Connect the dots (36 Photos)

  • alex


  • Transit Shawn

    Sun kisses are awesome. Mmmmmmm Hmmmm

  • TommyB

    Um…YES! Thanks Chive! Love freckles! How about one w Dimples?

  • Anonymous

    #11 is the sexiest girl I've seen on this site, ever. Hands down

  • Greg aka John Stamos

    I would like to nominate these two from my Tapiture. It's a shame they didn't make the cut.

  • Dan

    All these woman were awesome but #6 was my favorite. We need to find her now!

  • Johnny

    #15 #35 <——–Find them….NOW! Please and thank you 🙂

  • andrew2172

    #11 #34 Hello beautiful…you come here often?

    Very pretty.

  • I Eats Bacon

    #15 Brunette + Freckles = Hed ESSPLOAD!!

  • Murphy

    Find each and every single one of these

  • Brett Hall


  • Yep

    #25 Beeeeeeautiful

  • jfog

    B E A dutiful!! All of them!

  • Slowlycreepingdeath

    More of All

  • bigfella402

    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous

  • clntber_fer

    #33 & #36 so fucking hot!!! MOAR!!!

  • John

    Oh … My …. Word. Such beauties! #1 #6 #9 are just adorable. I was hypnotized by #18 and #19 those EYES! Beautiful!

  • CincyGuy

    #18 WOW those eyes!

  • stan


  • bdg

    #18 FTW,but I love all!!!!! Freckles usually mean red head,and I really Love redheads!!!!

  • ShaggleROC

    If you didn't look at #7 and say "Hey there, Freckles" in Sawyer's voice, I don't want to be friends.

  • ghostofmlg

    Mom always told me that freckles were beauty marks. Looks like she was right.

  • Grayghost423

    #15 find please:)

  • Brent

    This NEEDS to be a weekly post. Also, know what I'm using to connect the dots? My wiener.

  • Kels

    This post is extremely offensive. I am shocked and appalled that the Chive perpetuates the segregation of freckled people.

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