice! Congrats to these gals 🙂

    • biggles

      and all it takes in one kid and BAM….she goes back to the snorklax.

      Trust me, seen it 1000 times.

      It's better to have the before pictures. So when you wake up to the behemoth one day. You were obviously warned, by picture, what they will turn back into. So you have no excuse.

      • Jen

        i got hotter AFTER i had my kid.

      • Dave

        Personally, I would like to say all of you ladies are beautiful and I congratulate you all on your hard work and tremendous accomplishments!!

        Look 'biggles'… Just because you're a 400+lb woolly mammoth-looking creep sitting behind some computer screen oogling over beautiful and hard-working women that are obviously way out of your league doesn't mean that you have to come on here and attempt to totally discredit all of the dedication, time, effort, sweat and tears these girls have put into making this world a more beautiful place.

        I personally know several people that have bettered themselves each and every day of their lives, no matter what their circumstances, having kids or not having kids. They make a daily devotion to improving their lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

        If you can't appreciate and support them in their efforts, why don't you just shut up and get the hell off this awesome website that is dedicated to building up and supporting people in the face of adversity. Oh, and don't trip over the registered sex offender warning sign that is undoubtedly in your front yard as you hang your head in shame and stumble out your front door. Consider that your own special little warning. Have a good day.

  • Jawbone

    #4 Turned herself into a RealDoll.

    • Decepticons


    • Hunting

      Those pants are out of control!

  • Andy Valentine

    p90x, amirite?

    • Jack Wagon

      I would have loved to have porked a lot of these ladies before loosing the weight. Don't want to be getting with the muscle heads tho, not enough curves. Great job tho ladies!

    • Kato

      Nah man. P90x bulks you up. More like Rushfit or one of those Beachbody trainer DVDs.

      • Anotherwes

        P90X is made by Beachbody….it only bulks you up if you lift a lot doing it, same as with regular lifting, you do high reps/light weights and you won't bulk up unless you're just genetically inclined to bulking up.

        • nope

          P90X will NEVER bulk you up period!

  • ???

    I love P90X!!

  • 365brides

    On my own weightloss journey and this is so inspiring! Well done ladies! 🙂

  • kmotamed

    #1, #10 and #31… they looked good before too!

    • lat297

      You and I must be twins, I was about to say exactly the same thing about the same ones!!!!

      • fritz

        yep, its like you two jerked off together.

        • Woop

          Perhaps someone should jerk off on you. Dont be a douchebag.

    • Frenchiver

      I +1 this comment. Rib cage is a turn down

      • Justme

        Yes sir. Looked way better before the weight lost. IMO

    • SheriffPablo

      Yeah, It kills me when a nice curvy girl turns into a skeletal freak. Yay sexy curves, boo disgusting ribcages

    • Erik

      Ditto, in fact they looked better, certainly healthier, to post before pictures like these as a need to lose weight just promotes anorexia.

    • Adam

      Even #11 …..I see no problem here. She's a little thick but she puts it together. I think she looks good in the before and after. Who's all the men out there convincing women they need to be this thin? It's a little sad.

      • Sully

        Uh, that would be me. I actively go out and convince women that they should be more like supermodels.

    • CoolGuy

      I agree, especially the last one. She looked better before.

    • Greg

      Certainly #1 actually looked better.

      • ribzRule

        ¡¡¡WRONG!!! She looked good, before, but she's smoking hot after.

    • rajj

      chubby chasers

    • Dimm

      I like a fat girl with low self esteem, they will usually let you piitb

      • Jack Meoff

        So funny but so true

    • chiver

      All if you guys are liars. If you saw their after pictures inanother album would would be screaming moar. Ive seen skinnier girls praised on here every single day.

      • Sully

        Absolutely true. Nobody is on this site looking at posts of moderately obese women.

      • chiver

        Oops….you would. Typing from my phone.

    • MegIntheMitten

      I was thinking the same thing about all three of them. They may be a little to skinny for now. Certainly they don't look obese.

    • black27696

      I think all three looked better before

    • Iloveboobs

      I agree with you. It seems others who have replied failed to read your message. You did say they looked good before "too". ie. they looked good before AND they look good now. I don't read your comment as saying you wouldn't like to see more pics of them now. I'd welcome more pics of them before OR after.

    • ChiveMaster

      Exactly the ones I wrote down to say the exact same thing. They didn't need to lose anything!

  • Lisa

    #20. Oye. Honey. You look great. Healthy. Very nice work. 🙂 Hi ho, hi ho it's off to the gym I go. 🙂

    • Schnizz56

      She takes the cake for me too. Although now I guess it's fat & sugar free cake.

    • Shaboom

      I'm calling DIBS!

    • Ashlee Hendry

      lol thanks 🙂


        wow..thats all I can say…one of the most impressive before and after photos ive ever seen..good for you!

  • John Robert

    #22 #24 #26 #29
    I simply cannot believe how "shaggable" (and I mean that with all the respect possible) that the "after" pictures are. Chive, you have done it again. Ladies – congratulations, you are beautiful.
    Easily 90% or more of the "after" pictures are very very hot ladies. Nice.

  • SAChiverSteven

    With some of these girls you can see that the fat has been replaced with ego

    • 0331

      Personally, I can not tel fro a picture if it is ego or confidence.

    • DDD

      "when you look good you feel good, when you feel good you play good…." Deion Sanders

    • Alex

      I see it as confidence. I've been working out myself and my self-confidence has hit a huge boost because of it. These women have that self confidence as you can tell by the after photos. Congratulations to every girl that took the time to lose the weight.

    • SGT_Fati

      Rather than belittleing these women due to your obvious jealousy, stop sitting on your ass, grab a dumbbell and you too can have improved confidence.

    • oh yeah

      sucks too, i always like hot girls with low self esteem cause they are easier to get in bed.

      • Miller0700

        You're pathetic…

      • Anonymous

        There is no chance this guy is getting any "hot" girls into bed anyways…

  • _Bryan_

    Good job ladies, keep up the good work.

  • Squirrel

    #31 sorry, Showing Ribs means you went too far. Take Kate Upton's advice and eat a burger!

    • Jeff

      She looks like she knows how to use a whip…damn look at those eyes

    • commander cool

      its the way shes standing thats pulling the skin taught over her ribs. learn some biology.

      • Truth Hurts

        Don't reason with fools

  • rickacha

    #5 looked a lot healthier before….now…well….

    • Jr456

      I disagree, her face is stunning in the after pics

      • Woop

        I dont think she lost the weight by working out. No definition in her arms – starvation dieting is not the way.

    • Worthless

      I dated a bulimic, she was a size 2 when we went out. She looked great but her breath was nasty. She was also crazy as they come so the sechs was awesome. But i saw the before pics and scrammed. crazy and hot is one thing, crazy and fat is another.
      She got married to some poor sap and stopped puking, she's about a size 20 now. I bet her breath is better, but you can't fix crazy. That was the only girl who could drink me under the table. Ah memories

      • really?

        cool story bro……..

        • Worthless

          Thanks buddy

      • commander cool

        'th fuck is sechs?

    • samj

      I understand what you're getting at, often girls take it too far with dieting and it should be done right with proper exercise and nutrition not starving yourself. However in what universe is 180 pounds and probably 40% BF considered healthy? I am not for girls starving themselves to get a better body but being at 180 pounds will lead to all sorts of health problems down the road

  • iaDF!

    Way to go ladies!

  • p1ll

    #1 looked better as a real woman before her Tara Reid transformation

    • Rick

      Went from hott to needing a sandwich!

    • debbie

      So by losing weight she's now imaginary? She's still a real woman, & I think she looks awesome!

  • Slobbs

    All of these ladies are smoking hot, you all did fantastic work and are an inspiration to us all, keep up the good work!

  • passwordistaco

    #24 She even lost her ugly

    • Chester

      That was completely unnecessary.

      • passwordistaco

        Oh bite me, isn't the whole point "look at me now!". She just really, really benefited from losing some weight in the face. You going to tell me that left side ain't ugly?

        • Jen

          im pretty sure the point is that they wanted be healthier and feel better about themselves. people that work out and eat healthy arent doing it for everyone else. the "look at me now" is just another perk to it.

          • Boo

            I'm not so sure about that. For some people, at leats, I think the best motivater is the attention they imagine they will get when they are done. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Whatever gets you going is a good thing.

            • Jen

              Boo, do you work out? and if so, why do you do it? I eat healthy and work out at least 5 times a week because it feels awesome. im pretty sure i would not work my ass off just for attention.

    • fgh


    • Huh?

      5 months, yeah right.

  • beard

    Losing weight should be about getting healthy. Being too skinny and not eating enough is not being healthy. Im not a fan of a woman that cant survive a couple days in the cold.

    • Lukeatmacok

      Hey, you like chunky women, good for you…. There are plenty of them in overweight 'merica….

    • Teddy Roxspin

      Don't be ignorant… Just because someone loses weight, doesn't mean they starve themselves. It's called "eating clean". So while you're stuffing your face with that double double with extra cheese, they're eating clean and shedding lbs. And not to mention they're probably eating 5-6 times a day. Just sayin..

  • Guy

    You should all be proud of your achievements. Everyone of you looks great.

  • What_Tha

    #4 Wow

  • paul

    most of them have lost to much

  • Amber

    #24 I don't believe it's the same person.

    • Imperator

      There is no way….

      • DrGarnicus

        There is a way. Based on the "before" photo, she does not have much fat on her. The legs and arms are about average, if anything, her midsection is just flabby. Eating right and constant exercise and rest will do the trick. She's toned up and padded her body with more muscle.

    • Oblivious

      I was going to post the same thing. That one and #29 just don't seem possible to be the same person.

    • techno_viking

      Neither is #26.

    • kay

      she has the same nose and jaw line

  • «Boomer~Sooner»

    Hard work!

  • absure2

    Great Job ladies!

  • Guse

    How did #8 turn Asian?

    • Swaff

      i was thinking the exact same thing!

    • Kato

      You know what they say. Once you go asian, you never go back.

    • Truth Hurts

      By going on a commercial for supplements?

  • JoKe Edge

    We need so much more/MOAR of #27 you look …. amazing

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