Hot Right Now: There are Sexy Chivers among us (60 Photos)

The new batch of mail order brides can cook, will travel (36 Photos)

182 22 669

Which one would you add to cart?

  • bannedfrombyu

    #4 and @27. It's kinda legal here in Utah to have more than one😀

  • hootie

    #31 OMG fuck yes want so bad (starts 2 cry)

  • marco

    every. single. one of them.

  • moose_nutz

    #20…without a doubt.

  • Benk

    They are all so beautiful. We'll have to settle this with a cook-off. That's the only way I can pick.

  • Nishtai

    #2 #6 #9 #10… Fuck it. I'll take 'em all. Do they take Visa?

  • Tim

    I just want to know how they get them into the envelope..

  • Mark

    #10 I'll take two please.

  • dinnerfat

    This concept is mindboggling,, but if I had to choose #15 can hold hands with me in public. Are women allowed to place an order?

  • Shabooms

    #15 you saucy minx, you sundressed up!

  • Cesar Arias Sanchez

    I would like to order #12 #31 and #36, please!

  • ryan

    Can I put #25 on my AMEX? I need the miles

  • christiantf9

    i think the true question is which one WOULDN'T you add to the cart?!

  • Doug

    Mail order brides come preassembled, feature rich with hours and hours of enjoyment and all for 4 easy payments equal to half of your assets and possessions. You will get your choice of colors, options and material along with ad-on’s such as children in tow. Were still not done, if you act now, we will guarantee shipment before Christmas. Call today 1-888-not-true. Hurry while supplies last. Operators are standing by to take your money, I mean call.

  • J MO

    #2 #3 #4 #27 Next day air please…

  • BRAD

    #4 give us more!!!

  • BobBX542

    #4 or #24

  • Drewdown

    What is there return policy?

    • Drewdown


  • Tim Jacob

    the lucky numbers are #2, #4, #10, #12, #20, #27 and the supplementary numbers are #16 and #21

  • BroMontana

    #4 and #27 This post may have improved over time more than any other….

  • Bruce

    #2 no doubt

  • jake

    Mail order brides only want a green card or American/Canadian citizenship fellas. Don't be fooled. Knew someone that found this out the hard way.

  • Paul Starcozy

    I would probably let #2 come to the gold paved roads of America, shop for me, cook for me and handle my genitals but I have a feeling she's not really blonde so she might only do the cooking and shopping.

  • Tom

    ALL OF THEM!!!!

  • Squirrely 24

    I'd add #5 to my cart….she doesn't look like a pain in the ass….

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