• Karl

    It would have been funny if they had just calmly buried her with the rest.

  • Real

    This is actually not faked and my wife has the same condition.

    When people with this conditioned are triggered (often by stress) they pass out and look to be having a seizure (at least in my wife's case). It is not a true seizure but it sure scared the shit out of me until we had it diagnosed.

    For my wife it is extreme pain.

    Example: she once cut her finger really deeply while cutting an avocado. She dropped the knife collapsed to the floor and writhed around similar to this girl. The difference was my wife was bleeding, so she sprayed blood all over the kitchen. I was freaked out and rushed her to the ER (she ended up getting 6 stitches on her ring finger). The funny part of this story is that we had a friend coming over to hangout (my wife was making guacamole). In all the excitement I forgot about our guest and rushed out of the house so quickly I didn't even close the front door let alone lock it.

    So our friend Alex (girl), arrives to our house with the front door ajar and a trail of blood leading to the kitchen, where there is blood all over the floor and walls. Makes for a funny story now but I was too freaked out at the time to enjoy it.

    • Real

      I just linked this video to her. (She has been wanting to see video of how it looks when she experiences it).

  • D3AN

    hmm, gangbang style.

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