I really do miss college…. (55 Photos)

  • LookatYOUnow

    #56 I'm 99% sure is my EX and her little. Guess I turned her lesbian hahahaha not the first time.

  • Professional Wench

    My college experience?

    Lots of napping.

  • zgl

    #32 – wins for the awesome costume and rockin the chive panties #51 – holy sh!tballs, find the girl on the right!

  • Electric Boogalo

    #20 syncs up perfectly with Wynona's Big Brown Beaver by Primus. FYI.

  • Lis

    #10 OU OH YEAH!!

  • ...

    Kcco from Texas! Love the rock chalk jaywak chick!! Woooo!!! #6

  • Mike


    Looks like a classic beer monster in the Joe's beer garden. I miss my Illini days.

  • kmotamed

    #20… MOAR of the one on the right!

  • tjo55555

    #6 Rock Chalk
    #17 #22 Looks like fun

  • http://twitter.com/SoCalChiver @SoCalChiver

    #22 #36 #42 M O A R ! ! ! !


    Redhead in the back right, MOAR!!

  • Steve

    #23 Dude on the right totally looks like the kid from wonder years!

  • Steve

    #26 Dude on the right totally looks like the kid from wonder years! << Correction from my post above (NOOB)

  • the cowboy

    #51 seriously….both of them you must find!

  • RyanF

    Dear #6

    Sincerely, A Rival Chiver

  • Zuke

    Notice the insane ratio of females to males?

    That is, eh, probably around 65% of the reason I regret having dropped out of college. Girls are seriously *everywhere*, and on top of it for some reason they always seem exponentially more attractive than the majority of their male counterparts there. Last time I went up to my former/hopefully future college I began feeling like a god damn male model the moment I entered the campus…or at least more like a male model than I usually do, and without any of the homosexual overtones male models often sport.

    Still, there's no motivation to get up in the morning quite like knowing that the moment you step out of your door there will be crowds of chicks there. Allegedly the sight of attractive women activates reward pathways in the male brain in a similar fashion as many drugs…well if that's the case, to your brain walking around a college campus is probably akin to smoking all the opium in Afghanistan, or maybe snorting Keith Richards. Either way, it's insane. It's like there's walking artwork everywhere…ok, that sounded bad. I mean artwork in that they're statuesque and very pleasant to look at, not that their only purpose is to look good.

    I won't go into the other 35% of the regrets. They're far more boring…man I need to go back to college. Everyone around here my age is gone; I'm so lonely. It sucks balls. Don't drop out of college kids.

  • Sam

    #21 I threw snowballs at those guys that day!

  • Dave

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  • MohawkJon

    The site is incomplete without her hump/gap!

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  • April

    That's my neighbor!


  • Rick

    #55 I definitely don't understand…

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