YouTube comments are the battleground of trolls and idiots (24 Photos)

  • Dan

    #14 and #17 are the best ones.


    #24 Paula wrote those lyrics

  • hatguy

    #7 I know him! Awesome Drummer

    • Jonny

      I know him! He's an awesome brother too.

  • Jabs78

    #4 So? Tit and boob do the same and they're a shitload better to look at!!

  • Hardy

    #7 The most liked comment is also classic

  • dirtysteve

    'wherein' -they know 'wherein' and uses that instead of wearing?

    How do you learn that first, and then confuse it for wearing, what could that sentence have been?

  • Hrdwood

    I'd be happy to give him directions to my ex wife's house…

  • guitarplayer

    #10 Josh Martin is actually a pretty successful guitar player in a band called Little Tybee. He just has a bunch of recordings he does on his own to show some of his techniques. The band is awesome though, like a folk sound but with very technical playing

  • Dr. Evil

    Anyone remember that idiot who was trolling the comments section here who was convinced that he was the reason that Kony 2012 went viral?

  • shaka06

    #11 is sadly true… I don't want to live on this planet anymore !

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  • Anomanom

    #19 Admit it, it looks like they're wearing bandoliers of hot dogs.

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