theCHIVE is hiring an iOS and Android Mobile Developer

mobile developer job graphic theCHIVE is hiring an iOS and Android Mobile Developer

theCHIVE is always striving to make your mobile experience better and better and we are stepping up our game and hiring two in-house developers for iOS and Android. We have been outsourcing development of our apps since day one and we have heard your requests for bug fixes and new additions loud and clear and we’re hitting the accelerator.   If interested and qualified for either of the mobile developer positions, please click HERE to learn more.

– If your iOS app is force closing upon opening after the latest revision 1.5, you may have to uninstall and re-install it. We know this is a bitch and not the best workaround, but it will work and it’s a necessary evil. The old version was storing too much information locally on your device and this will essentially “clear your cache” and this is the first and last time you’ll ever have to do this. Click HERE to download v1.5

– A new Android version is coming out by the end of the month

– Animated GIFs! I swear on Mac’s virginity

– The ability to upload photos directly from your phone

– Cross platform sign-on and commenting

– Captions and text will be present on the apps

– The ability to locate and connect with Chivers in the real world (this is why we ask for your location and you’ll be able to turn this feature ON/OFF)

Your suggestions are always welcome and thanks again for your patience. KCCO!

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  • Will Berry

    An official WP7.8/8 app would be awesome!

  • Nick

    I want to see a paid version with no 'efin' dancing ads at the bottom.

  • joli013

    Tons of experience programming in different languages however not specifically for iOS nor Android apps, plus, sadly I do not live in or around Venice Beach 😦

    However.. this seems like a decent place to ask about something that I see as a shortcoming in the current (at least iOS) app:

    – Somehow I am unable to see a lot of comments that are posted. I haven't figured out why this is but my guestimate is that I am missing about 60% of all comments when viewing on an iPad or iPhone. Might be due to not logged into a profile on those devices but that's due to not being being able to do so because there's this…
    – Huge limitation when using the iOS app, being that you can only sign in / comment when using a Facebook account. Seeing as I don't have one and feel it's silly to make one, just to be able to comment on the iPad/iPhone.

    While you are hiring and improving maybe these are two issues that could be dealt with (if the latter is not addressed with "Cross platform sign-on and commenting")? 🙂
    No matter what, I am looking forward to an update and the changes you mentioned.

    Sorry for possibly posting this in possibly inappropriate location, thanks for the "preview" and above everything.. KCCO! 🙂

  • JS1

    Make the app like the mobile site.

  • Justsayoyvey

    make it open source, I mean how many chivers/chivettes are programmers who could help fix bug, add new features, or other stuff.

  • James

    'bout time cause both apps suuuuuuuuuck

  • Brandon_plays_drums

    Tapiture App?!?!?!

  • theG_Man


  • burls

    You should have them make a PS3/XBox360 app too.

  • Ryan Mayeda

    Hey man I think I can help find me, shoot me an email

    • Ryan Mayeda

      KCCO with Mad Apps

  • hmeillon

    I am the only one looking forward for a Windows Phone app?

  • Keegan

    a couple of other ideas that might be good…

    -have the photos transition-able by using the volume rocker ( the 9gag app does something like this)

    -touch on either the left or right side of the photo to transition photos instead of swiping, like the Facebook/ 9gag does it

    besides those gripes its a decent app, keep up the good work

  • Bob

    If you're going to update it, make the images a higher resolution instead of significantly downsized resolutions. I can't read the quotes on a lot of the pictures because the resolution is just too low.

  • Michelle

    Please please PLEASE release theChive Pro app. I'd pay for no ads. KCCO!

  • DeadGearHead

    Out of curiosity, is the Nokia Windows Phone theChive app legit?

  • Branden Dawson

    Ok, idk if I missed it or not… but this looks like something entirely different from the "Chive Pro" app that I purchased last year… Is that app scrapped now and were using this? If so, cool & WTF!!! LOL!!!

    • Kurt

      Are you the Michigan State Branden Dawson? That would be awesome.

  • BBrox

    BB10 APP!!! Please and thank you!!!

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