To say this couple is “unique” would fall monumentally short (7 Photos)

  • So...Uh...

    yeah….I got nothing…

    • the important?

      Who can bench more?

      • Kato

        Bro… do you even lift?

        • dirtysteve


    • Nasty

      I just threw up all over my computer. Thanks chive.

      • Josh


    • Mike Hunt

      If they never make a sex tape it will top 2 girls 1 cup

      • tee

        help….pronoun…. confusion

    • bob

      kill them with.

    • sandy astroglide

      All that surgery, and they couldn't fix the ear?

    • GeoQuin4

      Most thumbs up of any comment ever posted on this site, Hahahahaha.

    • whiskaleafa

      I looked at this gallery and the first thing I thought was.. "sooo, uhhh" and then i saw your name.. thankyou for being psychic!

    • Kevin

      they coulda just switched souls and kept their normal bodies

  • ChiTownChiver

    The fuck

    • What?

      The question is: how do they fuck?

      • DeDav

        Sex change gives you all the new shtuff down 'der,

        • Yummy.

          One gets their dick flipped inside out (thanks southpark) the other ???? Strap-on???

    • Bob25

      The fuck indeed. Nobody should get changed that early. WTF.

    • Bdick

      I just slightly puked in my mouth

    • NorCal420

      my brain has alt control deleted itself

    • Lynn

      Why is this on the chive?


    I don't know that I would call this normal, but sure whatever.

    • Dan

      Hey bro or Bro-ette,

      I think life would suck if you felt like everything you saw in the mirror was a false claim to who you truly believed yourself to be. For two people to be happy with who they are, and to find and care for eachother, is nothing short of amazing.

      • blah

        Nothing was said to the contrary. What was said "I don't know that I would call this normal" which it is not

        • Adam

          dat adam's apple, amirite?

          • Joe


      • JackBurton

        I'm a 5'6" white dude, if I saw a 6'6" black man in the mirror should I paint my face black and stand on some stilts? wouldn't change the fact that i'm still a short white dude. You can change the outside all you want but it wont change whats bothering you on the inside.

        • Mrs JackBurton

          You sir fail at analogies. You wouldn't have to paint your face or stand on stilts because what you see in the mirror is reality.

          People with GID, gender identity disorder, perceive themselves as one gender, but are physically the other. Jack, I'm sure you feel like a man and act like a man, but if you looked like a woman, people would treat you as such and that is how you would fit into society. When you walk down the street you would have guys hitting on you, people calling you Ms Burton, etc.. When you look in the mirror, what you see would be reality. You would have breasts and a vagina instead of a penis. You feel like a man but don't look like one. Now that would bother you wouldn't it?

          You seemed to have missed the point that the outside IS what's bothering them on the inside. So changing the outside would mean all the difference.

          • J_Ace

            so if he becomes Ms Burton, who do you become? Nice name btw lol

          • mises

            Is there anything more unscientific than transgenderism? Do you really think gender is socially constructed? Isn’t your gender an objective biological fact, based on primary and secondary sexual characteristics, as well as your sex chromosomes?

            • paws

              It is a fascinating issue. If I recall correctly, the problem is basically that the sex of the body and brain are locked in a different points after fertilization. The body comes first, then shortly later the brain. The "Y" chromosome does the body, I think. At any rate, very rarely the second determination is reversed for whatever reason – maybe hormones(?) – and the resulting brain structure ends up more closely matching the other sex. Maybe someone in this field could explain it better – it seemed pretty strange when I heard it – I had always thought XX was XX and XY was YX: Female and male… period. Science marches on.

              • Dr. Wilson

                This post is the Holy Grail of "Ideas I concocted from my iPad during calculus which I think are good enough to post on the interwebs while stroking my peach fuzz". Get a science book and see if you can find ANY validity for what you just wrote…

                • mises

                  Ooooh the Dr. read a book! I guess it doesn't matter then that this is just an assertion devoid of any argument.

    • Rett

      "Normal" is entirely and unequivocally in the eye of the beholder.

      • mises

        So…. A serial killer could rape, murder, then eat your girlfriend in front of you, and just say this is entirely "normal" to me and nothing you can say or do can stop me sorry.

    • Todd Williams

      It's fake she doesn't have an Adam's apple that's the only thing you can't remove in a sex change

  • prince

    All you need is love.

    • nanners

      Nuff said 🙂

    • ummm

      And some incredibly expensive hormone treatments, as well as drastic reconstructive surgery.

    • Can I see you?

      …or something.

  • Big Joe

    What the actual fuck?

    • joejob

      Like, not the metaphorical fuck or the philosophical fuck…

  • Gin

    Love= Love

    • Dave

      No shit math magician.

    • Charter896

      Totally! Unless it entails more than 1 other partner, your siblings, or someone under the age the state deems as a "child". If you want more than 1 wife, you're a misogynist. If you want to marry your sibling, you're a "misguided redneck". If you want to abolish age of consent laws, you're a monstrous sexual predator.

  • #PalmersFault

    I'm sorry.. I am all for free to chose your sex and whatever else but this is just weird!

    • tonic

      i agree, i'm not trying to judge or condemn them but its not normal

      • JackBurton

        Exactly, you can change your wardrobe but it doesn't change whats bothering you.

        • Andrew

          What was bothering them was each of them felt they were born the wrong gender. As for what's normal…it's all a matter of personal choice.

          • Troy

            Yep, that;s what Ted Bundy said. Who are we to judge?

            • Joel

              Yes because two adults choosing something for themselves is EXACTLY the same as a psycho murdering 30 people.


              • Nick

                It said they're teenagers…

              • mises

                They don't need to be exactly the same. The point is that a relativistic morality will allow the Ted Bundys to justify any behavior they claim as normal. If you can't grasp this or see it then you should think again before calling someone an idiot.

      • ChiveAddict

        you may not be trying to judge but you are doing great job at it.

      • Joel

        "I'm not trying to judge or condemn them"

        "but its not normal"

        I feel like you don't know what all these words mean.

    • Markus

      "I am all for free to chose your sex and whatever else" BUT…"i'm not really, because this is weird"…

      You forgot the "not really," because you totally contradicted the first part by placing a conditional but there…

      Anyway, carry on.

    • paws

      I don't see any reason for the apology: You wrote "weird" not "perverted" or "sick", etc..

      "Weird" just means "not normal". Not normal does not mean bad. Left handedness is not normal, if one assumes that 90% of the population is right handed.

      • ehren

        If you used the word "normative" it would indicate that your intent was state the fact that this was not a statistically prevalent relationship. Using normal, weird, etc are indications that you judge the behavior aberrant and or socially unacceptable. Either your know the meanings and your trying to veil your distaste or you don't and you actually just made a grammatical error. The first means your a judgmental git, the second just innocently mistaken.

    • DrGonzo

      You aren't "all for it" if when you see it you feel compelled to point out that it is weird and abnormal.


    Talk about counter production at its finest. Well good for them.

    • ps86

      on multiple levels

  • bma

    Mind officially blown…

    • Bob25

      So I'm guessing the guywomanman would be the one to get pregnant? If the womanguychick saved some of "its" sperm before the choppy choppy….

      • Kcco

        Hey ass-face these are human's not "its"

  • Itsaatrapp

    Whahhhttt? To each their own.

    • Canada

      Bob you have issues. Why do you post all this tranny shit .. Something your not telling us

  • @W4ffleman

    poof love knows no bounds, anyone who dislikes this just is narrow minded

    • Screamingdeal

      I love lamp

    • jaw

      yes anyone who disagrees with you must be the narrow minded one. It is very open minded of you to rule out any other thoughts that disagree with your own. Thank you for showing us how we all aught to think. By the way, I am being sarcastic.

      • spellmuch?


        • jaw

          thanks, i always get that wrong.

      • TheRealTroth

        Finally someone who puts the "open minded" self righteous steriotypes in their place.

        • Dexter

          I Love this! You guys are so awesome, thanks for standing up for the little guy! It's about time people started fighting back against these politically correct asses that are repressing our religious freedom to tell people they can't get married in a civic state because we religious people had it FIRST!!!

          It totally isn't the complete opposite way! It's not like we haven't had power over the entire history of man up until the last 30 years or so. We have never ever said that because someone doesn't agree with us that they are sinners and will burn in the fires of hell… That would be ridiculous and make us complete hypocrites now for saying we're being persecuted by being asked to respect others beliefs that do not harm us, yet not have our beliefs that hinder others not be respected.

          That's how you do sarcasm mate. Reload and try again

          • kbutt

            FN brilliant Dexter

          • Becca

            I don't think anyone brought up religion. I think the point made is that telling a stranger they're narrow-minded because they said something you disagree with is hypocritical.

      • David Gorski

        Well stated. lol

      • trick

        Hey jaw plz eat a dick better yet eat the girl who was a guy and the guy who was a girl all you SOB CAN EAT A DICK so quick to judge but yet hide behind guest scared to show your face

    • IamCanHaveWordz

      i am hoping you meant "proof love" as opposed to "poof love" there, otherwise you statement is counter productive (if you are English)

    • anti-you

      I dont dislike this, i just dislike you

    • @W4ffleman

      I love when narrow minded grabasstic piles of crap prove my point! yes I meant proof guess I should pRoof read more often. so yes PROOF love knows no bounds and my statement having so clearly been proven I really don't care if you 'dislike' me! have a just peachy day all!

      • anti-peaches

        Stop telling me what to do

        • LOLZ

          Peaches…best comment ever

      • Guest


      • Can I see you?

        You are really smart.

      • Guest

        In a society where you feel that everyone should be open to other's ideas and opinions, it's somewhat hypocritical on your part to label people that have differing opiions to yours as "narrow minded". All that's been "PROOFEN" is that you are the narrow minded one.

        • Becca

          Him being a bit butt hurt doesn't help his case.

    • Can I see you?

      I love desk with lamp on it.

    • Tim

      Poof Love would make a great band name.

    • just sayin

      You're the one calling them poofs

    • Lugh

      As I mentioned in a previous post, this isn't a normal heterosexual couple. For the "guy," you have a female who still has two X chromosomes who has had a double masectomy, a hysterectomy, and facial implants and is taking male hormones. Her vagina has been effectively cut out of her and used to create a mildly functional prosthetic penis.

      The "girl" in the relationship is still a man with an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. He has had his penis amputated along with his testicles. He has had his prominent male facial features ground down by the medical equivalent of a rotary grinder and he has had silicone or saline breast implants to give him the illusion of real breasts. He has had a large, gaping hole cut in his groin with pieced together pieces of his amputated penis to form a "vagina" that the body will continue to try to heal since it sees it as an open wound, not a vagina. He takes female hormones to raise his voice and stop his facial hair from growing.

      But this is not a "normal" relationship and this is not anything we should be celebrating. Two people with a mental disease decided to butcher their bodies rather than face the reality that they are in fact male or female, respectively, and that no amount of surgery or artificial hormones are going to change that fact.

      • thenomadadventures

        you sir – while may have some medical facts correct regarding genetic standards – but you are severely deluded and I feel sorry for you….please go back to your little hole in the world….

        • Lugh

          What you have just said is what is called an ad hominem fallacy, which means that in the absence of the ability to intelligently counteract my argument, you simply dismiss me as deluded and occupying a "little hole in the world."

          With that said, it is amusing that you should use the term delusion. From where I sit, the only delusion that is being purveyed is that of this couple. Biologically, the "boy" is simply a female who has undergone a masectomy, a hysterectomy, extensive plastic surgery, and hormone treatments. The "girl" is simply a man with breast implants and a mutilated penis that has been fashioned to resemble a vagina. Those are the basic facts. Gender is not something that can simply be changed by surgery and hormones. Biologically, skeletally, and chromosomally, the "boy" is female and will remain female. The "girl" is male and remain male.

          The only delusion is thinking that mutilating ones body in order to change ones appearance does anything other than that– change appearance.

      • David Gorski

        Very well stated. and their adopted child(ren) will grow up so absolutely super normal as well…

  • Nixem

    surgery 2for1 special?

    • Ferret

      They can swap parts like mr. and ms. potato head

  • tv_paul

    Well at least they should have a better first hand perspective on how to pleasure their partner sexually.

    • Taco_Depot


    • JackBurton

      I don't think their new parts work like they should.

    • David

      well put sir

  • Davis

    Call me old fashioned, but this is just weird

    • dafuq

      Weird i call it all oyt wrong!

    • chiverX

      You're old fashioned

  • fucked

    so if that's her and she's him where did my cat go?

    • adam

      up the fuckin tree

    • jadedhero1331

      Mac stole it.



    • Bob25

      Ate it.

    • drea72

      .i cannot stop laughing. i think im dying.

  • GI Joe

    Doesn't matter, had sex….

    • just sayin

      Doesn't matter had sex . . .change

      • whiskaleafa

        Hahahah I was going to write that!

      • mirou

        well done

  • i burnt my tongue

    so who fucks who…?

    • mirou


    • Lugh

      Neither. One has a slightly functional prosthetic penis and the other has an artificial vagina which is really just a gaping wound that has to be continually dilated in order to prevent it from healing. Despite all of this, the guy is still a girl, just with a fucked up vagina, and the girl is still a guy that had his dick cut off.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Something tells me they could've saved a lot of money.

    • Salt

      By switching their car insurance?

    • FunKiller

      They still can, by switching to Geico.

    • IKnowFunny

      Now that's funny.

      • Hara

        I was withholding a joke out of sympathy (cuz people got problems, yo) but this was perfect.

        • Canada

          Made us laugh

          • Dr_StrangePants

            The ENTIRE Nation of Canada Salutes you apparently

  • bored at work


    • Mike


  • tv_paul

    In this case is it unique or eunuch? ( I'm joking as long as they're happy)

  • fagmallion


  • Toddb3

    Chive on!

  • Zer0

    Love Always finds a way ….

    • Ian

      I think you mean "Life finds a way" Dr. Malcom

  • KCCO

    Lots of mentally abnormal folks are in relationships. What's weird about these two mentally ill kids being together?

    • ShuckFits

      What makes them mentally ill? A bit off the rocking chair perhaps, but I wouldn't consider them "ill". Open your mind and free your soul.

      • paws

        What unfortunately makes them mentally ill is the medical community classifies Gender Identity Disorder as a mental illness. There's a lot of support both inside and outside the community for changing that, perhaps to a birth defect or similar, but for now KCCO is technically correct.

    • SilentWrath

      The only thing weird about this couple is that they have to deal with "mentally ill" people like you

    • Kim

      My boyfriend is a ftm transgender and he is perfectly sane. Your ignorance the only illness here.

      • KCCO

        You're a bit messed up too, Kim. Probably bi-sexual or gay but don't want to deal with the social stigma of being in a same sex relationship, hence your attraction to your "boyfriend."

        • Kim

          I'm "messed up" because I don't have the same views that you do? Oh you're right, that makes perfect sense. I forgot that for whatever reason your word is law and that there aren't things in this world that are different. Except there are things that aren't black and white in this world. And just because you see things one way doesn't mean that is the way it is. And I am completely straight, and would be just as proud to say if I were bi or gay if that was the case, however it isn't. I'm not hiding anything or giving a shit about social stigma, I'm just open minded enough to understand what being transgender is and loving him anyways. It isn't my place to judge that, nor is it yours. I won't persecute someone because they are different than I am. You, however, are a very sad individual. And I honestly feel sorry for you, and hope that one day you can get over yourself and your thick skull and see that it isn't people with different views than you that are "messed up", its your mindset.

          • OhLongJohnson

            Yeah, you showed him.

          • KCCO

            It has nothing to do with same views or different views. Animals (which humans are) have one true and collective purpose, to procreate or their species goes extinct. Its really quite simple. Take out your emotions and look at something logically. I couldn't care less about someone choosing to be in love with someone of the same sex or getting married to someone of the same sex, but don't try to justify it as a normality. Its pretty obvious that its abnormal. Things are a lot more black and white than you'd like it to be. There's no grey area in ensuring the survival of your species.

            • Kim

              So pretty much humans are here to have sex, make babies, and then die? And that's our whole purpose….. Then yeah if me being more focused on living a happy, loving life is abnormal, then I am very happy to be so. I wish you the best of luck living a life like that.

              • KCCO

                Best of luck to you too, Kim.

                • AleAndBash

                  Normality is not the same as evolutionary survival. I find it perfectly normal that my wife and I (both of who are average heterosexual people) are not ever going to have children. Does this make us suck at evolution and passing on our genetics? Yes. Does it make us abnormal? Absolutely not.

            • George

              Classic example of the naturalistic fallacy. Just because something IS does not necessarily meant that it OUGHT to be. Of course, the evolutionary explanation of sexual differences (and even social differences) is that what exists now is the result of particular traits that have survived natural selection and been passed down via sexual (or social) reproduction. But that doesn't mean that such traits have or sexual reproduction is a MORAL imperative.

              It may be abnormal insofar that it represents the outlier behavior, but that doesn't make it immoral, wrong, or even problematic. A 7'0 person is an outlier, should that person ought not to exist?

              • Tim

                "A 7'0 person is an outlier, should that person ought not to exist?"

                I'm with you George! Genocide for tall people!

            • It's Science!

              Actually, if you look at the animal kingdom there are numerous instances of same-sex relations. Here's just a few species (yes entire species!) that are known to partake in such "abnormal" behavior: The bonobo chimpanzee partakes in sexual activity with just about anyone and everyone in their community, snails are hermaphrodites, Whiptail Lizards don't even have males and females reproduce with other females, and there are even more species out there, too. So, really there's nothing weird or abnormal about it.
              PLUS, sex is great! Why does it concern you who other people are having it with?

            • Sam

              Just a stab in the dark here.. But there are a lot of humans at this point. Could this quark be a step in survival of species to deal with overpopulation? I read an article once that said the more kids a mother has, the more estrogen the later kids are exposed to in the womb, so it's more common for younger males in large family's to be gay. Another evolutionary overpopulation prevention tactic? J

              • Becca

                That's fascinating, really. I'd love to look into that further, because I feel (not a professional, just opinionated) that many and more of any society's issues would be solved if overpopulation weren't an issue.

            • Agape

              Uhm, just so we're clear, most mammals practice some sort of non-hetreosexual behaviour. Particularly our closest primate relatives. Some species procreate asexually. There are even different species that engage in necrophilia, and I'd love to hear your explanation for how that is beneficial to procreation. So, I'm sorry, but your assessment that sex for the sole purpose of continuity of a species is highly flawed if not downright ignorant.

              Knowing what you know is knowledge; knowing what you don't know is wisdom.

          • truth

            Typical liberal Obama lover. You people say that anyone who disagrees with you isn't open minded. How about this Kim, are you OK with female mutilation in Africa? How about the man boy love association? I'd guess not. Or you're enough of an advanced liberal to say that there is different truth and right and wrong in different societies. Right… get off your high horse and eat your words and realize that you're not as open minded as you think, you'll just defend your own views and call conservatives or other normal people (yes NORMAL not "normal" because there is such a thing as normality) closed minded your whole life as most mindless liberals do.

            • emmylou

              what the hell? when did politics come into this?!

            • Kim

              Where the hell did Obama come into this? I don't think people who disagree with me aren't open-minded, they have rights to their opinions too. But I don't understand how people can judge things like that when it doesn't even apply to their life. I wouldn't care if they had just said that they thought being trans was wrong, that's for them to decide. But there is a difference between disagreeing with something and then full out bashing it. If you don't understand trans people, that doesn't mean you have to call them abnormal and say that they're mentally ill. Or tell me that I'm messed up because of my views. I don't think that my opinions are always right either, that's why it's an opinion, not a fact. Disagree, agree, I don't really give a shit. But you have no right to say someone is mentally ill because what they believe is different from you.

              • KCCO

                So according to your "logic," no one can say a pedophile is mentally ill because they simply don't understand pedophiles and since its a different belief than mine, I have no right to say they're abnormal? A pedophile is not mentally ill or messed up because its their view and/or their opinion that its normal?

                • George

                  What you seem to be missing here is that you are equating abnormality with immorality. Not all things that are "abnormal" are "wrong," just as not all things that are "wrong" are "abnormal." Some abnormal things ARE wrong: child molestation, rape, and serial murder. But some abnormal things are not wrong (are amoral, or even moral): having a disabling physical disease, being a soccer fan in the US, helping a person in distress, being transsexual…

                  So, when you say that acceptance of transsexualism is equivalent to acceptance of pedophilia, well, you're making a mistake: one is an amoral sexual/gender abnormality, while the other is an immoral act that, also abnormal, takes advantage/injures another person.

                  • Becca

                    Well, stated Sir George. Been waiting for someone to differentiate between ethics and societal norms.

            • Definitely the Truth

              First off, nice job throwing Obama randomly into the conversation. Second, logic went completely out the window when you compared two grown, consenting adults who find love that is not the social norm with child rape and people being unwillingly mutilated.

            • George

              Female sexual mutilation is immoral because it suppresses the woman's natural rights. Man-boy love is immoral because it advocates adult manipulation of children–in other words, both are acts of one, more powerful group violating the natural and individual rights of another group.

              What is immoral/wrong about an individual making his or her own decisions about his or her own body? Who's rights and self-hood are being infringed upon?

              • Rusty_Dreams

                Where does morality come from? It comes from us. We decide what is moral and what is not. Just like we decide what is right and what is wrong. Some things are easy. Holding a door open for someone carrying something large is moral and the right thing to do. Torturing a child is immoral and very, very wrong. I think we can all decide on the examples above. We have judged human behavior and created morals, and right and wrong. We judge every day. Every stranger we see we judge whether the person appears to be a threat or no threat, etc. We judge people we hear about that have committed crimes. Again, crimes are what we have declared as wrong actions. People who say "don't judge" don't know what they're talking about. We all judge. We judge all the time. What we do is have a line where we stop judging. Not everyone's line is in the same place. We have our own criteria for where our judgement line lies. For many, it is their religious texts. For others, it's what their parents or peers taught them. Of course, that information is digested and people create their personal set of values as they grow up and continue to mature.

                "We" may have decided as a majority that sex change is not wrong and not immoral. It is legal and this is an example. But as a society, we have other questions. They had control over their bodies and made drastic changes. This couple is obviously not the norm. Do "we" as a society let them adopt children, for instance? If they are religious and want to serve in the clergy, would their church allow them to serve?

                This is so much more complicated than many on here seem to see. It's not just "if you judge you're wrong or bad." Society decides the long term affects of individuals actions on the society and makes judgement. It's one of the prime tasks of society. Courthouses, prisons, lawyers by the millions, it's all part of it. It's that they're more apparent.

              • Big Joe

                My dog likes to hump my leg, should he have surgery to be turned into a pair of pants?

              • Jasmin

                I feel as though we've taken the same ethics course. Good on you though for clarifying the difference between morality and normality.

    • wmasschiver

      They are far from being mentally ill. Probably a lot more sane than most people.

      Or, looking at it another way, we are *all* a bit mentally ill.

    • Jones

      Get the fuck off this website.

    • truth

      Whats with all the liberal lgbt lovers? It is abnormal and mentally ill to think you are born the wrong gender and change it. Whether you believe in creationism or evolution, homosexuality doesn't fit into either plan because either its a sin or it doesn't better the species. I don't care what lgbt do, but it is abnormal and unnatural. anyone that argues is just trying too hard.

      • burt

        Did you know that 1,500 species of animals have shown homosexual tendencies. So it is a thing that happens in nature, so its natural. Am i trying to hard?

      • George

        Evolution theory is not a moral theory. Just because evolutionary theory EXPLAINS some existing trait/characteristics present in a population as being passed on via sexual reproduction or sexual selection, doesn't mean that sexual reproduction is the MORAL imperative of all humans (and that any behavior that does advocate for sexual reproduction is therefore immoral). That's the difference between science and theories of morality, or religion. Science seeks to explain the way the world works and why it works, not how it ought to work. Secular moral theories and religious moral theories seek to describe how the world OUGHT to work in light of how things do work.

        As long as there is transsexual and homosexual behavior in a society or among some animal group, there will be transsexual and homosexual behavior. The evolutionary reason would likely be that such outlying traits are expected (and therefore natural) in a large animal population. The larger the population, the greater the variation of traits among the population. Hell, considering the frequency of homo- and bi-sexual behavior exhibited among populations of animals, it may even been associated with promoting the species as it promotes the social cohesion of the animal group. I don't know.

    • Bob25

      Well lets just hope kids are not in the future.. unless the guy can get pregnant?

      • mirou

        man you're right

    • mirou

      even if most of people here don't agree with you, I agree with you, even if you wont like my opinion there's somethong wrong with them, some time may be borns with two sex where they have to choose one, but, who born normal and live years and after decide to change…there's something wrong

    • Charles Darwin

      I might have to agree with you on the mentally ill part. It is not natures course that transsexuals can conceive a child.The strong survive and those of the proper genetic make up push their genes through to future generations. This should not occur in human nature so there must be something wrong with the way the think.

    • Derek Pegritz

      They're clearly not mentally ill if they live fully-functional everyday lives, you retard. Get ye to a DSM-IV before claiming any knowledge of mental illness.

      • KCCO

        Individuals with OCD, chronic depression, sociopaths, multiple personalities etc… are able to live fully-functional everyday lives as well. Your argument is invalid.

        • Guest

          No they don't; that's the problem. And yes, your argument is invalid. Don't pronounce profundity when you have no idea what you're talking about. Until you have studied and lived around profoundly disturbed people, you can't possibly claim them "able to live fully functional lives." Sorry, KCCO, you over-stepped your idealistic boundaries.

    • Not a Troll


    • marcussioux


    • Marcus

      I so agree
      It is a mental illness
      At least they shouldn't be able to breed

  • F3n1x187


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