Ladies shedding the lbs. everywhere (31 Photos)

  • Phara

    #23 is stunning

  • Sean

    Photoshop, lipo, lap-band, and surgeries do wonderful things huh?

    • CanadianChivette

      Or hardwork, determination, and not listening to negative, hateful dipahits like you.

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    #26 Impressive.

  • goldengekko1

    #27 has turned into having a really nice figure well done you girl you have done well so congrats for the weight loss you look amazing 😀

  • EggSauceTed

    The transformation of women who would sleep with me into women who won't. FTW

  • @Ride_Naked

    Congratulations to all the women for their hard work and dedication!

  • Will.I.Am

    Great job to all the ladies!

  • Kenny Markham

    Well done ladies. You all look amazing.

  • MAT

    Well done chivettes! I'm with you on this, 63lbs gone in 2012 for me. 10 more to go.

  • Alex

    #12 Pregnant | Sucking it in | Anorexia


    all of you ladies are impressive and inspirational!!!!!!

    congrats on the weight loss.

  • Guest

    These women were downright gorgeous in their before pictures. Their efforts are to be lauded and admired, though.

  • Tyler P

    #30 youre doing it right

  • ThePatriot

    #1 #10 and #31 there was nothing wrong with the before

  • JLeo

    See what can happen when you stop eating like shit and start taking care of yourself?

  • Adrian Garcia

    That's motivation right there.

  • ColoForDAYS

    #12 was prroooooobably pregnant

  • Michael

    Nice Job Ladies!

  • Homecheese

    #31 does porn fo sureee

  • Jerry

    This should serve as a reminder, if you are dating a hot skinny girl beware of what she could revert back too.

  • Hanx

    Just in time for winter. Next year we'll just start over again.

  • Tinkietlalouette

    Great Job !! Anyone no what workout they follow ? P90X, Asylum or others ?

  • Fernando Maldonado

    wow. the difference 30 pounds makes on women is crazy. I have lost 50 and the results are nowhere near as dramatic.

  • John

    Loosing weight is one of the hardest things to do. I commend all of you.

    Please do all you can to keep it off to live a LONG & SEXY life.

    Again I'm totally in awl of all if you!

    • geekguy12

      Awl? Is that a lead in to a dirty innuendo?

  • Kodos

    I would have nailed a lot of these 'befores'… please don't overdo it, ladies. Skinny <not>= healthy

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