The real wild west is nothing like Will Smith led on (30 Photos)

  • tittsburgh feelers

    Would love to see pics of how these places look now. I love looking at old pictures, especially of my hometown. Mostlybecause I can go visit the same places in the photos. Let's me realize how fucked up and over populated things have become. Great post.

  • Davey

    The cool thing is that much of this is still around – you just need to grab some maps and get off the highway. Deadwood was awesome BC (before casinos), but we used to grab the Forest Service map and head up into the Black Hills to visit abandoned mines and ghost towns.

    South Pass City, Wyoming is a mining town that is fully preserved. The state has restored the old Carissa mine for visitors too, although there's still about a $billion in gold that may still be be there and is now off-limits. Again, you have to get off the pavement to visit. I have lots of recent photos of the area.

  • CanucksRule

    #30 – it's deadwood.

  • Macro

    Back when the world sucked a whole lot less. It didn't take very long to fuck it all up.

  • Wookie

    #2 is Green River, Wyoming.

    Those two rocks are just north of town, and the hill in the background is Mansface. The current town surrounds it and comes nearly to where the two rocks in the foreground are.

    Glad I escaped that hellhole…

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