This Thursday, theCHIVE comes to Austin!

rattle lead This Thursday, theCHIVE comes to Austin!

Tomorrow at noon CST, tickets for the much-anticipated official Austin Meetup will be available. For those of you were were there for our impromptu 4th of July meetup, you already know how much fun this is going to be. This time, I’m bringing the whole Chive crew with me. We’ll fill you in on all the details tomorrow.

We are also looking for an after-party venue. Please email us at thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com if you’re interested in hosting that event. Please only email us if you work at the potential venue. Reason being, you’ve never seen a bartender so frightened to see hundreds of Chivers steamroll a bar at midnight with no heads-up. It’s kind of hilarious.

The Rattle Inn
610 Nueces St.
Austin, TX 78701
Thursday Nov. 15th 7-10pm

  • CanucksRule

    chive, u gotta come to canada. specifically vancouver.

    • SJSharks

      That would be cool Vancouver is dope.

      • CanucksRule

        i've had a buncha great times in san jose too bud.

  • Bree

    Austin chivette who goes to school in frickin South Carolina. My life is dammed.

    • J.R.Palmer



    Dammit!!!!! I missed the Chive when they came to San Diego now I'm starting a job in Austin… on the 26th.

  • Caro

    are the tickets for sale on this site?

  • Crash

    Damnit, I wish they had scheduled this for Fri night. I get there Fri for the race. Anyone know of fun places to a get a drink in Austin?

    • oo0o00ooo0o

      White Horse!

      • SmokeyTheBear

        This is an awesome surprise. I had planned on just visiting my brother but now that Chivers will be filling the city I'll be sure to sport my KCCO..

      • Crash_N_Burn

        White Horse it is; I was told 6th street was the place to be for night life.

        • oo0o00ooo0o

          I guess it just depends on what you're into. My friends and I think that 6th gets kind of crowded sometimes, but that craziness is fun sometimes too. I mean, who hates watching drunk college girls hump a mechanical bull? You can walk to the White Horse from 6th too.

    • OnOneWheel24

      You should check out Will Buxton's party. It's Friday night at Fado Irish Pub. I'll be there in one of my chive shirts. I'll buy you a beer

      • Crash_N_Burn

        I will check it out. I was planning on hanging out in the 6th street area anyway. Maybe I can even talk to Will. It is surreal to be going to a F1 event. Seeing a race in person is like a check in the box for things to do in a lifetime.

        • OnOneWheel24

          No doubt. It's my first GP and it just so happens to land on my bday. Happy birthday to me. Can't wait to hear the cars in person

      • oo0o00ooo0o

        Will you buy me a beer?

        • OnOneWheel24

          If you find me, I'll buy you two

    • SJSharks

      Where are you sitting at? I'm stoked for the race as well. Wont be drinking too much but haven't met any chivers so I'll buy a round for who ever I meet.

      • Crash_N_Burn

        Turn 15, section 7, row 20. Blew my mind that you pay more to sit higher. Makes sense I guess; see more of the track. What about you?

  • oo0o00ooo0o


  • kate

    come to chicago!

  • Ronak

    Hell yeah! Gonna be there for formula 1! This just makes it even better!

  • Shauna Lee

    Can't wait boys! its gonna be a wild night! Keep Calm, Chive on, HORNS UP!!

  • eric

    I soooooo wanted to go to the f1 race and now I'm even more disappointed that I won't be there. My corporate headquarters is in Austin, and they didn't even send us an invite.

  • Tracie

    Can't wait!!! Called in sick (cough cough) and drove all night from San Antonio for the bourbon street meet up- Austin is a whole lot closer 😉 Now the hard part…. Which chive shirt to wear????

  • ChuckBuck

    NOooooooo! I'm leaving for a business trip to NC in the morning!

  • bobby

    how much do you think the tickets are?

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  • Kade

    Where can I go to buy tickets??

  • setsonthebeach

    Fellas, do a tour in Toronto, Canada. PLEASE?!
    xo A Loyal Chivette

  • Fred

    Where on the site do I buy my tix? Loyal Austin Chivers!!!

  • Armando

    How so you score tickets?

  • Austin Harrison

    Where can I buy tickets?

  • Eric Chandler

    …and its after 12 and have no clue how to buy tickets that have been on sale for 8 minutes. awesome.

    • Eric Chandler


  • Ross Dyer

    Will be traveling down from DFW area… I have to be back for a 2:30 Tee time on Friday! WORTH IT!

  • Erika

    How I wish I lived there come to Atlanta soon John 🙂

  • SJSharks

    Formula1 and Chive it's going to be a good weekend. Arrive in Austin tomorrow night =)

  • Dana McConnell

    Hey ,we would LOVE to hold the after party for this at either one of our locations !
    Stompin Grounds Lounge at 3801 S.Congress
    Stompin Grounds Bar & Grill at 9112 Anderson Mill
    Road (away from F1 madness)
    Please email me if interested,we would do drink specials to suit yall need!

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