The real wild west is nothing like Will Smith led on (30 Photos)

  • mariss

    I made biscuits! 😀

    • fucked


    • blouez

      who gives a flying fuck?!

  • kmotamed

    #20… that car only has 4 HP! =P

    • D_Mouse

      And it can still outrun a Prius.

    • Macro

      1 horsepower does not actually equal one horse, oddly enough.

  • neelsvanpk

    Waterfall pics of #10 and #22 are the most beautiful. The shutter speed was slow in the golden days, giving the effect that many photographers long for these days.

    • Spudly921

      Shoshone Falls on the Snake River

    • ColaChiver


    • Wisti

      Photographers aren't aware that the shutter speed can be adjusted on any real camera? Or do you count anyone holding a $50 camera as a "photographer"? :/ I give myself medicine occasionally, does that mean I'm a doctor?

      • Starbuck employee

        We got a badass photography major over here.

        Proof is the fact they are at home on the Chive, rather than, you know, having a job.

  • TheNumber13

    Interesting how big some of those native american camps are. I've never seen them portrayed as anywhere near that size.
    Great gallery.

    • justkeepnitreal

      when did we start referring to "indians" as "native americans". Why does everything have to be so damned pc.

  • Rick

    I liked this very much, but a failing common to nearly all of The Chive's photo galleries of places is a lack of captioning.

    • Gallus

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • paws

      Agreed! I can right-click on any of the photos (well, at least historical shots like these) and Google them, but that seriously cuts down on my Look at Boobies time.

  • irons

    Gold and Silver mining camps, very cool.

    • testudo321

      One wonders how many of them are still a functioning cities and how many of them simply were left abandoned after gold and silver ran out.

      • OhioChiver

        I highly recommend a trip to Cripple Creek Colorado and you'll find out. Mining is still operational and touristy but its an awesome place.

  • «Boomer~Sooner»


  • ~JD~

    Its Red Dead Redemption! 😛

  • Charlie1

    A much simpler time, im almost glad they had no idea just how messed up we'd end up making life and America.

  • dd0

    They all look like Instagram pictures, if you ask me!

  • Wheels On Dave

    no blacks.

    • San


      • KeepinCalm

        not quite but good try. those folks are native americans

        • fsy

          look again: second guy from the left.

  • 29er

    Sometimes when I am driving I try to picture what the area would look like back in this era. I think it's amazing what people had to do with a big wagon and no roads.

  • j Tunstall


  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #25 All your lands are belonging to us now.

  • JP1983

    #1 the same location they used in the movie Broken Arrow? Right after the nuke detonated in the mine?

  • RobboJohn

    Pretty interesting. Edward Curtis probably should get his own gallery here someday.

    Thanks for posting Chive. These were good photographs regardless of the lack of color, boobies, and cats. Some people think Photography began in the last twenty years somehow.

  • blahface

    Wait! They had instagram back then?!

  • kunal

    where are the mechanical spiders???

  • GI Joe

    #6 is Deadwood I believe

  • Trez

    #13 … Wait – they had full sized Lionel trains? How fun!

  • KayMan

    just imagine…no internet. awesome photos though

  • San

    #7 token black guy. lol

  • Jace

    #4 looks like the pinnacles on the north end of Pyramid Lake north of Reno, NV. Those formations are on dry land, now.

    • Mike

      It is! Also #17 is on the Truckee River.

    • pyramidnative

      that's actually the pyramid on the east side of the lake.

  • mopar_man

    Very cool pictures. I wish this gallery was in HQ though to see some more details in the pictures.

  • fagmallion

    How did the survive without Welfare, Food Stamps, Disability and Gay Marriage?

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