Some of the better Tweets I’ve ever read (30 Photos)

  • @EcksJay22

    This is cool. WHO'S THE FAILURE NOW, DAD?!?!

    • ericarosie


  • That Drunk Guy




    The Chive ripped this exact post from EbaumsWorld, which I have noticed them do several times now. Theres no property on the internet but you should at least acknowledge someone else put this gallery together. Weak sauce Chive.

    • @EcksJay22

      Don't feel bad for EbaumsWorld, they ripped it too. It's the Nov 2 list over on mandatory

  • Rob Fee

    Wow hilarious list! I'll keep doing them on so you can come in and use my screencaps to make your lists. Great work! Do you want me to send next week's list directly to you or are you just gonna wait til later to rip them off? Let me know! Thanks!

    • Cory

      Haha I just called them out for this. They're getting very unoriginal. Shoulda realized it when they started paying girls to take pics with their clothing…

    • ericarosie

      HAHAHAHAHAHA oh my goodness that's just rich. the chive stole from you, that's just. oh my god hahaha

  • Drew

    # 18…The trick is to take a spoon, flip it upside down and slide it into the opening and then slide across in both directions. SPREAD THE WORD, THIS NEEDS TO BE KNOWN!!!!

  • Sadie

    #22 is really offensive and not funny at all. "A girl is afraid for her safety cause some guy won't take no for an answer! Let's blame her for it and call her a slut!! lololol"

    Not cool, chive. You're better than this.

  • Cory

    Wow Chive… Way to STEAL these from Rob Fee's weekly top 20 inappropriate tweets on mandatory… Seriously minus huge karma.

  • CanucksRule

    #6 – lol!!

  • Leor

    Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah? I think she meant Leonard Cohen's.

    • DrkWngDk

      No … she means Jeff Buckley's.

  • @scorpiontx77

    maybe i'm showing my age & dats cuz i have a pretty twisted sense of humor, but not once did i laugh at these.

  • شات عراقنا


  • Paweł Smołka

    YOU laugh?
    Fuck You! That is mean.
    My brother Marcin died like this. Rest In Peace Marcin.

  • Yuppp

    would someone mind explaining #11 ?

  • DrkWngDk

    #20 true story

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