I gotta get me a goofy girl (50 Photos)

  • Vince

    #3 pretty much dream girl!

  • Verbal_Kint

    These posts are retarded. No more goofy girls please.

    • Lizzard

      "I only want girls on theChive if they look hot, wet, and ready. I like my women without personalities, the way they should be, ready to cook and fuck and that's it."

      • Bum juice

        These girls don't have personalities. They stick their tongues out cross their eyes and look for extra attention.

  • KevinTito


    Truly, madly, deeply….awesome

  • Ohai

    #4 kissing a bottle of booze is not goofy, just really dumb and immature

    • Kaitlinn

      mad because that wine bottle gets more action than your dick ever has

  • John

    #37 Caught my attention! What a beautiful girl, in and out!

    • crystallori

      Thanks for the kind words!

      – #37

  • Ohai

    Chive, you have gone too far with these girl posts, I know it's the only thing that makes you different from all the other websites you steal all your content from but come on this is so dumb.

  • asdasd


    Scene chicks making stupid faces isn't goofy it's retarded… just get back to your T&A. And please stop with the freak of nature posts as well.

  • Tony

    #19 that hat looks like a hamburger bun! And #25 those toilet shit are weird for me

    • Tony

      For the record I really like hamburgers…

  • Cody

    My day instantly got better!

  • Bum juice

    So making a stupid face and trying to hard makes you a sought after goofy girl?

  • Lucky Lucy

    #25… I picture her singing… "sittin on a toilet… that's all just sittin on a toilet" eish <p class="comment-thumbs"><a style="display: block; width: 135px; height: 135px;" href="http://thechive.com/2012/11/13/i-gotta-get-me-a-goofy-girl-50-photos/sexy-goofy-girls-24-2/"><img style="position: absolute;" class="comment-thumb" id="img-25-incomment-489224021" width="135" height="135" src="http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/sexy-goofy-girls-24.jpg?w=135&h=135&quot; alt="Image #25" border="0">

  • Lucky Lucy

    #25 I picture her singing… "sittin on a toilet… that's all just sittin on a toilet" eish

  • http://www.facebook.com/cesar.ariassanchez.1 Cesar Arias Sanchez

    Moar #42

  • clntber_fer

    #34 NEED MOAR!

  • Karl N Reinig

    Moar of number 34.
    I think I'm in love.

  • mjp

    I'm in love. #19

  • alexis

    #25 denfense I was drunk and peeing at a party… not "shitting" geez lightin up.

    • HunterKN

      Ur still hot! Lol the toilet thing is funny.

    • Ryan

      I have no problem with this photo, some guys are just using too much imagination I'm afraid. PS, I'm in the "you're hot" camp.

    • alexis

      thanks guys!!!.

    • Notme

      Like photo. Hot Hot Hot

  • imyourhuckleberry

    #27 Nebraska

  • gbchiver

    some of these are good, but the rest should be in a herp derp post

  • TheJoeGreene

    Other than trying to make up for a general lack of attractiveness, I just don't get how any of these are Chive worthy.

  • laura

    #46 i want that shirt!!!!

  • mikeyjp

    #42 Please send in MOAR for FLBP.

  • Tyler Dirten

    Working on the Chive 5 years you can't find a wifey?

  • kote

    #28 #39 #42 FLPB = ^_^

  • gingergreek

    #30 that rabbit is like "WTF just happened I was eating carrot then this crazy lady just kidnapped me!!"

    • Ashley

      he's adorable with the WTF face but he's always bitting me! but …. gotta love him ❤

      btw –> i aint no crazy lady!


      • gingergreek

        Sorry I was just looking at it from the rabbit's perspective I didn't mean to imply in a real world context. I'm sure you're a lovely person. In fact judging by that picture I bet you're heaps of fun. And cute ta boot 😀


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