I really do miss college…. (55 Photos)

  • Dave on Wheels

    I miss my twitter! DAVE ON WHEELS

    • Dave on Wheels

      oh yeah… FIRST

    • SAChiverSteven

      You're a sick fuck

    • randy

      Using that handle is in very bad taste

    • Whisper Yang

      Hell yea! Dave on wheels is the man! He ever get out of the hospital? Need to catch up with him on the Twitter.

      • FuckPaulaPaulaSucks

        LOL I hope for your sake that you are joking or "you're gonna have a bad time"

    • jessed


  • Dave

    This category is lame, I think it should be abandoned.

    • whos.mike

      #32 HAS BACK BOOBS…. I feel like I am the only one that tried to make use of this, since my morning sucks already.

      • Duh!

        Those are her shoulder blades you moron.

    • Colin

      I'm sorry you didn't go to college.

  • rickacha

    #22 f*ck YEAH !!!!

  • Guest

    Who is that redhead/brunette in #24!?! Moar please

    • Guest

      Moar redhead!

    • mitch

      The redhead looks like a total bitch, two steps away from her friends, and has the "I'm better than you" face on. tots cunt

      • guest

        She can get it though

  • Ja!

    Decent mmhmmm!

  • Chris


    This will confuse anyone living in the east of England.

    Stop stealing our place names!!

    • saltygary

      Maybe if your ancestors weren't a bunch of unimaginative bitches they wouldn't of run away from your precious England and just started naming towns after the ones they ran from.

      • kigero

        Actually they're your ancestors so I guess you can insult them all you like

        • saltygary

          They are my wife's ancestors but not mine. My family came through Ellis Island in 1900 from Italy and Lithuania. So eff those Indian killing pilgrims.

          • kigero

            Ok then you can insult your wifes heritage while completely missing the point

            • saltygary

              How am I missing the point, these aren't America's forefathers that shaped this countries constitution. These are people that came over due to religious persecution. And because of them most towns and states in the north east that don't have a Indian based name are based off of a region or person from England. They couldn't come up with something original. God even in CT 30 miles away from each other is Fairfield and New Fairfield, along with Milford and New Milford. So what point am I missing? God forbid I say something negative about pilgrims that came over from the Mayflower.

              • kigero

                My point was your comment was a confused mishmash of stupid. You made a mistake and should be grown up enough to own it but you try to change the topic to a mini American history class in an attempt to sound smart (maybe you are, I don't know).

                The fact is a (poor) joke was made, you made an inaccurate statement and I called you out on it. Yeah mistakes were made on both sides but you keep trying to defend the indefensible

                • saltygary

                  There was nothing confusing about my comment, you are just confused and sad because I made your butt hurt. So let’s break down my comments and attempt to find this mishmash you are talking about… The first commenter (who I assumed is from England) complained because there are so many towns in America that are based on English places or names of English people. I don't know where you are from, but this is a historical fact. So I made a joke saying this is his people’s fault and that they couldn't think of a better name. You then said I was making fun of my ancestors, which I wasn't. The word ancestor refers to someone that would have some sort of genealogical connection. If the original commenter is from England and my family is from Central and Eastern Europe, I can only assume that his lineage is more closely related to the early settlers of America than mine are. Now like I said previously my wife’s lineage is connected to those early settlers and in fact her family is a part of the “General Society of Mayflower Descendants”. So again what point am I missing and where is my mistake? OK one last lesson for you. The cadet above goes to “Norwich University” that is in Northfield VT but previously was in Norwich VT (a fire burned the original campus). Norwich was named after a town in CT called Norwich that the early settlers named after a major city in England. Pull up a map of England and you will be amazed at all the names the early settlers ripped off. So I don’t know where you live bub but it is probably obvious to you now that I grew up in New England and have a decent understanding of how many of these towns were incorporated and when. If you can explain to me how I have deviated from my original statement to cover some kind of mistake I would love for you to enlighten me.

                  • kigero

                    I didn't say it was confusing I said its was confused. You seem to have taken ancestry n a very liberal way, somehow believing that the pilgrim blood line would have anything to do with a modern Brit. The biggest point you're missing is that you had an easy set up for a joke and you wasted it with a cry baby attack which was poorly executed. You say it was a joke but you just come across as a jack ass.

                    • saltygary

                      What a boring reply. Look next time if you don't like a joke, just down-vote it instead of calling someone out and when you call someone out at least be prepared to go back and forth. If you feel you had a better well constructed joke you should of wrote it down.

                  • kigero

                    You say that the OP complained about the naming of American towns although it was clearly a joke, which if you are claiming you post was makes you a massive hypocrite.

                    You paraphrase from the other comments to fit you point of view, but all that does is may it look like you barely read, let alone understood, them. Then you, rather brilliantly may I say, went into a lecture about the history of American town naming comical missing the point that everybody on the planet already knows that some places are named after other (such as Venice beach) which was the OP original joke.

                    Anyway the mistake you made in your first comment was saying " your ancestors " rather than the pilgrims, which would have made the joke passable. Your second mistake was to become a giant baby and start making as much noise as possible without really directly addressing the point.

                    All it would have taken is a small change in wording and it would have been fine but you had to make it into a massive drama (maybe you like "drama ")

                    • saltygary

                      Oy Ve… Yes I get the OP was joking and so was I… If you don't want drama don't personally insult people or call them out. And again it is not a mistake to use "Ancestors", to someone that was from England because ancestors… oh what the fuck ever you dense asshole.

                    • kigero

                      I am from England you arse bugle an no one here would consider someone who left our country hundreds of years ago our ancestors, merely that them leaving is a part of our history.

                      When did I personally insult anyone? Do you have problems with reading comprehension?

                      Your last comment sums up up nicely, can't an adequate remark so start name calling. Well done

                    • saltygary

                      You don't get it because your brain is stupid. There is nothing I can do for you, I am sorry.

                    • kigero

                      "your brain is stupid" that is classic. It like something my 4yr old nephew would say. Seriously that has made my day

                    • John

                      Kind of like seeing a grown ass man with a Batman tattoo.

                    • kigero

                      My intellect and my immaturity are two separate issues. I just happen to be a life long DC fan and one hell of an artist. If you don't like it fine, it's not your skin.

                    • https://www.facebook.com/james.f.black Jim Black

                      I guess we could call them our English forefathers then. Then again, we could say that we all have the same ancestors if you go waaaaaay back like a thousand so odd years.

                      We may be American, but we still speak English. Even though some parts of the country you can barely call "English".

                    • kigero

                      Yeah I was going to make a joke about genealogy and how we are all related but thought it may be getting a bit absurd

    • Kevrhutch

      Norwich U in Vermont,, is a military school

    • http://facebook.com/james.f.black Jim Black

      Yeah. That's me. I was not drunk at all. We're just like that on a normal day.

      • saltygary

        That's a great shot and I apologize above for having to school an idiot in the above comments since it took away from a cool picture. My brother in law currently attends Norwich as a civilian after being enlisted as a Marine for five years. You are doing you country a great service, keep up the good work.

        • https://www.facebook.com/james.f.black Jim Black

          You should check the place out when it isn't so cold. I got that picture when it was actually warm outside. The whole northeast was absolute shit weather, and then nothing at all happened to us.

          • saltygary

            I live less than an hour away from there, you'll get used to the weather. Winter blows, and you are in this snow belt of friggen hell over there, but the rest of the seasons (which is only half of the year) is pretty kick ass. My mom also lived across from the campus while I was in college in NY state and you get these BS snows squalls all the time. You are only about a hlaf hour south of Burlington and it is pretty awesome up there, get up there when you aren't marching around town.

  • What_Tha

    When did drinking become so frikken complicated?

    • Dayervid

      I agree, just drink the drink!

  • EggSauceTed

    #6 Something to think about every time I go to Texas Roadhouse. Thanks Chive!

    • Heath

      Jayhawks and boots really, Dont get me wrong its a great GREAT picture but boots dont really go with KU.

  • ChaaMandoo

    Toilet phone!

  • Loki

    #20 I guess he just found out about Disney.

  • Loki

    #46 you have your priorities all mixed up buddy!

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    #17 MOOOOAAARR, both.

  • Tka

    Team Kick Ass

  • Tony_CC

    Any chance of a Barcelona meet up one of these days? Us Europeans seem to miss all the fun!

    • just4fun88

      fuckin´ right! 😦

    • busterbrown

      lol go celtic

  • whyme1973

    #6 #17 #22 #36 #40 The great thing about college hotties…I keep getting older, they all stay the same age.

  • tbjacobs

    #10 I've never seen a tucked in Chive shirt…You're doing it wrong.

    • SOhioChiver

      Go Bobcats!

  • jasonB

    And you just got the Frankenshits from drinking that bilge-water.

  • sledneck600

    Gettin it! Too bad it's a shit picture.

    • Wisti

      it looks like they're just licking eachother :p

    • guy

      I suppose I would have been shaking with excitement too…

  • SOhioChiver

    #6 is awesome…I love a hot girl in cowboy boots!

    • jokerz4fun

      Country concerts are a great place for eye candy

  • jokerz4fun

    Redhead is not happy

    • KeepinCalm

      Redhead is hot…

  • classyHamster

    #20 why is there a phone on the wall?

    • The Truth


  • J. Phine

    College, it's awesome.

  • Yup

    As a Syracuse area resident myself I would like the rest of the Chive to know that it barely rained here and the wind was no worse than any other storm we get. #23

    • nope


    • mousecop

      never hurts to prepare for the worst

    • FuckPaulaPaulaSucks

      Well way to be a dick, DICK

  • Sammystix

    If they are trying to block the bed, they did a terrible job. Someone could easily step to the bed or if they really needed to they could move four cups and be able to walk up to the bed.

    • ChiveKS

      Ya they did a bad job. they should of filled the cups all the way up so if they tried to transfer the water between cups to get to the bed without spilling he would run out of cups.

  • bigD

    #40 MOAR of the one on the left

    #42 Maybe the idiot should pay more attention in class and learn how to write a check,

    • FuckPaulaPaulaSucks

      HAHA didn't even notice that the first time. Good call.

      • bob

        i think you missed the point.

        him: uses bitchin check to pay fine.
        teller: clears his account and accepts useless check.
        accountant: hmm, we're 25$ short somehow this month.

        • Paul from the gump

          I doubt that is what is going to happen Bob.

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