• Chris

    meanwhile in Australia the guy at 2:07 would have got a $180 fine for having his feet on the seat

    • knotmee

      Well at least Australia has a Christian president who actually supports what he says.

      • dixydu

        That's a joke right? Australia has a female prime-minister, and she's an atheist…

    • Mac

      It's called alchohol guys… I'm sure you've all got it in the US and Australia too

  • Rocky

    I don't know how to respond to this amazingness.

  • misschris

    Admit it, you had a hard time not singing along too 😉

  • Jack o' lantern

    *wish I WERE Canadian

  • thom

    Nah, still don't.

  • deartragedy

    This is the scariest thing I've seen all day.

  • IAmCanadian

    I'm not saying this happens everyday, but at least twice a year you will experience this on some form of public transportation up here.

  • guest

    Because we're not afraid of each other.

  • Long Duc Dong

    Ah yes but we have 10 very large boats that carry magic flying machines……….

  • emm

    Personally I think this is just a large church group on a road trip.

  • Jerk

    It's probably because there's so many marshmellows. Add some blacks, hispanics and asians and see if this still happens.

    • tu madre

      i'm hispanic and i live in canada……..

      your comment is no true.

      is education…. that's it… education.

  • http://twitter.com/Niki_Stacey Niki

    This has happened on the C-Train more than once while I was on it in Calgary, Alberta. Usually around stampede, Christmas or after a flames game.

  • Boo Hippies!

    God damn hippies!

  • Eric

    I had this happen on a bus here in ontario that was jammed to the walls. We were all pretty hammered but it was hilarious.

    • cheezebits

      It's me, Dave, from Ontario!
      That was awesome. I was sooo drunk.

  • Derek

    I have started these events on the skytrain and buses in Vancouver. I also managed to start a game of hot potato with a basketball on the skytrain.

  • https://www.facebook.com/deborahreid5 Deborah Harrison Reid

    This is why I LOVE Canada! I ment my husband of 18 years while random singing down a busy road! The way of song opens many a heart 🙂

  • http://www.tusclan.com Joeboo

    If you tried to sing the national anthem on a train in america, someone would likely sue your for offending their ears. Rock on wit your bad selves my Canadian chivers

  • sarah

    The Go Train in Toronto!!!!! You should see it after 1. a hockey game 2. a Blue Jays Game 3. the Bills play NFL football at the Skydome ❤

  • Nick

    Canada sucks…

  • Chivette

    I am Canadian…I lol'ed a lot, But is definitely some kind of Group haha

  • http://twitter.com/Trollfric @Trollfric

    Why aren't their heads flapping? So confusing to me.

  • TVO

    Three coins in a fountain…..no? Flintstones, meet the flintstones….. Reminds me of Planes, trains and autos

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